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56 Jacqui Q said,

July 24, 2009 at 10:29 am · Edit

Haven’t managed to be on that much this week Suzanne, but I’m happy for you that it’s all going down so well. Lovely blog, CONGRATULATIONS, and lots of lovely prizes, Well done, and all the best for year 2 xx Jacqui


Congratulations to you Jacqui – please get in contact with details so I can arrange the prize to be sent to you

It`s so exciting seeing who`s won against generated numbers – well done – still Glenda`s prize to be won and the very nature of the draws I can`t help it if someone wins more than once – it`s all the luck of the draw


Well day 7 and the final day see`s the person that inspires me to the full and it just had to be FINAL of the Birthday BlogCandy giveaway with




As many know i`m honoured to be on Joanna`s design team for making samples – and I just had to give the sample team a separate mention from yesterday`s thoughts about Sheenies

Everyone does a  STUNNING job and I just love watching the shows on C&C to see all the different ideas

Just take a look in the Gallery for many of the idea`s that come with each project  – as well as the teams own galleries – click here for the gallery

and also all the competitions that have been run so tons of inspiration there too



All this wouldn`t be possible without Joanna`s input of producing such – high quality and wonderful products in the first place

There are so many different products that all have to been timed right and got ready for producing  before the samples take place and also before the sheer hard work of Joanna & Richard zooming up to C&C to show them on C&C and I/World

Not a quick journey – so all the hard work is very much appreciatedalong with all the samples and demo`s you do too Joanna

and it has to be said all the staff that work for Joanna Sheen LTD work so hard –  as there is lots of packing to be done too , so we get a crafty goodies often the next day and all free of charge !!!

and I have to give thanks whilst i`m on the subject to

Pat  – Joanna`s PA

who is a absolute gem and such a helpful – organized lady – it`s a joy to have a call from her and help out


Richard works so hard on the galleries and website and it is his resent video links for the products that got me thinking about making small videos on you tube – so thanks for bringing another level to my crafting as it feels nice to show in real time the bits I so often want to get over 


Also Joanna`s way and style of crafting and her knowledge to is just inspiring – always wanting the best products for the website 

This week see`s another trip to America to a trade show to gain different products – so can`t wait for that

Also Joanna spends a lot of time on her forum answering queries and often giving sneak previews of what`s coming up , as well personal help to – often very wise words and support are given

I know because Joanna has often supported me in times of need – so thank you for that


This week has seen many words written about way crafting and which crafters inspire me so as I have shown so many samples I  thought i`d just share the favourite cd`s that Joanna has produced 

and yes the next one STUNNING – I don`t know how Joanna does it but thought nothing would top Eastern Treasures but be prepared to be blown away 

All i`m saying i`m glad this is the final day of blog candy so I can start sample making again 


Eastern Treasures a truly STUNNING cd


Baby Love I adore if only for the STUNNING backing papers and also so many images too


Just a wow timeless cd


And this has to be up there with them all – I love this cd and enjoyed using it when the pick of the day samples were done


and last but not least and it`s only here as the sizing was smaller for this photo – the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd

I just adore to artwork and the link of Cross Stitch in Jaynes background as I know many crafter relates too



Joanna also brought out this book

World of Cards 

and allowed a team to add to as well to create a wonderful selection of work , the whole book was made with such care and so many hours of crafting put into this project – I was very honoured to join in making some of the cards



People often ask how do you fit in family life and crafting – well I just do it around everything – Erin come`s first on a daily basis and when she wants to play I craft – or we craft together or I craft in the evening

I will add I craft very quickly and just have everything in place to help me do that


This whole week has been more than I could have thought of and this made me laugh from Paula – the Welsh one !!!!!


I’ve come up with a wonderful idea for you! I think you should do this every week, it’s cheered up an otherwise dull week so much. Was that a ‘NO! I heard? Shame on you!

