Sorry I haven`t been posting for a while – but

I`m so sorry for the lack of postings but I can`t begin to tell you the year we have been having – so although i`m still working ( thankfully that`s keeping me sane – just !!! ) – home life has changed some what to deal with all our needs

I won`t bore you with the health issues but hopefully things have settled now

I`m awaiting an appointment on the 21st to discuss having my gall bladder out – and then hopefully once done that will sort me out

so I just wanted to say sorry for not posting my Joanna Sheen samples – although they are up in my gallery there


and also my weekly workshops for Creative Expressions I have managed to keep up with

Please take a look at the easy reference section to see all of the workshops and then you can click on each one to view and also get a printable worksheet

Creative Expressions Workshops – click here

Here`s one i`m very pleased with – a candle light holder


So it`s back to work as I have one more sample to complete and a workshop to think up

Take care and I hope to add more soon

Suzanne x


3 thoughts on “Sorry I haven`t been posting for a while – but

  1. Welcome back Suzanne. I am sorry to hear about your health issues and hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later. Your candle holder is very pretty by the way. Take care,
    Denise x

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