Top Tips – YOU TUBE

Today I thought i`d try something different

 some top tips

Now these are just things that help me in my crafting but they might give you ideas – just wanted to share this with you

Click below

5  Top Tips – YOU TUBE



Thanks for stopping by and don`t forget the other You Tube if you haven`t seen them

Click Here for the You Tube section


here for the step by step workshops all 157 !!!

Can`t believe how many have been done



there is link for her digi download to raise funds for the Royal Marsden hospital

it`s only £1.50 all it all helps towards the target –

Good luck Jak – hope you do well

Click here for that

Many thanks Suzanne xx


3 thoughts on “Top Tips – YOU TUBE

  1. Thanks, Suzanne, great tips – particularly the one on the ribbon/glitter. I, too, hate the frayed edges you get, particularly with organza ribbon.

    Hugs Alice

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