Sorry Paula it was a NO and it will probably be a one off as i don`t think I could do it again next year – still will have to think something up


Now finally for the


A surprise box of goodies

hand picked by Joanna

 – worth £50 

So add your name to this post to be

in with a chance of winning this



Blog Candy rules so everyone`s clear

The Blog Giveaway is a for one winner

All you have to do is leave a comment on my this page only

and on Thursday 30th of July – Midnight

  the giveaway will end

So please add your name to the comments here on this posting

and if you belong to the Joanna Sheen forum please add your forum name ( that way I know where to find you if you are a winner )

 sorry but this will be the only place the names

will be excepted for Joanna`s prize


That way you`ll be in with a chance to win the giveaway –  you don`t have to have a blog to enter 


If you do have a blog and want to spread the word then please do as I would love as many people as I can to see Joanna`s wonderful work


 just be sure to check back on the 1st of August for the results of the winner as I will need you to send me your details if you have won 

 only one entry per person please – although you can join each daily prize giveaway

Any entries after that time will not be counted ( I had one at 00.01 last time but I have to abide by the rules – sorry )


Thanks for all joining in – can`t wait to send out prizes to the

many winners – good luck if you entered !!!

and thanks again for all the prizes that so kindly have been given

to which this all wouldn`t have happened had it not been for you

And long may CRAFTING enrich our lives


147 thoughts on “A Joanna Sheen – Giveaway

  1. If it hadn’t been for Joanna Sheen I would be quids in. It was watching her card making cds that got me inspired and totally obsessed with all things paper and craft. I love the quality of her products, which never disappoints and enables the making of the most wondrous cards. She also owns the best craft forum too, and I might be totally biased here but its also true. What a wonderful person to finish the comp with.

    Sheila xx


  2. Oh Suzanne what a prize. I so value and love everything that Joanna produces her products are wonderful, and such a range. When I used to work many many years ago now I was a PA and loved it, I love organisation and what I would have given to be a PA to someone like Joanna in such an interesting industry. I also want to echo all your tributes to Joanna and her team and also say how marvellous it is that Joanna herself, Richard and all of you answer questions on the forum, it makes it such a friendly place and I love it and go on several times a day. Thank You All. Hugs Dorothy (saffie)

  3. What a truly amazing prize !!! Wow our dear friend Joanna has been wonderfully kind to us again 🙂 I too have been inspired by Joanna and were it not for seeing Joanna on C&C one day I don’t think I would have continued card making beyond the first 3 months. I had been working aimlessly prior to that, without really liking anything that I had made. Then I saw Joanna’s show and knew who I wanted to emulate and whose style I loved so much that I knew I would be buying loads of her products he he Here I am 2 years later with about two thirds of the CDs and quite a few of the stamps but addicted to popping on the forum daily for my fix he he. Huge birthday hugs for your blog Suzanne and thank you so much for the wonderful week that you have given us. What a way to end though …. with the Queen of Craft herself he he.
    Hugs both 🙂 Jen xx

  4. Happy Birthday Suzanne
    you have had some wonderful prizes to give away for you Birthday Blog but Joanna’s is second to none What talented ladies you both are.Hope i’m in with a chance

    Hugs Jean XX

  5. Hi Suzanne

    Saving the best till last, clever thinking. Now take a rest to recharge. Smashing prizes, you should be proud of all that you have achieved. Happy Crafting ….

    x Lorrainne

  6. Joanna is an exceptional crafter, but also, having read many comments on the forum and her manner on tv her gentle and caring nature is second to none. I was in Birmigham this year, at the nec, she had never met me before in her life and there she was posing for pics, and signing a catalogue for me (which is now framed and on the wall of my craft room). She is a great crafter, her work shows that time and time again, but she has time for the ordinary person thats what is really good!
    Amanda (AmandaP JSForum)

  7. Joanna on c&c was what frist got me into card making.
    My frist cd was victorian birthdays,then victorian companion and so on.
    Julie x

  8. Wow, wow wow I love Joanna’s products, so inspiring. Loved the Messy Rabbit card Suzanne thank you so much for the opportunity to enter these competitions.
    Jo (Alice P JS Forum)

  9. Well what can I say? you have finished the week off with style and a box of goodies from Joanna would be fantastic so I have to join in with this one after all it would be rude not too!

