Listed clickable Workshops

The have listed all the workshops for easy reference – to the left of this post under pages  – so you can click on the one you want and know they are all in the same place


1. 3D Perfume Bottle – made from vellum

2. Wedding Card

 3. Chocolate meets Cosmic Shimmers

4. Decoupage meets Velvet Ribbon

5. Easy Way to Apply Double Sided Tape

6. Exploding Box made Easy

7. Exploding Box part 2

8. Useful Pop Up Technique


10. Pop up card part 2

11. H2o`s meets triple embossing

12. Heavenly lily card – decoupaging techniques

13. Medallion Ornament

14. Acrylic mini brag book

15. Diamond embossed card

16. Make your own vellum ribbon

17. Pressed flowers frame meets waterfall card

18. Waterfall part 2

19. Tassels

20. American Frontier meets pouchette

21. Flocking meets Damask Stamp

22. Vellum card

23. Changing the colour on Tapestry card

24. Making a card gift

25. Flowersoft

26. H20`s & acetate fish

27. Envelope liner

28. Attaching vellum without brads

29. Tall pop out card

30. Messy Rabbit through the window

31. Quick parcel wrap 

32. Ballerina brag book

33. Ballerina brag book part 2

34. Oriental embossed piece

35. Dimensional vellum fan

36. Vellum fan part 2

37. Messy rabbit gets cosmic shimmered

38. Stamping on organza ribbon

39. Framing decoupage with mirri

40. Jump rings meet flora doodles

41. Frosty messy rabbit

42. La Pashe meets Messy rabbit

43.Card Toonz airplane

44. Christmas jump rings – acetate embellishment

45. Large square card made using 2 A4 sheets of card

46. Embossing straight from the printer

47. Inkjet self adheshive film project

48. part 2 inkjet shrink plastic

49. Shaker card

50. Tri-fold A3 card

51. WS designs brag book

52. Flora doodles set of drawers part 1

53. Flora doodles set of drawers part 2

54. Stationary folder part1

55. Stationary folder part 2

56. Cut & emboss technique with the wizard

57. Cut & emboss technique with the wizard – finished card part 2

58. Flora doodles and rose stamped background

59. Making a bag from an envelope

60. Pop out frame card

61. Pop out frame card part 2

62. A4 frame / decoupage card

63. Victorian frame meets pressed flowers

64. Double pop out card part 1

65. Double pop out card part 2

66. Flap over card

67. Making a hanky / napkin embellishment  

68. Triple embossed frame – September winning question

69. Pamela West Dragonfly Shaker Card

70. Accordian Style Pop Out bookmark card

71. How to make a box in different sizes – with self lining sides – part 1

72. How to make a box in different sizes – with self lining sides – part 2

73. Ironing fantasy fibres

74.Tri fold cookie card

75. Wrap for 8″ square card

76. Bon Bon Box

77. How to make a Scrapbook form scratch – part 1

78. How to make a Scrapbook form scratch – part 2

79. Baby Love baby box – secret inside

80. Triple embossed baby love card – part 3 of triple embossing

81. Baby Love pop out card – part 1

82. Baby Love pop out card – part 2

83. Messy Rabbit Picture Frame part 1

84. Messy Rabbit Picture Frame Part 2

85. How to get a perfect matt & Layer

86. Tapestry Frame Card & Wrap too

87. Tri Fold Christmas Card

88. Waterslide Kit Card

89. Glossy Accents meets Messy Rabbit Village Stamps

90. Cotton Reel , Tapestry Thread

91. Christmas Cracker – Large one

92. Pop out Card

93. Magic Speckle – product write up  

94. Organza Ribbon – Product write up

95. Messy Rabbit Village Scene

96. Shrink Plastic – Product write up

97. Gold Leaf

98. Gold Leaf – Product Write Up

99. Acetate – Product Write Up

100. Acetate Box Lid

101. Cottage Garden Tissue Box 

102. Acetate Dome – Product Write Up

103. Rubber stamp Scissors – Product Write up

104. Lily & Acetate Card

105. Pinflair Glitter Glue – Product Write Up

106. Storing Embossing Powders & Glitters

107. Stadream Card Product Write Up & Exploding Bag Workshop

108. Musical Note Module – Write Up / Workshop

109. Gift Bag Workshop

110. How to Make A WORD BOOK – using normal fonts on computer

111. Pop Out MESSY RABBIT Cd – Four workshops within for all the pop out cards

112. Flocking Product Write up / Workshops

113. Large Square Envelope – for 8″ card

114. Landscape Waterfall card  & Oriental ideas

115.Printing Black & White – with card

116.Cupcake Invite Insert

117. Quick Notepad with Martha Stewart Punches

118. Wedding Invite with a Difference

119. Enlarging a stamped Image

120. Bookmark Waterfall Card

121. Reverse Stamping

122. Bookmark Waterfall Card

123. Nestbilites Book Card

124. Gift Voucher Secret Card

125. Parchmant Sentiment ribbon – using Martha Stewart punches

