A New Venture For Me

Hi all – sorry for the lack of postings but I have to say there has been a reason and i`m so pleased to finally be able to say what

I have started working with Creative Expressions on a new project

` A weekly workshop`

Click here for the site

I`m so thrilled to be able to stay working from home and also continue with my work with Joanna Sheen which is very important to me too

So please go and have a look at the different workshops and printable worksheets too and if you like what you see then maybe you can sign up with the e-mail address part and have the new posts sent to you so you don`t miss them

I thank everyone for their support throughout my blogging journey and I will continue to blog here my Joanna samples

more soon

Suzanne x



6 thoughts on “A New Venture For Me

  1. This is fantastic news, Suzanne.
    It is always a pleasure to see your beautiful work and
    your excellent tutorials.
    I am so pleased they will continue and look forward
    to a weekly workshop.

  2. Congratulations, Suzanne. I am so pleased for you and it is and will always be a joy to see your wonderful creations and clear tutorials. I have signed up.
    Many thanks
    Hugs Alice

  3. I am so pleased for you Suzanne. Your tutorials are so detailed and simple to follow, and everything you do becomes a real work of art. Good luck and much happiness in the future.

    Thank you for all your help and inspiration so far……………………….


  4. Hi Suzanne,
    Have just found your blog (am a Sheenie – viv h, from Colchester) so have enjoyed your tutorials.
    Many congratulations on your new venture, How exciting!!!! I absolutely love the Cosmic Shimmer products so look forward to your weekly workshops.
    Viv xx

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