    Seriously Suzanne you say you craft quickly but it still takes time and effort and that doesn’t go unappreciated, so keep up the blog and the samples and you’ll be keeping a lot of people very happy.

    Jenny x

  10. Fantastic Blog Candy. I was introduced to Joanna’s website by my youngest daughter when she cleverly found the Gift Vouchers and had one sent to me for my birthday. It took me ages to decide what to buy, such a wonderful selection and always of a very high standard. Not long after my eldest daughter found C&C and told me about the site and now I have many hours of pleasure just sitting in front of the computer watching Joanna and other favourites. Thank you Suzanne for all the fun you have given us this week, I for one have really enjoyed it. Good luck to everyone taking part and all the best for your second year in Blogland. Fran

  11. What a fitting end to your blog candy week – with everything in the shop being so delicious this prize will be like Christmas in July! Thanks for a fun week Suzanne – here’s looking forward to another creative year with lots of gorgeousness to come and view.

  12. Another day, another great prize.

    The whole forum is the best out there for inspiration and just down right good fun.

  13. Suzanne, what an amazing week. Well I’d certainly love to be in with a chance of winning some goodies that Joanna has picked. She’s certainly an inspiration to many of us and also many of us have a lot to thank her and Richard for for giving us this wonderful Forum. Best wishes, Kym xxx (aka Pintsizeholly on the Forum)

  14. Without finding Joanna Sheen my cards would still be absolute rubbish,,lol I know with the quality of goods I buy from said lady my cards are soooooooooo much better,,,,love sue09

  15. Great products and inspiration, wonderful friendly forum. Has helped increase the variety and quality of my card making. Thank you Joanna.

    Jayne aka charliemenace

  16. I can use this oppurtunity to say that Joanna provides the exquisite products that allow me to enjoy being awake all night this prize would be amazing well done Suzanne and thankyou for your constant inspiration xx

  17. This has been an amazing week, Suzanne!
    Your inspiration is always welcome, living as I do in a crafting no-mans-land, long may it continue.
    Here is to another year of stunning ideas, inspirational cards, and insightful comments. Where would we all be without Joanna, her design team, and the Sheenies??


  18. I’d like to echo what everyone else has said. Firstly your cards a a constant source of inspiration and Joannas products are the best. Secondly the kindness of you sharing such wonderful techniques. Good luck for the next year. Finally what wonderful oppportunities for peeps to recieve blog prizes. Thanks Debbie M

  19. please please please please please please I Know just what I’d get lol
    Thankyou Suzanne and a very Happy Birthday to you keep inspiring me (I need it)

    Amanda JS forum

  20. Just love Joanna’s products, probably would be well off if I hadn’t discovered card making,

    Jackie x (Jacy)

  21. What a fantastic week Suzanne, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, here’s to the next year of your blog!!
    Its so kind of Joanna to donate such yummy blog candy but then she is such a lovely lady.
    Sheenies rock!!
    Claire xx

  22. Thank you so much Suzanne for unselfishly sharing all your ideas I have learned many techniques and made lots of cards based on your inspiration – all good wishes for next year – thanks Pat (Nanof3) xx

  23. Oh my goodness Suzanne, what a wonderful way to end your birthday week. I have bookmarked your blog and wll be returning to browse it more in depth. Thanks for sharing.

    Keren x

  24. A Grand Finale indeed from the Queen of Craft. Half my craft room is Joanna Sheen which I’ve collected ove the years and her lovely forum is the only one I belong to.
    Thanks for an exciting week, Suzanne and for all your inspiration, long may it continue.

    Carol C xx

  25. Suzanne what a fabulous week and fabulous blog candy today ! I have only been a Sheenie for 6 months but I have learnt such a lot from Joanna and you and all the other sheenies on the forum.
    I love Joanna’s products !

    Margaret 🙂

  26. Suzanne, a big thank you for such a fun week, you are not only a brilliant crafter but also have a lovely way with words, I echo everything that you have said. I couldn’t have put it into words like you have, your cards, inspiration and everything you do comes straight from the heart.

