It`s A Giveaway From Me and with some people in mind that inspire me too


This giveaway is now closed and

the 2 winners are

of the flower Fairies Bundle


35. terrie (Cardlady46 JS forum) said,

July 23, 2009 at 11:49 am · Edit

I often browse around and gain ideas and inspiration from the work of many forum members when they generously share their creations…
I too am low on the mojo Christine… but I am sure that something will kickstart it soon !!
Thank you Suzanne for this generous event, and for allthe work you do for us.

Cardlady 46


& the Sheenie Card – which thankfully goes to a Sheenie !!!


12. Claire said,

July 23, 2009 at 8:22 am · Edit

Wow Suzanne, that sheenie card is just amazing. I’ve always loved to see your cards and the cross stitch hoop ones are extra special so it is really kind of you to do one as a prize (not to mention the blog candy too)
Claire xx


Congratulations to you both – please get in contact with details so I can send the prizes off

It`s so exciting seeing who`s won against generated numbers – well done – still lots more prizes to be won and the very nature of the draws I can`t help it if someone wins more than once – it`s all the luck of the draw


Well day 6 of the Birthday Blog Candy giveaway is given by me as an appreciation of all the crafters that inspire me on a daily basis

Many Sheenies and many bloggers too – so I thought it fitting to add a day for refection

I have said in many of the postings this week of people that inspire me but I thought it would be nice to add about people that inspire and help me on a daily basis

Glenda started me off as I have mentioned on the whole blog idea and I would often visit  Wendy`s Crafty Butterfly and was inspired by the drive of people sharing their knowledge

There are so many blogger that share and I just which I had more time to visit them – so THANK YOU all

Just last week saw this wonderful crafting idea by Wendy ,which I was going to do a few this week but time has run away with me – so I thought i`d sure Wendy`s pieces she made


Then there`s the Sheenies that are so dear to my heart and the enormous amount of inspiration that is shared on the Joanna Sheen Forum – it`s a wonderful source of inspiration and wonderful work

I do belong to another forum which i`m new too because I just love finding out so much crafting information

but I have to say the non crafting side of the JS forum which is a invaluable – with friends , advice and just a lovely feel to the place


What I love about Joanna`s forum is the lovely way it`s run – so i`m grateful for Joanna & Richard for starting it up but also

Tina & Katrina

that work so hard making sure the forum is run so smoothly – which makes for a wonderful feel to the forum – then there`s the many different section`s , ATC swaps and Monthly Challenge , Angel Envelopes and so much more

And I have to mention the Newsletter which is now twice a month – Tina does a Stunning job with it and there is also a project by the wonderfully talented Sheila Weaver

There are so many people that are friends and chat in private and help each other out – I to have love that side of the forum

So I know i`m rambling but I felt it important to share how important the Sheenies are to me


Many would know I had a back operation – actually 2 years ago next week but through out my struggle the forum helped me more than you`ll ever know – along with the crafting

It was made even more difficult by losing my Nan too but had it not been for my friends here I don`t think I would have carried on in the way I did when it all happened


I carried on doing samples whilst laying down recovering and I still laugh to this day at taking my Sakura pens into hospital and colouring the Christmas stamps that were due – I was never pushed to do this more it helped me carry on

At times I struggled I read magazine and I saw the printable linen and with a pending Egyptian sample due I wanted a quick card so I married the little thread idea I had from my cross stitching days and along with the printed image and made this card below

Egyptian Tapestry Card

Now please forgive me as this is the original card although I did re do the threads as the silicone was a mess – but it`s they only photo I have – but in this week of important things to me , I thought it best to add

egypt tapestry

Then I did this card using the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd – can`t wait for the second one to come out

This card was done as Jayne is a cross stitcher as many know and I thought it fitting

Tapestry Lion Card – click here for full workshop


So I come to round this all off and as some many crafters have given blog candy i felt I ought to do more so did this card as a thanks

This week has turned a bit more grander than I thought but that`s because of the prizes that I have received – still can`t see any crafters moaning about having a chance to win something for free !!!!


