You Tube – Accordian Style Card

I thought do this LONG workshop on `You Tube `

I did a workshop on my blog with still pictures and it`s been a popular card with many different images used over the time

Click here

 for the workshop but mainly all the selection of cards too

It`s useful to see it live as I share little extra tips

I wanted to test out the memory card I finally got – i`m being good with my craft spending as i`m trying  to cut back , so i`m selling some bits on e-bay to pay for some computer bits as i`m enjoying learning more and more about the computer and camera – still a long way to go , but it`s fun doing so


I`ve added all the `you tube ` workshops into a new section as I plan to do more

Click Here for the section


So here is today`s offerings

click below but be warned it`s 9 mins long !!

YOU TUBE – Accordian Card


If you haven`t already maybe you wouldn`t mind adding your vote to the workshop poll I have set up

IT CLOSES TODAY and your vote is most welcome

Click here for that

Thanks for looking around – if you are new to the blog just click on the name at the top of the blog for the whole blog postings – just a bit to look at !!!!

Suzanne x



there is link for her digi download to raise funds for the Royal Marsden hospital

it`s only £1.50 all it all helps towards the target –

Good luck Jak – hope you do well

Click here for that


7 thoughts on “You Tube – Accordian Style Card

  1. Great workshop, now I understand how to make this card. Also great tip about using the score-board to line things up.


  2. Suzanne the workshop is brilliant. It really do make a difference to be able to watch the projects come together.

    Jean x

  3. Thanks for that Suzanne. A great demo and really informative – you’ve given me a push to try this style.
    Thanks again
    Dee x

  4. Thank you Suzanne , gor putting wonderfull demos on you tube,I would never have attempted to make this card as i realy did not know how how, but now i will
    Thanks again
    Ita Winecarmel 58 J.S. Forum

  5. Enjoyed it very much. I’ve learned so much from Joanna’s design team. I just love to make different style/shaped cards and this is the very next one on the to-do-list.
    Thanks and keep them coming.

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