    So thank you again for a wonderful week and putting such a fantastic candy blog together, a big thank you to everyone who has given the prizes, and as you say most of all thank you to Joanna, Richard and all at Sheenie Towers who make it all possible.


  27. Great fan of Joanna. Love everything, thanks for this wonderful blog candy and also for a fantastic week Suzanne. I hope your blog continues to thrive.
    Anne (ProperMadam)

  28. When I first starting crafting and ordered something from Joanna I had a query which was answered by Joanna herself which I found astounding at the time. I then started to read the forum and read for a few months before I actually joined.
    I have learnt a lot from Joanna and many other of the Sheenies on the forum.

    Another fantastic prize
    Karen xx (kazdrew)

  29. It has been a fantastic week Suzanne – enjoyed every bit of it.
    Definatly count me in on this one.

    Pam x

  30. ah it can’t be the end of the week – I too think you should do it all again next week Suzanne – lol. sorry only joking.

    A great week with great prizes and best of all a chance to be reminded of all the fabulous cards you and the other inspirational crafters have done over the past year. Just great thank you for doing this for us all.

    ann xxx

  31. Well Suzanne, What a way to finish off such a great week in Crafting, I think all your hard work has made your Birthday Blog treats into an amazing week for us all, and I have enjoyed every minute of it and loved taking part in the giveaways. Thank-You again for All your hard Work. Hugs Rita xxxx

  32. Well what a fantastic way to end the week. Hope you have enjoyed your week long birthday Suzanne, I know I have. As it was my birthday yesterday I feel that you have made it a week long celebrations for me too. Thank you very much, also thank you to Joanna for such a wonderful prize.

  33. You must have had a wonderful week and enjoyed every minute of it by the sound of it. I am sure you are inspiring people around the world and how lucky to be doing something you love all the time. You have certainly inspired me as have a lot of people on the joanna sheen forum, it is always a lovely place to be.

    Many thanks for all the work you have put into this for us

    Janice (Jansy2006)

  34. Its been a lovely start to each day. Thanks to you and all the other people who have contributed to your candy. You have been very busy organising it all too. Thank you. Jen

  35. Well, what can I say that hasn’t covered everything.
    Just to say thankyou Suzanne for the week’s entertainment and generosity. As for today’s candy from Joanna, WOW. She is such a kind, gentle lady and she is our very own ‘PIN UP OF THE PAPERWORLD’ I love her to bits.
    Luv Pauline xxx

  36. What better way to end the week than with our favourite crafter, Joanna. I have most of the CDs and use them more than anything else. No-one works harder to bring us the best in crafting, as well as so much inspiration.


  37. Secret garden was my very first cd. I was very imptressed as I had ordered secret garden cd and say it with flowers dried flowers. I sent an e mail wondering if the order could be changed and received a reply back from Richard saying he had amended the order, almost as soon as it had been sent! Since then I have many of the cds and they never let me down either with the quality of the product or the wonderful personal service.

  38. Just had to enter this one, haven’t done so before as it feels a bit cheeky of me as I do not post on forum these days (lots of reasons for this) but do watch in the shadows and love your workshops and all the lovely cards you make – gives me a lot of inspiration. You are such a clever, talented lady as are many on the forum, not least of which is Joanna.
    Keep up the good work, don’t know how you do it and fit everything else into your life at same time but it is appreciated by everyone.

    Barbara xx

  39. Wow again Suzanne, what a prize, could not be better than something from dear Joanna. It was Joanna on TV that started me card making and of course I have not looked back since. I was very honoured that Joanna came to my house during the last SW sheenie meet, she is always the same bright and cheerful, it was a pleasure to have her and Richard here, although we have meet several times and I was one of the lucky ones that was able to go to her house for one of her last workshops, she has taught me so much. The forum is one of my favourite places to visit and again the friendship that it gives to so many is a real joy. Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful week and I agree with Paula could we have this every week!!