So today they`ll be 2 prizes 

1st winner the  blog candy further down

the 2nd winner the chance to win this card below

eastern frame 180






is what`s in the photo below


Flower Fairies Triple Cd

Zinnia Stamp Plate

A pack of Blue & Purple pressed flowers by Joanna Sheen

3 bunches of large flowers

& a roll of ribbon


Please be aware that the cd has been opened & used once , it`s in a as new condition but just I knew I won`t get chance to use it so rather someone else got the benefit ( it hasn`t been copied either )

I was trying to think of prizes before asking people that inspire me as funds were light and that`s how the whole asking idea came about but I also had a sort out of my craft things and found the cd and bits and bought the stamp plate which was on offer so I thought i`d offer the bundle today


So just add your name to this post to be

in with a chance of winning this bumper prize or the card


Blog Candy rules so everyone`s clear

The Blog Giveaway is a for two winners

1 st winner the cd bundle etc


 2nd winner the Sheenie Card

All you have to do is leave a comment on my this page only

and on Wednesday 29th of July – Midnight

  the giveaway will end

So please add your name to the comments here on this posting

and if you belong to the Joanna Sheen forum please add your forum name ( that way I know where to find you if you are a winner )

 sorry but this will be the only place the names

will be excepted for prize i`m adding


That way you`ll be in with a chance to win the giveaway –  you don`t have to have a blog to enter 


If you do have a blog and want to spread the word then please do as I would love as many people as I can to see it ____________________________

 just be sure to check back on the 30th of July for the results of the winners as I will need you to send me your details if you have won 

 only one entry per person please – although you can join each daily prize giveaway

Any entries after that time will not be counted ( I had one at 00.01 last time but I have to abide by the rules – sorry )


Well final day tomorrow and no guessing who the prize is from




Joanna Sheen

and now another one from Mr Sakura – so stop by

– Please tell your friends so they can have a go too

Suzanne xx







94 thoughts on “It`s A Giveaway From Me and with some people in mind that inspire me too

  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Loved the JNM cross stitch card you did and the Sheenie badge one is brilliant. Would look great on my wall! Lol. Some fabulous blog candy – again! Thanks again for the inspiration.

    C xx (CarolPG)

  2. Suzanne, yet another wonderful entry on your blog today. I’d always loved that little cub card – he just really stiks out in your memory. Someone will certainly be lucky to get a one-off Sheenie card to adorn their craft area. Thanks for the inspiration you give to me. Best wishes, Kym xxx (aka Pintsizeholly on the Forum)

  3. Wow the cards are brilliant but the Sheenie card is amazing,Its because of you Suzanne that I,ve taken up cross stitch again,,lol sue09

  4. Well you are certainly saving the best till last, I too started off with cross stitching and am just rediscovering it so these are reallyl gorgeous prizes and so inspirational

    best wishes, Sagittarius

  5. More fab candy, can’t seem to find my ‘Mojo’ at present, however reading you blog is inspiring me to carry on.
    Christine (Christine Bettany)

  6. Another super blog candy prize Suzanne ! I love that card it is beautiful. You always find new things to use to make cards and that is an inspiration.

    Margaret 🙂

  7. All your cards are stunning Suzanne. I take my hat off to all who do cross stitch as I tried it a few years ago and found it to fiddly.
    You are an inspiration to us all.

  8. Hi Suzanne

    More lovely candy, yum, yum, (and it has no calories ) especially love the card.

    x Lorrainne

  9. I used to cross stitch a lot, but now not so much as I am usually card making. I still love the results though and love all the framed ones I have on my walls. The lion cub card is wonderful.
    Such great prizes too Suzanne, how generous.


  10. Wow Suzanne, that sheenie card is just amazing. I’ve always loved to see your cards and the cross stitch hoop ones are extra special so it is really kind of you to do one as a prize (not to mention the blog candy too)
    Claire xx

  11. Hi Suzanne

    I love the tapestry inspired cards. I also lurk on the Joanna Sheen forum (not yet joined) and I have been able to see how supportive they are. I have put a posting on my blog about your weeks giveaways hope this is OK because I couldn’t believe how great it was.

    All the best

    Ali x

  12. What wonderful candy, and sentiments. We could all add your name to our list of
    people that inspire us.

    Thank you Suzanne.

    Pam x

  13. oh Suzanne your cross stitch cards are amazing. What an amazing idea you had with those. Stunning. As to all that rambling about the forum etc – had to go for the tissue box. Everything you said is just so true.

    Huge hugs from a Sheenie friend.

    Ann xxx

  14. Oh Suzanne the “Sheenie” cross stitch is priceless, I have always loved your cards with the embroidery on. Thanks again for todays blog candy.


  15. So happy that you put up my Favourite Card too. This is such a generous prize give-a-way Suzanne, but then again it becomes your generousity anyway. What a lovely week I have had , a great learning curve for me and I’m sure many others feel the same. Hugs Rita xxx

  16. Hi Suzanne
    fabulous card ..your work is a inspiration .I started crafting with cross stitch and to see it brought into cardmaking this way is stunning.
    Thank you so much for all your ideas.

