Guest page of workshops – Different Colour Mediums

Introduction to this new feature and Linda`s story on how she started into crafting – click here for details


This Section is for any H20`s Workshops


Click Here for the Sweet Pea workshop


This Section is for any Lyra Aquacolour  Workshops

Click Here for the NEW workshop as below


Click here for this project below

linda stunner

This Section is for any Pencil Workshops

Tips on pencil colouring – click here


This Selection is for any Water Colours Tips

Tips on watercolouring – click here


3 NEW Pieces within this part – click below girl

This Selection is all about different shading

using Promarkers

snowman linda

Click here for the workshop

girl white

Promarkers Different Shading lots of examples – click here


This section has step by step Workshops within

So the first workshop is


Promarker Products & Useful Information

marker deal

Promarker Product Write Up – Click here


Shading Workshops with Direction if Light


Teapot Shading Workshop – Click Here


Different Colour Hues & Charts

colour hues 5

Different Hues that Work Well Together – Click Here

Airbrushing with Promarkers by Suzanne


Click here for the workshop


Finished Samples Using Promarkers 

 Made by Suzanne

Picture 2112

Messy Rabbit Friends Frames


Rowdy Rat Cookie Jar

Boring Badger Baby Card


To add to Linda`s Promarker section I thought it would be nice to put this fantastic blog – so many great bits of information to help us with our Promarkers – just click on the sign below



16 thoughts on “Guest page of workshops – Different Colour Mediums

  1. what can i say suzanne you have done a perfect job well done
    you .you are so clever
    i will look forward to adding pieces when time allows
    thank you for inviting me watch this space some lovely things in pipelines
    hugs love linda xxx

  2. This is fantastic news, I am a firm follower of anything Linda does, so shall be watching all the time for more tuition. Thanks Suzanne and Linda xxxx

  3. I have nothing but the highest admiration for everything that Linda does. She has an amazing talent is so many areas.

    These Workshops will be pure inspiration and a tremendous help to cardmakers everywhere !

    Best wishes

    Sonia x

  4. I,m well impressed. My two favourite people doing workshops. I think this makes a lot of sense as you are both so good at what you do. I’m sure I’m not alone in thanking you both for sharing your knowledge with us. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Linda is a pleasure to have this section – and thank you for saying yes – look forward to what it brings and all the knowledge with it too
    Thanks ladies for the lovely comments too

  6. Only just catching up with this as I have been away for 3 weeks, WOW thanks Suxanne and Linda what great
    tutorials these are.

  7. Thanks so much Suzanne. I haven’t visited your blog or anyone else’s for that matter for ages and I see I have a lot of catching up to do. That was fasciniating!

  8. Pingback: Baby Card With Messy Rabbit Badger Friend & Promarkers « Suzannes Card Craft`s

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