Nestibilities Workshop on YOU TUBE

Today I have done a 5 minute YOU TUBE workshop using my Nesti die and with a few tips as my Wizard didn`t always cut right through – so share how I have got around that

and also shares using a ball tool to emboss – this is a technique Jak Heath shared on the forum but have found it so useful

Please look at her blog – Crafters Kitchen as she has a great digi download for charity if you haven`t seen it


Click here for the YOU TUBE piece

and  it works in well with the section about Nesti`s – click for that


Click Here for part 2 of the YOU TUBE piece

I have to add that on the last book fold the centre is cut out but if doing it with the fold and just one die this won`t happen – it`s just what paper I had to hand



and also here for the section with all the You Tube pieces in

Have fun and i`ll do part 2 tonight as it got cut short by Erin needing some water – but more to share

Suzanne x


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