A Sheena Douglass Giveaway

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the winners of Shenna`s  giveaway





78 .Keren Crane (kerenc) said,

July 22, 2009 at 10:57 pm · Edit

Hi Suzanne, love your blog, have found it very inspirational, long may it continue.
Keren x

You win the Mega Rectangel nesti`s


& the Dahlia nesti`s winner is


19. Sarah said,

July 22, 2009 at 8:12 am · Edit

I love watching Sheena on the TV – even if she seems to talk so fast – she is so enthusiastic.
Keep up the good work Suzanne.
Sarah (sarah on JS forum)

Congratulations to you Keren & Sarah  – please get in contact with details so I can send the prize off

It`s so exciting seeing who`s won against generated numbers – well done – still lots more prizes to be won and the very nature of the draws I can`t help it if someone wins more than once – it`s all the luck of the draw


Well it`s day 5 and today see`s another person that inspires me


and i`m sorry if this embarrasses any of the crafters featured but I just wanted to sure how they have inspired me


Click here  for Sheena`s new blog


Sheena`s fun approach along with the technical skills she has has inspired me with my crafting along with the challenge I set myself on trying something new 

 this all went into over drive after seeing Sheena`s C&C  show with the book nestibilities design and I haven`t looked back on the enjoyment it has brought me

I love trying to make something different and as most know I started a section with how many ideas I could get out of the

 mega curved rectangle nesti die – many with full workshops

Click here –  if you haven`t seen it 

 below are some of my favourites pieces I made using the one die 

 and had it not been for Sheena I would never have embarked on this style in my crafting – so thank you for all the fun it has brought me






So here`s the

BLOG CANDY – A set of mega

 Nestibilities curved rectangle dies

offered by me just for the sheer enjoyment they have brought me

so the first winner will recieve a set of the mega rectangles



and the second winner – will win these

Dahlia nestibilities so kindly given by Sheena


So add your name to this post to be

in with a chance of winning these dies


Blog Candy rules so everyone`s clear

The Blog Giveaway is a for 2 winners to recieve one set of these dies only

All you have to do is leave a comment on my this page only

and on Tuesday 28th – Midnight

  the giveaway will end

So please add your name to the comments here on this posting

and if you belong to the Joanna Sheen forum please add your forum name ( that way I know where to find you if you are a winner )

 sorry but this will be the only place the names

will be excepted for the nestibilities prize


That way you`ll be in with a chance to win the giveaway –  you don`t have to have a blog to enter 


If you do have a blog and want to spread the word then please do as I would love as many people as I can to see Sheena`s blog and more about the products she uses


 just be sure to check back on the 28th of July for the results of the winner as I will need you to send me your details if you have won 

 only one entry per person please – although you can join each daily prize giveaway

Any entries after that time will not be counted ( I had one at 00.01 last time but I have to abide by the rules – sorry )


Now for other items that Sheena has shown on C&C and  I have had so much  fun these


 Cosmic Shimmers and with this range I again set about making a feature of these on my blog

 click here for the cosmic shimmers write up`s and workshops

They feature a full set of all the colours and the different colours they have on different colour card



Then came the show where the impressibilities embossing die was split – I loved how Sheena show this and I set about writing that up as a workshop


Click here for the splitting workshop


Then I did a Promaker airspray workshop with this die too – click for details

So this ends this piece on how Sheena has inspired me showing you some of the bits I have written up on my blog


Tomorrow see`s a bumper pack giveaway by me – so check by please and have fun

Can`t wait till the winners start rolling in – and sorry for the week wait just wanted everyone to join in , and thanks for the lovely comments they have been so touching and I have read them all

Suzanne xx


130 thoughts on “A Sheena Douglass Giveaway

  1. Hi Suzanne

    I just sit agog when Sheena is on IW and now freeview 36 her enthuiasm for rubber stamping is so obvious I just love watching her.

    x Lorrainne

  2. Hi Suzanne. What beautiful cards and ideas, as I said in a reply to one of your workshops I have wondered about a Wizard but if I won this prize which is not very likely I think it would “kick start” me. Hugs Dorothy