    Lv Pam

  40. Haven’t managed to be on that much this week Suzanne, but I’m happy for you that it’s all going down so well. Lovely blog, CONGRATULATIONS, and lots of lovely prizes, Well done, and all the best for year 2 xx Jacqui

  41. Fantastically inspiring. Both your Blog and Joanna. I love your workshops and like so many others have said, find the forum so friendly and informative.
    It is only since discovering Joanna Sheen that I have really taken to card making. Saving up for the Buckle stampset now.

  42. What a fantastic finale to a great week.
    Thank you Suzanne this has been great fun and I look forward to finding out who has won what!!!

    Sonja (scottsmum)

  43. Suzanne…..I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful week…apart grom the fantastic prizes I’ve enjoyed what you have written about each and everyone who has donated the prizes….and so my thanks extends to them as well…….and the icing on the cake is this wonderful prize from Joanna. I agree with everything you’ve said about Joanna and her wonderful team. I often wonder where I would be without her lovely forum, the inspiration she has given alot of crafters, fantastic products (as well as having 100’s of other products in her shop!) free p&p….and not forgetting that she is such a caring ‘boss lady’ as well.
    God bless you Suzanne for such a wonderful blog and everything it contains (too numerous to mention!). Many Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    Love Sheila xx

  44. What a wonderful week Suzanne. I’m not going to make either you or Joanna blush and squirm any more just say that I echo all of the comments on here A wonderful prize to end your week of celebration, all the best for year 2 and thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all.
    Kate x (maccasmum)

  45. Oh Wow, what a prize, and what a wonderful week this has been – thank you for all your hard work Suzanne.


    Kate x

  46. What a great way to end the week If it had not been for Joanna I would have givenup making cards thanks Suzanne for all your help everything explained so clearly
    May xx ( May )

  47. What a great way to end your Birthday week. I couldn’t agree with you more about Joanna products. She is an inspiration to us all as are you. I hope you have enjoyed your week too, not been too busy looking after everyone else.

    I look forward to hearing who wins what so Good luck to you all.

    Love from Ali x

  48. Hi Suzanne,

    I didn’t think my idea would work, good job I didn’t set my heart on it!

    Have to say, you have really done us, and yourself, proud this week, whether we win or not, it doesn’t matter because it’s been a really fun week.

    But more than that, your blog is a permanent aid to us all, both for help and inspiration, which I refer to quite regularly. So thank you for that, and thank you for all the work you put into it, and all the work you have done to be able to offer us so many prizes this week too. You must be exhausted!

    Thanks too, to the many wonderful people who have provided the prizes.


    Paula x

  49. Oh Wow, what a prize, and what a wonderful week Suzanne.
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and inspirations you give to everyone.

    Big Hug

  50. What can I say, she IS the best,
    That lady they call Joanna Sheen,
    She is the reason my plastic is bent,
    But she will always be my crafting Queen!

    Good luck to all in this fabby prize draw.


  51. Having read all of the messages above I don’t think there’s anything I can add, not only in praise of your blog and workshops but to the wonderful words offered about Joanna and her team. Long may your efforts to inspire us continue. Hazel

  52. Suzanne – you have so much enthusiam and creativity….. whenever I’m running low of ideas I have a quick mooch to your blog and creativity is restored!!

    I hope you have had a fun week

    Dawnywol and Ikklewol

  53. I love being one of the sample makers, thank you for your comments Suzanne. Can’t miss this blog candy can I?

    Tracey x

  54. thank you so much – you provide great inspiration for card making and Joanna’s cd’s have pride of place in my craft stash (and I always recommend them to everyone else!). Just got the enchanted christmas and I’m going to have so much fun with that! so what great blog candy!

  55. Although I am in Canada at the moment, I have been following your blog Suzanne. I really must be an ‘addict’. Thank you again for all of your wonderful tutorials and the inspiration that you give us all. It was through Joanna that I became an ‘addict’ after seeing her on the TV. I am well and truly hooked and love every minute of it.
    Ann x (annh)

  56. What a fitting end to the week. I love everything from Joanna too.
    Yes please, count me in on this one

    Helen (scottsgran)

  57. What a grand finale for a brilliant week of giveaways. Good luck to everyone.

    Here’s to many more years of blogging from you Suzanne.

