Promaker YOU TUBE of colouring ribbon & peel offs

Well had another quick play today – it`s a bit addictive but so quick to do

I had the most wonderful comment about the new you tube pieces that I thought i`d do another one and as the question was brought up on the forum about Promakers and the tip about the ribbon by Ann and then the peel offs I believe by CDteach – sorry if I have that wrong

 so I set about playing

At the end of the lace ribbon one You can hear Erin saying

 `what are you making !!! `

 and then we spent a lovely 30 mins messing around with the camera and tripod

This is Erin modelling the lace – it`s so cute as she just held her finger up and posed – well have to train her young


Click below for


ribbon & peel offs workshop


Click below for


for the lace workshop

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment if there is anything you would like tried – can`t promise anything but who knows it might help

Suzanne xx


9 thoughts on “Promaker YOU TUBE of colouring ribbon & peel offs

  1. I can’t watch videos at the moment – silly computer! Sure it’s good though – I hadn’t thought of lace – ooooooooooooh will have to give that a go.

    Ann xxx

  2. Two great tutorials, Suzanne – it’s good to actually see you doing the work. I’ll now have to put promarkers onto my wishlist 😉

    Hugs Alice

  3. LOL @ teaching Erin early Suzanne!!! I have watched all your youtube workshops so far and you seem to be getting the hang of them fine, well done and good luck with it all!!!!

    lots of love, vick xxxxxx

  4. Very useful indeed, colour matching is always difficult, its always just a shade out….so this is a very handy technique. Thank you for your workshops they are fantastic!


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