  3. well Suzanne, when I commented on your nestie book, I never expected to receive it, and was thrilled when I saw just how beautiful it was, I shall treasure it, and I thank you both for that, and all the other ideas you so generously share. Good luck with year 2 !!, Jacqui x

  4. Good Morning Suzanne, I’m surprised to see so many comments already at this unearthly hour! 5.20 am UK time. I echo all their sentiments and thank you for the opportunity to take part. It’s exciting to look on your blog and see what you are offering as prizes every day. Fran

  5. I enjoy watching Sheena on C &C / IW especially when she is demoing the nesties. I love the cards made with them.

  6. Amazing cards Suzanne – Sheena is an absolute inspiration too – I just love watching her. Your prize today is just ooooooooooooooooooooh!

    What a fantastic week.

    Ann xxx

  7. Yet another lovely set of prizes. My hard drive has Sheena’s shows on, amongst a few others, and I won’t delete but keep watching over-and-over again as I could just watch her/her ideas for hours and hours. Thanks for all your inspiration. Best wishes, Kym xxx (aka Pintsizeholly on the Forum)

  8. These books you do are amazing … as is all your work. The prize is awesome.

    Jane xx (BJZoe on JS forum)

  9. I have so admired what you have done with the mega nesties Suzanne, have at last managed to get hold of them (yesterday) and am looking forward to having a play – the first thing to try is your nestie book I think!
    Love to watch Sheena on C&C, she is just so enthusiastic and such a clever lady.

    Kate x (maccasmum)

  10. So much inspiration from a fabulous duo , Sheena and Suzanne? Truly amazing! Thank you both for the chance to win these wonderful nesties. Tricia -x-

  11. I love watching Sheena on the TV – even if she seems to talk so fast – she is so enthusiastic.
    Keep up the good work Suzanne.
    Sarah (sarah on JS forum)

  12. Wow ! Suzanne, it is amazing what you have done with the nestabilities, thank you so much for inspiring me to try something new, hope you have another successful year, also find Sheena so interesting to watch and so relaxing, thank you to both of you.

  13. Suzanne as always stunning cards I adore the Nestabilities and Sheena is an inspiration another of my favourite crafters. Such wonderful prizes on your blog candy.



  14. Suzanne what a wonderful prize ! I love how you have used these nestabilities. Sheena is a wonderful lady and I enjoy watching her on C&C.

    Margaret 🙂

  15. this is a great prize – would love to win one of them! Agree that Sheena is a great source of inspiration and tips, always fun to watch her. Vronnie

  16. Suzanne what a lovely prize ! I love seeing how you have used nestabilities. Something I have to try soon. I also enjoy watching Sheena on C&C – such a fun person.


  17. I am always enthralled watching sheenas demos on TV and I am usually glued to the set. Thanks for the opportunity of another wonderful prize


  18. I’ve just got my first set of nesties Suzanne so I’ll be going back through your workshops for all the lovely tips and inspiration. These gorgeous prizes are amazing – we should be giving you pressies for all the time and effort you’ve put in to the workshops really
    Claire xx

  19. Love the prize and the cards made with them are beautiful. I like to watch Sheena demonstrating.

    Kathleen (maylizzie)

  20. Suzanne, what a wonderful prize on offer. I too think Sheena is an amazing crafter. Not only designing but she come up with wondrous ideas and techniques. Even if you have never stamped or not too good at it after watching her you feel inspired to have a go. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Sheila (chocoholic)

  21. Another fabulous prize Suzanne. I am just getting to grips with my first set of nesties, the oval ones. I have been looking at your workshops and the cards that you have made with these, and they are now on my wishlist. Thank you to both you and Sheena.

  22. I have the circle nesties and love them, I also love to see the products sheena brings on create and craft. I have several of the create a sceen stamp sets, but I must admit, I rarely make them into cards….I paint…and paint and paint and play. I get so much fun out of that. I have just got the flowers one and am waiting for swirls to go with it, and…I got all the cosmic shimmer misters, am I going to have lots of fun…my hands are always covered in misters lol!