    🙂 Carol (CMDesign)

  58. And so we come to the final day and what a grand finale this is! This has been a tremendous week Suzanne, and I ‘d just like to say thankyou for giving us all the priveledge of joining in with your birthday celebrations. Here’s to the next years blogging, and long may we all continue to enjoy our love of crafting, the hobby that has gives us so much pleasure and binds us all together, Happy Birthday Suzanne, love Kali x

  59. Oh Suzanne Joanna Sheen is even know to my husband as the queen of crafting. He enjoys watching her also. I have all her CD-ROM’s and most of her stamps. I try to watch her every time she is on. She has opened up new horizons for me. I love seeing your tutions Suzanne they have helped me enormously. Cathy (Koolkat) xxxxx

  60. I haven’t got time to read everyone’s comments but I expect they will say something similar to mine.
    Joanna is someone who has inspired lots of us to craft and her sample makers are fantastic. I started card making nearly 5 years ago and being on Joanna’s last card making course was one of the highlights. I know since then the business has grown enormously and everyone works very hard to keep us all happy. Richard is a real rock to Joanna and I think he needs some praise too!
    Happy 1st Blog Birthday Suzanne – long may it continue.
    Sarah (sarah on JS forum)

  61. i dont need to see any of Joanna,s goodies to know that it will be stunning.it would be great to win some of it

  62. Joanna runs the best craft froum on the internet, the best online shop, has the best staff and the best taste in crafting stash.

    Life without Joanna would be really empty.

    Well done Joanna!


  63. What a great prize to end your birthday week. I love Joanna’s products and have gained lots of inspiration from the ideas you come up with using them. I hope your bolg goes from strength to strength in it’s second year


  64. How generouse of Joanna. I am eternally grateful to Joanna Sheen. When I first started to go through a slight remission from my illness a few years ago, I was struggling a bit, for ideas when I first started cardmaking, Then one day I saw Joanna onTV and saw how simple she made it look, but her cards were stunning. I ordered everything she had used and from that moment was hooked. Suddenly I had a purpose in life and I know it was due to Joanna. She has been such an inspirationand I love all her products . I recommend her top quality products to all my crafting friends. Thank you Suzanne, I love following your helpful blog and have so enjoyed this week.
    Ruth (Teenie)

  65. My husband bought my first Joanna cd and I haven’t looked back (maybe i daren’t now) and with such inspiration from you and Joanna where would I be now? Rich maybe! Good luck with all you do Suzanne and Happy Crafting.Mags(nanboy)

  66. What a fantastic birthday week it has been for you Suzanne ..now the finale is a generous prize of Joanna’s Goodies..WOW what a great end to the week ..

    Gill x

  67. What a fantastic prize to end the week. Now just sitting with everything crossed and hoping!! hugs janet

  68. Suzanne I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as I have. What a lovely way of bringing us all together. I really hope you have a fantastic year ahead, you deserve it.

    Jean (nannybean) xx

  69. Joanna’s products are soooo inspiring, I can’t miss this draw. Thanks so much Suzanne for the opportunity to enter all the draws this week. Will be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for some luck

    Annie (Pottyannie JS forum)

  70. Oooh, what a fab prize!!

    Well done Suzanne for such a brilliant week. It has cheered me up several times.

  71. What a lovely final day candy prize, Suzanne. Joanna, it’s so good of you to contribute such a prize, thank you both. A final thank you to you Suzanne, for all the time it’s taken you to do this for us, we really do appreciate it.
    Carol (carolcatz)

  72. Joanna and her cds have made such a difference in my crafting, ever since i bought victorian Companion a few years ago. Also she’s a really special person and i trust her company totally.She’s such an inspiration.Thanks,Suzanne, for a wonderful week.keep up the excellent work and congratulations on your first year of blogging
    Sue x

  73. Oh Suzanne….. what a brilliant week this has been! Joanna’s products are, in my humble opinion, the best there are and who’d have thought when I started playing around with pieces of paper just over two years ago and not really knowing what to do with them, that two years on people are actually willing to pay me for my cards!

