You Tube – Parchment & Promarker Handbag card

Well just wanted to try another workshop – this time I couldn`t get it all in one go so have done a part 2 this shows the organza ribbon technique which would be a useful idea for many things

The whole card idea I blogged a few weeks back and I have had many questions about it so I thought i`d do this extra workshop on you tube as it`s quicker and clearer to follow

click here for the full write up and links to printing the sentiment on parchment too


Click below for

You Tube – Handbag – Part 1

Click below for

You Tube – Handbag – Part 2

You may here Erin in the background asking for her programme on !!!!

Thanks for stopping by

Suzanne xx


8 thoughts on “You Tube – Parchment & Promarker Handbag card

  1. Great You Tube piece Suzanne, seeing the beads threaded on to the ribbon that was makes it so much easier. Love the card as weKate x

  2. Gorgeous card, Suzanne. Thanks for the tip re threading ribbon – I’ve struggled and then given up before. Now I know what to do. Thanks again
    Dee x

  3. Thank you Suzanne, NOW I know how to thread those silly little beads I have . Have always
    tried to do it with a
    fine embroidery needle but the ribbon still wouldn’t go through !
    Must try this tomorrow. Jen

  4. Suzanne, two wonderful videos. Nice to hear Erin wanted to take part as well and not be missed out!!! I struggle with my hands and eyes and had come about this trick with ribbon as I was so fed up of not being able to thread a needle. I never imagined others didn’t know so it’s a good job you did this video. I’m not looking re Promarkers – they keep talking to me and I’m not listening ………………Yet!!! best wishes, Kym xxx

  5. Suzanne. Fantastic videos both of them. Please give us some more. It was really special for me as I am more or less deaf and could only watch any video, demonstration on C & C and pick up what I could by watching. I was told there was nothing more could be done but due to some new technology I have been given some new hearing aids and I had forgotten I had them in and was shocked and couldn’t believe that not only could I hear your voice but also could catch most of what you were saying. It is not 100% but fantastic for me as I have been living in a cotton wool world where I couldn’t hear my one voice. Hugs Dorothy

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