Calendar using `The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady `

I have just uploaded a lengthy workshop which is in 3 parts as i`m only allowed 10mins a time on the you tube -although some parts are just 6 mins

Please don`t look if easily bored but as people asked for it here it is  and I thought it nice to have a full workshop and it was fun to do

It`s how to make a calender like in this post – click here for full details


This time I have used the bluebells stamp and made the calender more cost effective and easier to make

YOU TUBE – PART 1-  Click here

YOU TUBE – PART 2-  Click here

YOU TUBE – PART 3-  Click here


Hope you have enjoyed this workshop – sorry it`s so long winded but just did it as I was crafting rather than being so prepared

Suzanne x


10 thoughts on “Calendar using `The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady `

  1. Suzanne, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this workshop. Actually seeing you take every step makes it so , so easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing this – both versions of the project are beautiful.

  2. Just watched your calendar workshop – Brilliant!

    WiIll be making these for Christmas. Thanks Suzanne for sharing – BEAUTIFUL as usual!!!


  3. Wonderful workshop so easy to follow, will also be making these as giftd for Christmas, thank you Suzanne, an inspiration as always x

  4. Hi Suzanne

    Excellent workshop. I shall definitely be making calendars as gifts. Great to be able to follow step by step. An inspiration

    Julia x

  5. Beautiful. I love Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady and have done my whole kitchen in it. I have pictures of it on the website I used with my identity here.

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