    I am very thankful for the day I tripped over C&C on TV and the first show I saw was one of Joanna’s…… loved her style and then found the forum…….. and that shop with them flippin’ wobbly shelves! I am now much lighter of pocket but hey, you can’t take it with you can you?

    So huge thank you to Joanna & Richard for everything they do and for being such nice people. Thanks to all the staff at Sheenie Towers for the fabulous service and to everyone involved on the forum for making it feel like I’ve come home every time I log on.

    But the final thanks go to you Suzanne for your hard work and inspiration and for sharing it all with us. You are a star.


    C xx (CarolPG)

  74. Brilliant prize, Suzanne. As has been said Joanna is such an inspiration, crafting wise of course but when she’s answering other posts eg giving advice on life, I always think she says exactly the right things and is so wise.
    Thanks again for this week Suzanne – you’re a star.
    Dee x

  75. How exciting Suzanne. Thank you.
    Without Joanna i would have given up on card making. I have health problems and my craft has helped me so much in so many ways. Joanna gives me inspiration ans she is such a lovely person and is always there for all of us.
    You are all wonderful.

  76. I can only second all of the comments regarding Joanna and Richard, Joanna has given me inspiration when my mojo has gone on holiday!!
    I have only been a forum member for a few months but I look forward to the chat each evenong
    Thanks to all at Sheenie towers

  77. What a fantastic week Suzanne. Thank you so much for this and for the daily inspiration you provide. Best wishes for your second year, can’t wait to see what you come up with


  78. WOW more amazing Candy!!
    who doesnt love Joanna…….very stylish and always always good quality
    One amazing lady
    thanks for the chance of winning great candy

  79. Whow – Hope the second year goes and I look forward to seeing your ideas 🙂 I have only recently got into Joanna’s CD’s but they are brilliant and I think maybe now I also should try some of the stamps – she is an inspiration 🙂

  80. Oh my, Suzanne what a note to end your week on, and by the number of comments everyone thinks so too. I wholeheartedly endorse every one of your comments about Joanna and her team. In fact, i consider Joanna to be one of my crafting gurus since it was seeing her on C&C that really got me going wholeheartedly into papercrafting- her talent and her style (which is similar to my own _ Victoriana ) is absolutely awesome to me. However, a very close second comes a young lady called Suzanne whose workshops and samples have assisted me no end when I’ve been lost for an idea for a card. So thank you to you and all at Sheenie Towers for a great service. By the way I’m missing your workshops 😦
    Hugs Alice

  81. Wow what a great prize to end the week on, I follow Joanna’s shows regularly her talent is fantastic, her cd’s are brilliant and I collect them, also admire your work Suzanne you and Joanna are an inspiration to us all what would we do without you. Mo (Maureen61)

  82. Wow what a fantastic prize , love all Joanna’s products . Thankyou for the chance to win this great prize , and what a great week Suzanne.


  83. Thank you once again for the chance to win such fantastic prizes. Congratulations on your anniversary and here’s to another year of wonderful inspiration!
    Jean (dragonfly47)

  84. Joanna is my faourite Crafter and a wonderful person, she always answers questions quickly and nothing is too much trouble.
    Thank you for a wonderful week Suzanne and I hope your blog has many. many more birthdays.


  85. What a superb end to a fantastic week Susanne. I love the way that Welsh Paula thinks and totally agree with her! :o) But what a great candy to be ending with and how generous of Joanne, who is one of the most genuine ladies in the crafting world. Who has the best customer service in the world. Keep up the good work.
    Karin Beadell.

  86. Suzanne!
    What a fabulous week! To be part of the JS world must be a dream come true for you but to share your wonderful ideas and talent, is a dream come true for us all. I have every single CD that Joanna has brought out and I shall be buying every one in the future. I always buy as soon as they are released, even without seeing a single image and have never been disappointed.
    Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to win such wonderful blog candy.
    Tricia (triciaquarius)

  87. Have just stumbled upon your web site and am very pleased I didso it is lovely to see your work and having been a long time fan of Joanne Sheen am looking forward to revisiting. Keep up the good work the tutorials are excellent Valerie

  88. What a way to end the week with this fabulous Joanna surprise pack! I go back to the CD’s time and time again… so very useful for all sorts of occasions, never fail to get some inspiration from Joanna’s goods nor your lovely samples Suzanne, many thanks.

