Cosmic Shimmers

The have put this heading up so I can add all the relevant post about this product as I just love Mica Sprays

It also makes it easier for you to find something if you wish to & I will be adding more to these as and when time allows



If you missed the colour swatches for the whole 12 colours

 click here

This posting also has many other projects &  ideas of using mica sprays including workshops too




Cosmic Shimmer Plastic Technique – click here



Mixing colours to make more Cosmic Shimmer shades – click here for post

Chocolate meets cosmic shimmers – click for workshop dusting onto card

Messy Rabbit gets cosmic shimmered – using like a watercolour – click here


Painting with Cosmic Shimmers & then the mat frame all from the same sheet  click here 


Making 2 cards using the same Coismic Shimmer sheet – Click Here


3 thoughts on “Cosmic Shimmers

  1. Making color-testers for your own studio is a great idea. Before you shake the bottle, it can look quite different, so a color swatch of the shades you own is helpful for sure!

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