126. Star Card – using Nestibilities

127. Parchment Notebook – using Nestibilities

128. Hard Back Book – using Nestibilities

129. Cosmic Shimmer Swatches

130. Cosmic Shimmer Plastic Technique

131. K-Card / Cantilever Style Card

132. Cosmic Shimmers – mixing colours

133. Mega Nestabilities Pop Out Frame

134. Nestibilities Inner & Outet Frame

135. Glittered Flowers Using Cricut

136. Glittered Sentiment Using the Cricut

137. Printing a mat for a frame

138. Painting with Cosmic Shimmers & Useful Frame

139. Cosmic Shimmer Frame – 2 for 1 card

140. Making a Parchment Lace Panel

141.Corner Stamp On EZmount Technique

142.Pop Up Football Pitch

143. Gatefold Nestibilities Card

144. Acetate Sentiment Frame

145. Getting Extra Frames from Nesti Dies

146.Waterfall Nesti Card

147. Nesti Shaker Card

148. Double ATC Cover

149. Impressibilities – Splitting the Die

150. Impressibilities – Sanding

151. Eastern Treasures Stationary Box

152. A5 Envelope with Scoring Board

153. Jewels and how to use them – jump ring you tube too

154.A SONIA TURNER workshop

155. A LINDA HILL workshop

156. A Sakura Gold Pentonch write up with YOU TUBE too

157. Reverse Stamping – YOU TUBE too


Lots of Workshops ongoing on Linda`s Promarker Section – Click here Lots of different colour mediums too


13 thoughts on “Listed clickable Workshops

  1. Suzanne, you are a very generous person providing all of these wonderful workshops – its almost like having your very own personal tutor. Thank you very, very much for all the help and inspiration.

  2. I really don’t know how I got here but BOY am I glad that I did. There is a wealth of important, great information, THANK YOU!
    This is a place that I am going to visit FREQUENTLY!
    Once again…………..Thanks….God bless…..

  3. Hi Everybody I hope somebody can help me I haven’t been crafting for very long
    Could somebody help me with inserts what kind of glue or tape should I use also I am
    finding that the insert crinkles is there a special way to insert I really need some help with this
    one Thank you ann

  4. Hi Ann
    There`s only me here but I have a great workshop lined up about inserts and will post soon so keep an eye out for that – i`m i`m holiday in a few weeks so if it doesn`t get posted before hand I will do shortly after
    But for now I only ever use double sided tape on the lefthand side of the insert fixing it to the inside of the front of the card and never had a problem with that
    Take care

  5. Hi Suzanne Thank you so much for the info I have tried
    so many places and nobody got back to me so thank you
    I have visited your website in the past and just love all the
    cards you do so thanks for the inspiration and for what you
    do freely Ann

  6. what is the dry embossing board you use to make the scallops and your straight lines in several of your tutorials?

  7. Hi Patti – I just use a regular scoring board to do the straight edges – just a plain one all straight lines and the scalloped edge is a Martha Stewart punch – on a rare occasion I have used the Glitter Girls ovals from the teal coloured board – sorry can`t remember it`s name
    Shout if you need more infomation

  8. hello,
    Some one sent me your site. what a wonderful site it is……it helps a lot with my young brain of 76 as it seems to go dead when I go to make a card….I have noted you are some times on J/Sheen forum,I don’t go on the site but do read the letters sent in….that to is a good site.
    Thanks for helping folk like me
    Best wishes Dewdrop (Dolly)

  9. Thank you for the wonderful, CLEAR directions with photos. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out the lever card and then found you! Thank you for saving me much anguish over poor directions with no pictures!

  10. Pingback: Subday-someplace-else (Waterfall cards) | Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess

  11. i love the dragonfly shaker card. dragonfly shaker card. I lost someone very close to me and the dragonfly story gave me great t comfort. If you don;t know the story I will post it. I do have a question. Is there somewhere I can get the images you used to make the card?

    • Hi there – the image is from the Joanna Sheen Pamela West Collection – there are 2 different cd`s out and this is the first one not the voulume 2 – Joanna has retired this cd now but you may be able to get it from some craft stores or maybe on ebay – it`s a wonderful calming image – I hope you get sorted – Suzanne x

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