You Tube – Decoupaging With Depth

I thought do this decoupage workshop on `You Tube `

as it`s not one easily explained on still camera

It`s useful to show the difference too

( apologies for part way through as the lens is on zoom you miss a bit of the cutting but then all is well afterwards – I couldn`t start again as it would mean cutting all the pieces out again – and i`m in the midst of samples so time wouldn`t allow )


I`ve added all the `you tube ` workshops into a new section as I plan to do more

Click Here for the section

I had a nice workshop planned for today but my memory card didn`t come – don`t go there about the company but luckily I got a refund and another is due tomorrow – so will do it as and when – i`m looking forward to being able to do longer demo`s too


So here is today`s offerings

YOU TUBE – Decoupage Piece


If you haven`t already maybe you wouldn`t mind adding your vote to the workshop poll I have set up

Click here for that

Thanks for looking around – if you are new to the blog just click on the name at the top of the blog for the whole blog postings – just a bit to look at !!!!

Suzanne x


2 thoughts on “You Tube – Decoupaging With Depth

  1. Love this. Agree with you about the difference between the first one and the curved one.

    Will give this a go next time I am decoupaging. Also will try the syringe again!
    Last time I tried this I got in a sticky mess!!!!


  2. Great, Suzanne. This is the technique I use, too because I feel it gives the découpaged image a more realistic look. I, too, love my PinFlair glue gel and my syringe – wouldn’t be without them.

    Hugs Alice

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