    This is a very generous offer, whoever wins this will be one lucky lady (or gentleman). Thank you for the kind offer
    Amanda (JS Forum AmandaP)

  23. Another fabulous prize Suzanne.I love the work you’ve created using the mega nestabilities. Sheena is one of my favourites on c/c, I just love her enthusiasm and bubbly nature.Thanks Suzanne for the chance of winning any of your generous prizes,Kali x

  24. Suzanne – many thanks for all you do – I always check your postings on JS forum and try out your ideas. I couldn’t agree more with your choice of inspirational crafters!
    Gill Trevor
    Gill T – on JS forum

  25. Another fantastic prize Suzanne. Love my nesties and don’t yet have either of these sets……

    Carol (CMDesign)

  26. Sheena’s stamping is amazing and I try not to miss any of her shows. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I have the curved rectangle dies and they are my most used ones, not tried any of the flower ones like the Dahlia but will have to get some and try them soon, mind you I see they are bringing out 17 new dies next month!!!! My nestabilities list is growing by the day.


  27. I’ve got a couple of sets of nesties which I use in my cuttlebug, but havent tried anything too adventurous yet… but I do enjoy seeing your creations Suzanne… and think to myself.. ‘one day………….’
    Thank you for another chance to take part in your very generous offer.


    Cardlady 46 JS forum

  28. This prize is amazing, love the waterfall card. Thank you so much for giving all of us a chance to win one of these wonderful goodies, generosity abounds.
    Jo Snee
    AliceP on JS Forum

  29. Sheena is a joy to watch when shes demonstrating, such fantastic ideas. Where on earth do you come up with your ideas Suzanne, those books have such a wow factor. Thank you for offering such a generous gift.
    Luv Pauline xxx

  30. Hi Suzanne What lovely cards you make. I agree that Sheena makes everything look and sound so easy and such fun.
    Thanks for all the tips and techniques you share with us

  31. Great fun having a look at all your past workshops, Suzanne- I have them all bookmarked. I too love the curved rectangle dies- they make such elegant cards as a backdrop and I did so enjoy your idea of using them as a book card – I have yet to try that one. I, too, love to watch Sheena on C&C she can do magical things with her stamps and she is so enthusastic about her Spellbinders dies – and she has such a bubbly personality she is a joy to listen to.

    Hugs Alice

  32. Hi Suzanne your cards are amazing, I only discovered Sheena a few months ago, I’ve haven’t been sure where to start. So maybe this is a good place.

    Jean (nannybean) xx

  33. hi suzanne what a lovely prize i love nesties but only have one set , love your cards and your tutorials are great

  34. Love Sheena’s work and could happily watch her for hours……. and love my nesties and thanks for all the tips on using them. What great prizes today! Thanks for doing this and long may you continue!

    C xx (CarolPG)

  35. Hi Suzanne

    You have such a great talent and your willingness to share all your great ideas is something we all could learn from.

    Happy Blog Birthday

    Birgy (same forum name too)

  36. I regularly read your blog and love your tutorials, congratulations and keep up the good work. How generous of you and Sheena to offer some goodies.

    Julie x

  37. Well after admiring your Nesties book , now I might have a chance to get my hands on the Nesties ( hoping ). Sheena’s work is so amazing and I always love to watch when I can. Hugs Rita xx

  38. Love my nesties but have not got either of these sets, love to watch Sheena doing demos, I love a Scots accent, think they are so soothing . Just hoping I am lucky.

    Helen (scottsgran)

  39. Love these nestibilities, I also admire Sheena’s work, she is a very clever lady.
    Suzanne can I say thank you for such an inspiring blog the ideas you have a great and I find a lot of inspiration from them. Mo (Maureen61)

  40. Hi Suzanne

    I came across your site only today and what an Aladdin’s cave ! The whole website is a crafters dream. A huge thank you to you and to all the wonderful crafters/teachers who so freely give their time and expertise for others to share and enjoy.

