Baggy Messy Rabbit At Christmas Time

Been having a look for some photo`s which sadly i`m feeling have been lost – but came across this workshop I did for the Messy Rabbit backing paper pad

It`s an easy way to add some dimension to your work and later in this piece you`ll see how it works well with decoupage too

So here is Messy Rabbit Christmas card  

eastern frame 117

A close up showing the acetate behind the window and also the sparkle on the ledges

eastern frame 118

1 .So take the backing paper pad sheet and  cut out the panels in the window and also the fence so you are left with the shapes below

1. 1

 2. Cut done the right hand side and top and bottom of the door way


 3. Attach the panel below to a piece of acetate – I have used a tape pen for this as it is less of a fiddle. Make sure you less at least 2cms blank on the left hand side as this will form the tab for the card


 4. Now trim the excess acetate off along the bottom of the panel


 5. and again leave a 2cm tab down the right hand side


 6. Score and fold the tab over – this will be placed behind the card when it`s all put together to secure the bevelled acetate in place


 7. Take another backing paper and cut about a 1cm off the left hand edge – this will help marry the design up below when the acetate is bevelled over it 

The mount the whole sheet onto a base card for strengthening – you will end up with a bevelled piece and a flat design too


8. Secure the tab under the left hand side – I have left it on top so you can see when the tab should be and then bevelled the design and stick down the edge onto the right hand side , just past the door


9. Attach the rest of the pieces of decoupage and glitter the ledges and roof

Then add a Messy Rabbit to the piece and find as required

9.eastern frame 117

 This is a similar way of using this technique


Click Here  for details on this card


Thanks for stopping by – Suzanne x


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