    Gill x

  17. Wow! That’s brilliant! I love the cross stitch work and all the other cards you show.
    Such an inspiration to us ‘mere mortals’ who strive to do as well.
    Thanks for this lovely blog candy.


  18. Suzanne,

    Thankyou for your inspiration. I love cross stitch and do the conversion charts for pictures and photos.
    The first cards I did were cross stitch miniatures.
    I love all crafts but, like most crafters just wish I had an extra 4 or 5 hours a day!! I have got my Grandchildren card and gift making just like my Nanna did with me!
    Jackie x (Jacy)

  19. Another super prize, just love those two cards, you are so clever. Another lapsed cross stitcher here too.
    Thanks, Suzanne.

    Carol C. xx

  20. And another here. I love the card you did from JNM’s CD and it’s a CD I use an awful lot for my cards. Cardmaking became a must for me when we moved to Spain and I realised I wasn’t going to be able to find the sort of cards I like for family and friends. We live in a Spanish area and not an English one hence my problem. This week has been such fun and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to share in your celebrations. Long may you continue. Fran

  21. The cross stitch cards are such an inspired idea! Your cards are always different and exquisitely done.

    Thank you for sharing so much with us.


  22. I love the idea that you thought of with the cross stich Suzanne, and seems to have taken off in a big way. Like you I enjoy being able to chat to other crafters on the forum, even better when we get to meet up at the various shows.

  23. You are sooo talented in all areas of crafting and I just sit an drool over your work and wonder if I could ever reach those standards.

    Thank you so much for all your inspiration.

    Diane (DeeGee)

  24. Wow Suzanne more lovely goodies your Sheenie card is beautiful as are all your cards, you are such a generous and kind person.

    kathleen xMaylizzie

  25. I love the JNM card ,it looked beautiful on TV so it must be a stunner to actually see.You never cease to amaze me. Mags(nanboy)

  26. How precious a talent you have, you and many others, that we can express things in this way, lovely card…and what a whopper of an offer the flower fairies are lovely and those pressed flowers are (sorry to use the cleche (sp)) STUNNING!

    Amanda (JSForum AmandaP)

  27. Loved the lion cub card when I first saw it, definately one of my favourites, am blown away by the fab blog candy you’re offering Suzanne,just want to say a huge thankyou for this past week as well, what a lovely way to share a “birthday”, Kali xx

  28. I often browse around and gain ideas and inspiration from the work of many forum members when they generously share their creations…
    I too am low on the mojo Christine… but I am sure that something will kickstart it soon !!
    Thank you Suzanne for this generous event, and for allthe work you do for us.

    Cardlady 46

  29. Its funny you chose this card Suzanne, because whenever I use this image on cards, this one always sticks in my mind, it was such a clever idea. The Sheenie card is stunning. I started off cross stitching and used to stitch all my Xmas cards but rubber stamps took over and its so much quicker, lol.
    Thank you for giving away such generous prizes and all I can say is I hope your 2nd year blogging is as successful as the first! Your workshops are so useful and easy to follow. Well done Suzanne
    Luv Pauline xxx

  30. Wow … always Suzanne you are a lady that I envy. Beautiful creations and an inspiration to me. Always look forward to looking at your blog and seeing what you have been up to. Never cease to amaze me with what you come up with.
    As for the giveaway……….I should be so lucky.

  31. When ever I’m stuck for an idea, only have to go to your site to finmd workshops and wonderful ideas. Many thanks for unselfishly sharing, it is appreciated.

  32. Suzanne, you have helped me no end of times when I have been a little stuck and not understanding everything, you have pm me with the answers. This forum would be lost without your kindness and your workshops of course!!
    Carol x x

  33. Hi Suzanne, wow this card is so stunning and i always think of the embroidery card as your trademark it is so lovely, thanks once again for your inspiration.

  34. I so enjoy looking through your blog and all the exciting goodies tucked away. I’ve been so inspired by your work that many cards I now send are based on ideas from you personally and your blog! hugs janet

  35. Hi It seems alot of us sheenies started on the crossstich road, and finfished up in the card shop ha ha !!
    I do get alot of inspiration from the cards displayed but I have still to master how to put mine on the site.
    I will keep trying though
    good luck everybody

  36. Oh I love the ‘Sheenie’ cross stitch it’s fabulous Suzanne and of course anothe wonderful prize. Thankyou so much.

    Love Sheila xx

  37. Wow what a prize!!!!…Always loved the card when it was shown as a sample…good luck to all and happy crafting…Genny

  38. Thanks for doing so much for everyone this week Suzanne.. and it’s great to see these beautiful cross stich cards again
    Syvlie63uk (JS forum)

  39. Suzanne
    As well as your time you have now added your cds. W hat a special person you are providing so much pleasure for so many people.


