Tim Holtz Idea-ology Grungeboard & Hitch Fasteners – WATCH & BRACELET Workshops

Product Write Up


 click here for the product itself – priced at the moment @ £7.99

 From the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Range


What is it ????

Grunge board from Tim Holtz is a compressed, flexible sheet of dingy material with a debossed texture that can be painted, inked, sanded, hammered, or grunged – and makes pretty bracelets too!

Contains: 10 sheets
Size: 200mm x 125mm


Also Hitch Fasteners

Click here for the product itself – Priced at the moment @ £3.49

hitch 2

Suitable for use with Tim Holtz Idea-ology Grungeboard to make very pretty bracelets

Contains 12 pieces.


And i`m going to add this

Glossy Accents –

Click here for the product itself – Priced at the moment @ £5.12

as it works so well with this product as you`ll see

I have already done a `Product Write Up` on this – so click here as it may be of interest to you  

glossy accents


Well i`m so excited adding this product as it helped me so much over the past few weeks

 1. Watching the inspirational show that Sheena Douglass did on C&C – glued to the TV and just wanting to try this exciting product

2. Then playing with this product and just having so much fun experimenting

3. And also the fact I used my Cosmic Shimmers as a base and ink pads I had here and also my Promarkers too – which is another different use for them

Click here for Cosmic Shimmer workshops & here for Promarker Workshops

Please note :when using Promarkers on a product like this that isn`t 100% smooth , so as with  using these pens any other surfaces, please be careful with the nib so you don`t effect your pen – I just enjoy trying new things out and think it`s worth it and my pen was fine !!!


Bracelets & Watches Sheena Style

The photo`s below are of the pieces Sheena had on the show and she has kindly allowed me to add them here – great stuff as they are stunning and it just gives some wonderful ideas on the different styles that you can make

So below are the bracelets


Then the STUNNING watches when got me hooked into buying this product


Then just the two items photographed together


I`m adding Sheena`s blog here for further reference too 

Look out on

 Tuesday 22nd of September @ 8am or 11am

 for Another Grungeboard show with Sheena


I take no credit for this idea – just in sharing it with you

 and today`s write up is just to share the technique in making the bracelet and watch as I know many want to see the shows and don`t always get to view them

I just have the means with the blog and workshops to show how it is done and Sheena kindly said she loved the idea too


Joanna Sheen also has kindly got the product in too which i`m thrilled about as her service is 2nd to none – so it means you get your product pretty quickly and if your like me you want to get started straight away

I have to add this grungeboard came through my letter box the day after my op and Kris & Erin were out – and as I was bored I cut 4 strips and coloured them in a matter of minutes – what shocked me more I wasn`t found out with the cosmic shimmer coloured fingers I had – still it was great to just play and finished the pieces over the following few days

Best of all I have some lovely gifts for my Nieces as I know they`ll love them as part of their Christmas presents


One thing that really hit home when Sheena was doing the demo was the fact we all craft and don`t often get to wear our creations if we do not sew or make jewellery – so combining this craft and stamping is just a prefect solution and some much fun playing


So finally the links to the two workshops on

You Tube – Bracelets & Watches

Part 1 – Cutting and Colouring tips and along

with the Bracelet

Click here for that

Part 2 – Matching the Watch strap  

Click here for that


and also an additional demo selection on how to make the larger

watch strap , an desk organiser and bookmark 

 click here for details




I have also played with the product and made a brooch and covered it with the Glossy accents just for something different – you could layer different size flowers on top or as I have just used paper flowers

I will be playing and thinking up different ideas and see what I come up with

brooch 1

This is a close up so you can see the colouring of the Promarker pen to tone with the flowers and whatever outfit is worn

brooch 2

Thanks for stopping by today – if you are new to my blog please have a look around – lots of indexed links at the top of my blog to help you through the different sections of interest – click here for that

Apart from my favourites the Promarker & Shimmer ones there is also the Nestibilities Mega Curved Rectangle workshops – click here for more

Happy Crafting

Suzanne x 


8 thoughts on “Tim Holtz Idea-ology Grungeboard & Hitch Fasteners – WATCH & BRACELET Workshops

  1. oh no my computer won’t let me watch the videos – oh what a blow – I’ve tried before and failed. I’ll see if returning to intenet explorer will let me.

    Ann xxx

  2. Panic over I clicked link and it works now – only watched a little cause I’m busy really but oh Suzanne what a star you are. I will certainly be watching that before I start on bracelets with Shelley.

    Ann xxx

  3. Thank you Suzanne, I was thinking about the grungeboard but after seeing the video I have been to the shop and bought some….ann xxx

  4. Such a great tutorial, Suzanne. I really enjoyed it. I also watched Sheena’s programme when it showed and was truly fascinated with her techniques- she is one awesome lady with inks. This seems to be such a versatile product and worth exploring.

    Hugs Alice x

  5. what a good tutorial,we are hopeing to do the bracelets with the guides this friday as a project,but we had missed how to paint them and what with ,lets hope we dont get to messy ,ha ha or we might have some mums moaning.

    • Hi – The one in the you tube was from a charity shop but the others watch faces were photo`s all made by Sheena Douglass herself but she kindly allowed me to share the photo`s for reference – maybe go to Sheena`s blog and there is a grungeboard post and ask there

      They do look lovely – hope that helps a little
      Suzanne x

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