Here is a link to the Creative Expressions Workshops I do weekly

Every Friday a new one with printable A4 worksheets for ease of making a project up

Click here for the website

Thanks for looking

Suzanne x



    • If you click on the link on this post then again on the weekly workshops it will take you to the new Creative Expression workshops I have been doing – there is a post at the top with them all listed for ease
      Hope you find what you are looking for
      Suzanne x

    • Hi thanks for the kind words – I don`t do craft demostrations just these weekly workshops online – but you`ll find many shows with the Creative Expressions products with Sue Wilson , Jo Shanoon & Sam Poole on channel 671

      I hope that helps a little
      Suzanne x

  1. Suzanne, I love all your workshops as you know. But for the life of me I cannot print the Money wallet you showed recently. Can you check it out for me please. Hope you are all well. Hugs Rita xxx

    • I`m not sure if I was to send you an e-mail with the pdf file – which is all the link is to – still think you wouldn`t get it – not sure what else to say – maybe try a different workshop and see if that works – if not then maybe it`s your computer ???

      I hope you get sorted x

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