  40. Another great prize. I feel soooo lucky that I came across your blog today – all these lovely draws – so kind

    Annie (Pottyannie JS forum)

  41. Oh wow…. i really can’t belive what you have ben doing this week. thank you for letting us all join in the fun…. but thank you most of all for enlightening me with your work an dthe people who have inspired you 🙂 You are one fantastic person :)Hugs rozzy xx

  42. Oh my and the goodies just keep on coming he he I think there will be a few like me who hope this week never ends he he Thanks again Suzanne for the insight into your life, your craft and your brilliance and for your eagerness to share and help us 🙂 Hugs
    Jen xx

  43. Suzanne, If I had half your talent I would be over the moon. But fortunately you are sharing your talent with us all so we can all learn from you.
    You are a very clever lady.

    Another fab prize.

    Karen xx (kazdrew)

  44. I love the cross stitch cards you have made Suzanne, the Sheenie card really made me smile. You are so special to us Sheenies too you know


    Kate x

  45. Hi Suzanne, your card is absolutely gorgeous – you are so talented. Thank you for all the inspiration you give us too.
    Dee x

  46. Hi Suzanne,
    What beautiful and detailed cards you make. I’ve just found your blog and am amazed at the variety of projects and their quality! Keep up the good work.
    Another chance of a prize. Thank you very much.

  47. Thanks for a wonderful prize yet again Suzanne. I too used to cross stich and your cards are so good I may well take it up again!

    Jo (Alice P JS Forum)

  48. Such great and unusual ideas with your card making Suzanne. It’s so good of you to write up workshops for them to.Well done.

  49. Congratulations Suzanne for a wonderful week of sharing all your thoughts not to mention all the goodies you have managed to get. I have always admired your cross stitch card with the lion, its truly wonderful, just wish I could sew.

    Lv Pam

  50. Suzanne, I too got into card making via cross stitching, you inspired me to again put needle and thread to aida with the challenge of cross stitching Messy back in June, how quickly and beautifully you did Messy got me hooked again, Thank you

  51. Love the Sheenie card Suzanne, I’m another who started off doing cross stitch.

    Gorgeous candy too.

    🙂 Carol (CMDesign)

  52. Hello Suzanne- the week’s nearly gone and I have so enjoyed browsing again through all your past workshops etc. and seeing all the generous candy supplied by such nice folks. Your own candy is awesome and I love those tapestry cards- which are on my “try to do” list. Looking forward to your new workshops in the next year of your blog 😉

    Hugs Alice

  53. Love this tapestry cards. Thanks for the help you gave me in producing mine which was for my step daughters 40th birthday which isnt until Sept. I can not be accused of not thinking ahead. Your help was invaluable. Cathy (Koolkat) xxxxx

  54. Suzanne – your cards are amazing – I’m not surprised Joanna has you on her team!
    Your blog is a good place to come if you need help with anything or just to get inspiration.
    Take care
    Sarah (sarah on js forum)

  55. Thank you for the hard work you put into your Joanna Sheen samples, your blog, your on-line workshops and organising this mega blog candy give away.

    Your hard work AND enthusiasm are very much appreciated.


  56. Love your JNM card. Have used the cub image on lots of cards and the whole CD is one of my firm favourites.

    Thanks for the wonderful candy


  57. It has been a fantastic week Suzanne – thank you for the kind words today. I have always much admired your Tapestry cards – all so fabulous. Good luck to everyone with today’s blog candy!

  58. This blog candy looks great; I have always appreciated the detail in Flower Fairy designs no matter what they were depicted on.

    I am Pinkcoke on the Trimcraft forum – which is where I heard about your fabulous blog candy!


  59. Wow what a blog candy – lovely to see cross stitch cards again – must use the new messy one (set reminder!)
    What a lot of work you have put into this week Suzanne many thanks

    (trishauk Joanna Sheen Forum)

  60. Fantastic Blog Candy Suzanne. Thank you so much for all your inspiration and the time you spend helping us with Tutorials and ideas. It is much appreciated.
    Ruth x (Teenie)

  61. Only just found this site tonight and what wonderful cards and workshops I’ve found. Before embarking on my journey as a card crafter I did some cross stich but nothing to compare with these cards. Wow! They are fantastic.

    Mandy xx (Mandy Smith on JS forum)

  62. I`ll leave the last comment up but it will not count in the generated numbers as it`s past the midnight deadline – sorry but must keep to the rules
    Suzanne xx

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