  89. Cant think of anything witty or clever to add to the mountain of comments already posted, but just thanks, to you, Suzanne for hosting this week of fantastic chances for us to win this fabulous blog candy, and to ALL the crafters , big and small, who share so many ideas, and their passion , with everyone. Its a world I adore, and am very proud to be part of this community.

    Terrie x

    Cardlady 46

  90. Good luck to everyone
    and thanks to you Suzanne and Joanna for all your great demos and inspiration love all Joannas cds the Victorian Christmas was the first I bought and I was hooked
    Thank You again

  91. This is a great blog and well thought out; congratulations on your 1st blog birthday!

    Btw I am Pinkcoke on the Trimcraft forum.


  92. I love Joannas CD’s and all her other fantastic craft stuff. I have a CD which I bought at the NEC2009 which Joanna very kindly signed for me I will treasure it forever. I wish everyone else who has posted the best of luck.xx


  93. Who could fail to be inspired by such a rich collection of culturally diverse art?
    From the very formal and English William Morris and Dancing With Shadows, through the cuddly Messy Rabbit to the Oriental artwork of Chank Ko Chi, each discipline is of the highest quality.
    Suzanne, you’ve delivered a wonderful blog here in 12 months and topped it off with a finale of distinction.
    Cingratulations and thanks!

  94. I love Joanna Sheen she makes such wonderful cards. I would love to be be in with a chance to win. Thanks for the chance and for all the inspiration. x Christine

  95. I love watching Joanna’s demonstrations on Create and Craft, she is inspirational. Just recently bought the elegant fans cd – another winner! keep up the great work!

  96. Thanks or a great week, I have never taken part in anything like this before, thanks for everything you do. Thanks to Joanna and Richard for the fantastic forum.
    Can we cut the cake now?
    Well done
    Sue x

  97. I also have not taken part in anything like this before, just seen messages on js forum, the best forum there is.
    well done

    Sue (craftysue)

  98. Thank you so much for such a tremendous blog candy week and hope you had a wonderful birthday. Without your inspiration in your tutorials my card making would be rubbish so a great big thank you. Also thanks to Joanna for all the lovely things she brings to us crafters and having the best forum in the world – what a way to finish such a blog candy week.

    Hugs Trisha
    (trishauk – Joanna Sheen Forum)

  99. Hope you’ve had a fantastic birthday week Suzanne and what wonderfully, exquisite prizes are on offer. Joanna is just so talented and everything she produces looks so professional. Lost for words really. Thank you,

    Barbara xx

  100. Don’t know how you find the time Suzanne to do all you do…here’ s power to your elbow !! …great work….
    Win from Liverpool

  101. Joanna Sheen has a lot to answer for! Her crafting and the products she brings us are fantastic, second to none. My husband encouraged me to take up card making 18 months ago and now regrets it daily as I am always browsing through Joanna’s web site and regularly buy items with the excuse that I just must have it. Many of the papers and card stock I have bought from the web site are for looking at only, they are far too nice to make cards with. Been a great week Suzanne, well done.

    Mandy xx
    (Mandy Smith on JS forum)

  102. I every one has said everything Joanna CD are brilliant i found Joanna web by chance know I can not stop buying I get one CD then I want another and it goes on I love them all.(lnortre)

  103. What a great prize and thankyou for a very entertaining week and a good celebratery (is that a word?) year for you.


  104. what a fatastic prize and a fantastic week.
    you are so kind to do this for crafters.
    I am very partial to vintage and got into cdroms using Joanna’s vintage cd’s, but my first purchase from C&C of Joanna’s products was pressed flowers, I loved what she did with them. It has been nice to see them incorporated with the occasional demo using cds. she is one very talented lady.
    good luck all on this great prize (as are all of them over the last week).

  105. I love your Blog Suzanne, I spend a lot of time browsing it for inspiration. Congratulations on surviving your first year, I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the coming year

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