A Poll for How You Prefer Your Workshops

I thought that as I have been doing more

`You Tube `workshops

i`d add it as a new section as I plan to do more

Click Here for the section

 I would like to know i`m going in the right direction as they are quicker for me to do


I have had lots of lovely feedback from different people saying they liked them but thought if I did a poll then anyone that wanted a say could do without adding there name


Thanks for helping out – this will guide me a bit to knowing what you like –

I `ll leave this running till next Saturday

Many thanks

Suzanne xx


11 thoughts on “A Poll for How You Prefer Your Workshops

  1. Hi Suzanne. I have not posted my preferences as I like both. I am more or less deaf but have new hearing aids which are helping a great deal so can watch the YouTube more but really like the written preferences as well as these help me get everything right. Hugs Dorothy

  2. I like both as well Suzanne ,but lean slightly towards the Workshops ,mainly as I find them easier if I am making a card. But I really must Thank-You for all your time and effort in doing this for us all. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Hi Suzanne – like both…… They both have their place I think – it’s nice to see a “how to” actually “done” but I think a lot of techniques benefit from the written explanation as well – there must be a lot of things that you couldn’t fit into one minute too. Sorry, not very helpful is it? Lol.

    CarolPG xx

  4. I have voted in the poll Suzanne, although I like both ways of doing your workshops, I would hate to see the written ones dissapear because they are so easy to follow, sometimes I just need to see instructions written down!!

    Kate x

  5. Hi Suzanne, l have voted in the poll, l love the ‘you tube’ also the written instructions are great help to me, thank you for all your time making these workshops for us

    sue xxxx

  6. I’ve just voted too, Suzanne. I love the u tube workshops – I’m one of those people who can do things much better after I’ve seen it done. Mind you your written instructions are always so clear too so I wouldn’t mind if the vote went that way either,
    Whatever the outcome thank you for the time and effort you put into helping your fellow crafters.
    Dee x

  7. I have voted too, Suzanne, and I’m afraid I’m not going to be very helpful either. I really enjoy the video tuts- they are great because I can actually see the process being done but I also like the written workshop because I can print it off if necessary and have it beside me when I work. However, whatever way you decide to go I’m happy. I’m just so grateful for all the inspiration you provide.:)

  8. Hi Suzanne

    I really like the YouTube Workshops as I find I pick up more from the visual demonstration and have voted accordingly. The concertina/accordion card was brilliant and I’ve often wondered how they were made. Thank you for the time you put into these demonstrations.


  9. Suzanne, thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this.i love the accordion cards and did a version of the Christmas one for my daughter last year which I was really pleased with
    Sue x

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