    Hugs Myra

  41. Beautiful cards as usual Suzanne, I wish I had half your talent.
    I love watching Sheena on TV, she really makes me want to have a go at different things


  42. Wow, you are really spoiling us this week Suzanne. Yes, Sheena is another lady I can watch for hours, she makes it look so easy – I just make a mess – oh well, maybe one day. I haven’t seen any of her shows with nestabilities, will look out for those.


    Kate x

  43. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours watching Sheena at a live demo earlier this year . She inspired me to get my stamps out and play, what a lovely lady with a great sense of humour.
    The excitement is buidling now!

    Carol C. xx

  44. Hi Suzanne
    What a great Blog Birthday you are having, all these lovely presents you are giving to your readers , all though we dont often say it we do appreciate all your hard work in bringing us your wonderful tutorials i only wish i had half your flair. Thank You.

    Hugs Jean XX

  45. I dont have any nesties so I would soooo love to win this prize – the inspiration you have given me is making me itch to get started (guess I’d better start saving my pennies lol)


  46. Oh my word, how fantastically generous!

    Tis a joy to see these stunning cards again
    and a couple of your workshops that I missed first time round.


  47. WOW!!!!!! What a wicked prize!!!!
    I too don’t have any nesties and have just been looking for my first one but there are so many to choose from, I want them all!!!!!!
    Your cards are stunning, I especially like the gatefold one with the blue ribbon. Keep up the good work, love to look at your cards

    Debbie (debbiedjc)

  48. The week is just getting better and better.
    Just started collecting the nesties. Want them all but the bank manager says NO!!!!!!!!

    Fab cards
    Karen (kazdrew) xx

  49. I have had my eyes on these nesties since I saw the lovely book style cards that you made.
    Janet (2pDesigns)

  50. I have quite a few Nesties, but not these ones yet. Thanks for the chance of entering to win them – if only my cards turned out as good as yours Suzanne!
    Jean (dragonfly47)

  51. Hi Suzanne, what fab blog prizes, your blog is so inspirational and I love your tutorials, long may you continue.
    Christine (Christine Bettany)

  52. Hi, I too admire and am inspired by Sheena. I try to watch or tape all her shows (which are not shown often enough!) I particularly like your book cards. Please add me to your Nestie giveaway. Best wishes. Lynne

  53. So much inspiration today. I will have to see if I can find more me (craft) time and have a go.Thank You Suzanne. Mags(nanboy)

  54. Hi Suzanne,
    I have just found your website and have been exploring. Wow! What inspiring ideas. I’ve more to check out here yet!
    You’re very generous with your prizes too. I do not have any nestabilities and would love to win one of them. Don’t mind which. I would just love to experiment and play.
    Best wishes, Ann

  55. Again, More amazing inspiration, I bought that set after seeing Sheena do that book but unfortunately have not been very successful, need to keep at it, Nicola x

  56. Both your goodself and Sheena got me into Nesties, would like the lot but don’t have much of a budget!Love Sheena’s stamping ideas too, always coming up with som ething different, very much like your workshops. Many thanks.

  57. Love that nestie book and all the other ideas with nesties. I get stuck in a rut with these products and these ideas are a great help to think ‘outside the box’ as seems to be the modern term! hugs Janet

  58. Wow!! What fantastic prizes in this draw – thanks for the opportunity. Just love watching Sheena on TV – she is so enthusiastic

    Annie (Pottyannie JS forum)

  59. Sheena is a lovely stamper, full of brilliant ideas. Love watching her when I can, and she’s on.Thank you yet again for lovely candy Suzanne
    Carol (carolcatz)

  60. WOW WOW suzanne, what lovely prizes, thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter for this blog candy draw. I think Sheena is a inspiration to us all.

