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  1. Hi Suzanne
    I have just found your blog and I am so thrilled to find all the wonderfull workshops you have, as I am new to card making your workshops are ideal and I know I am going to learn a great deal from you.
    Thank you very much for taking time out to help people like me.

  2. I have just found your site – what lovely cards you make. I was looking on the Jayne Netley Mayhew forum. Have you made the peacock waterfall card and if so would you consider telling me how to do it – I am a novice but keen to learn. Thanks for reading

  3. Hi thanks for the lovely comments form both of you
    In answer to a Peacock waterfall card – I haven`t one with that image itself but if you click on the latest image of the frame family tree that has links to workshops , one on using different size toppers – there are also lots of links for instructions so you wou be able to complete a waterfall
    Please shout if not and i`ll try help

  4. Suzanne, How do you attach the paper roses and flower sprays to cards. I have bought a quantity of these from Joanna to make into mini bouquets and would like some advice on assembling them and glue to use. ie: do you cut off the wire stems or use them to twist into sprays. Thanks very much.
    Linda Trott

  5. Linda – they are so easy- on the large bag they are the large rose spray – just trim a little of the stem off or bend it round – sometimes the large will fall off as it will now only have a short stem – but all the roses around have the wires snipped at the base – hock the wire off about 3mm back so the leaves don`t fall off
    Then just with the pinflair glue stick the flowers around – or silicone
    the flowers on the bows are just cut right off and pinflair again
    Hope that helps – I rarely wire flwers up but have done a few in the past – i`m always in a hurry !!!

  6. Susanne I cannot begin to tell you how much i enjoy looking at your site,it is just brimming over with information and inspiration which is what i need as a fairly newcomer to card craft.Have lots of Joanne Sheens products she makes it all look so easy when i see her on C&C but left on my own it is not so easy and that is where your site is so helpful.
    Thank you for letting me look.Trouble is i spend more time looking than crafting somedays.
    PS Do not have website or a blog.

  7. Was delighted to find your site whilst surfing and trying to decide whether to buy Messy Rabbit – you helped me make my mind up – beautiful cards and wonderful ideas – I will be back!

  8. What a wonderful find your blog is. Joanna Sheen is my favourite crafter I love everything she does, Jayne Nesterenko is a very close 2nd. I am getting lots of inspiration. Thank you

  9. Hi Suzanne

    With regards to Birthday Blog giveaway I’ve only just read

    ‘ just be sure to check back on the 27th of July for the results of the winner as I will need you to send me your details if you have won ‘ properly and as I will be in hospital from the 27th till 31st July does this mean that I can’t put in a comment for each daily giveaway.

    Hope this makes sense x Lorrainne

    • Join in Lorraine – it`s just added as sometimes with Blog candy the person can`t be contacted and it takes a long to sort if ever – but i`ll write down your name encase you are lucky and i`ll know then
      Good luck and I hope all goes well with the visit

      Suzanne xx

  10. Hi

    What a wonderful website you have built,. I have only just started paper crafting and I thought I was awful, but you have given me soooo much inspiration I cannot wait to get to it in a big way.

    Thank you


  11. Hi Suzanne

    I’ve just discovered this blog and your lessons are absolutely wonderful, thank you for them all!

    I was searching for some pocketfold invitation lessons when I discovered your pages – do you have a workshop on how to do easy pocketfold invites at all anywhere please?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sally – i`m so pleased you find it a help – I have now started doing workshops / worksheets for creative Expressions so maybe you might find that of interest too – just click the link in the top section

      As for the pocketfold invites – i`m sorry it`s not something I have – there is a few wedding invites if you write that in the search i`m sure they`ll come up
      Take care and hope you get sorted
      Suzanne x

  12. hi, could you tell me where i can buy just the domes for card making as i find them very good. and also cards with the right size apperture already cut out fore the dome to fit. grateful .

    • Joanna Sheen used to sell them – and I did have a link for them but sadly she no longer stocks them – I have a feeling the company closed down that surplied many compy – so the only thing I can suggest is to google the product
      I hope that helps a little
      Suzanne x

  13. You do such beautiful work! Could I ask you: When you print out backer,toppers from Joanna Sheen cds,do you use anything on papers to set the ink? Do you use glosssy paper as for pictures,cardstock,or copy paper? Could I also ask if you know where to get vintage images (such as brides,or wedding couple) for use for cards.Thanks.Brenda

    • Hi Brenda

      I always use rey text 160 gsm paper from staples or the elegance paper and card from Joanna – these are for the decoupage , backing paper and shop matt toppers . I use the gentle gloss photo paper from Joanna for the shiny images – none of them require the ink to be set and I just use the normal setting on my printer – never draft as for the images – they are either stamps or from Joanna`s cd

      I hope that helps a little – thank you for the kind words too
      Suzanne x

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