    Love Pam

  61. My OH loves watching Sheena he’s an arty person not a crafter and he loves her demos and actually says
    “you should get that” keep up the fantastic work Sheena and thankyou Suzanne for your generosity

    Amanda JS forum

  62. Love the nestabilities and wouldn’t be without the ones I have. I would really love either of these as I haven’t either sadly. I love your books and cards that you have made by using them. Sheena is an inspiration and such a lovely person isn’t she? Cathy (Koolkat) xxxx

  63. Love Sheena – the shows she is on are great and I love the techniques she shows. Love your ideas on this page. I think nestibilites are great and I think I need to try out some of your ideas from here 🙂
    Thanks Penny

  64. I am absolutely glued to the tv when Sheena is on as the way she shows how to do things is so simple for me to follow and understand – some other crafters on tv sometimes do not make it easy to follow them. What gorgeous cards though Suzanne and what a great blog candy giveaway. What you have done with the nesties is really lovely.

    Hugs Trisha
    (trishauk – Joanna Sheen Forum)

  65. Hello Suzanne, Again I congratulate you on a wonderful year, and want you to know how I appreciate what you are still doing for us. You are providing us with so many of your ideas and inspirational work and now you are offering prizes in your birthday celebration week. Thank you. Sheena Douglas was a lady I saw on television and had me shouting yes yes yes. I wrote to her & she very quickly replied with some fantastic suggestions which have helped me considerably. She is, like you, a kind, caring and helpful person. I do not have any nestabilities so I am very glad to see the projects on your web page. I am now going to look further for them when I return from holiday in early September. Many thanks Kate

  66. Oooh I have been musing over several card designs using the rectangle nesties and would love to try myself! I think they give one of the best professional looking finishes to a project.

    I am Pinkcoke on the Trimcraft forum – which is where I heard about your fabulous blog candy!


  67. Just love your cards and all the inspiration you give us. Thank you for a chance to win such a wonderful prize. Many thanks x Christine

  68. More beautiful creations and ideas galore. Such wonderful prizes and inspiration. All I need now is the tools for the job.
    Issywizzy (J s forum)

  69. Thanks again Suzanne, this was one of my favourite workshops. Although they are all inspirational, you make such beautiful cards and make them look so easy.
    Ann x (annh)

  70. I love watching Sheena’s demos. I haven’t bought any Nesties yet, but they are on the wish list. Love the workshop.
    Ruth (Teenie) x

  71. Hi Suzanne, I have admired Sheena’s work for a long time since the first time I saw her demo the Wizard, I think the prizes are great, thhank you for everything that you do, June

  72. Sheena always inspires me l watch her shows avidly on create and craft and love to follow on her blog she does wonderful things with stamping and wow a fantastic prize with the nestabilities

    Agnes x

  73. WOW! What a fab giveaway. Love the cards you’ve made with the nestabilities. Sheena’s demo’s are the best thing since sliced bread. Have to record them so that I don’t forget how to do them. Wish there were more of them.

  74. Hi Suzanne. Happy Birthday and best wishes to another year of crafting. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration. Your cards and technique pics are always a delight to keep the dreaded crafting block away. Thanks to you and all the other clever people you’ve featured this week. Debbie M.

  75. I love all sheena’s projects and paper technicsshe is a very talented lady. she is an insperation to crafting and one of the best crafters around.
    your cards are lovely and you have such great ideas.
    keep them coming.

  76. I love watching Sheena on C&C. I belong to crafttelly forum and we give each other a reminder of when Sheena is on so that noone misses her. A great candy as well! I’d love some Nesties! Thanks for all the great goodies on offer.

  77. It’s just wonderful to see so much talent – both from Sheena and yourself Suzanne. We are so lucky to share it. Thank you.

    Barbara xx

  78. Your cards are beautiful and a real inspiration. I found your site through Sheena’s and will be adding them both to my favourites. I saw Sheena demonstrating at Steph’s Charity event on Saturday and she was fantastic and a really friendly.
    Thank you
    Jo x

  79. Wonderful work from you both, I so much enjoy reading up on ‘how to do it’ and then hoping it sticks in my brain!

    Googie X

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