Sonia Turner Workshop & Card Giveaway

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18 .Kali said,

July 21, 2009 at 11:04 am · Edit

Wow, wow, wow! Yet another fantastic prize, love the baby bunny workshop Sonia,the resulting card is sensational, don’t have messy cd but will certainly have a go at that style of card adapting with what I do have, thanks for all the inspiration Sonia, Kali x

Congratulations to you Kali– please get in contact with details so I can send the prize off

It`s so exciting seeing who`s won against generated numbers – well done – still lots more prizes to be won and the very nature of the draws I can`t help it if someone wins more than once – it`s all the luck of the draw


Day 4 of the Birthday Blog Giveaway

Sonia Turners workshop & card giveaway

Sonia is a very talented Crafter who I admire very much – her cards are out of this world and I have added a selection I got from 

 her gallery  – from Joanna`s forum

Check out the rest if you haven`t seen them

and i`m so grateful as I know how busy Sonia is with her sample making and her many sort after workshops she holds – so thanks Sonia

Sonia`s work is so often shown as samples on C&C and I for one can`t wait to see what new things she has come up with

Sonia makes the most wonderful folds in card marking and it`s a real treat to have a workshop on a STUNNING card

So here`s a few of Sonia`s AMAZING samples













Now for a Workshop written by Sonia


Messy Baby Bunny WORKSHOP
It is a real privilege to be asked by Suzanne to do a Workshop ! As part of Suzanne’s Celebration I decided to do a Multi-Fold Card and this one featuring a popular Messy Rabbit character was one of her favourites. So I was more than happy to oblige.
Having said that I am both an admirer of Suzanne and her fantastic devotion to her workshops on our lovely Forum. Also Linda is bursting with talent and I have loved these little Rabbits since they first appeared in our world !
Although you can make the basic card all in one if you have access to large card I have based it around A4 as that is what most of you probably have.
Things you will need:
Messy Rabbit CD ( absolutely LOVE it !)
Messy Baby Bunny stamp
Soft Satin Photo Paper
Versafine Ink Pad (black)
3 x A4 White Linen Card
Pink Pearl Card
Water Colour Paper
Marker Pens

1 Print off one sheet of toppers, two sheets of pink heart  backing paper and two sheets of smaller pink heart paper on Soft Satin Photo Paper for a lovely SHEEN ( whoops ! Sorry about the pun ! ) I set my printer to ‘Draft’ to use less ink and ‘ Ink Jet Quality Paper’. However, experiment.


Photo 1

2 Pattern for first panel


Photo 2

3 Pattern for middle panel

3Photo 3

4 Pattern for panel three

4Photo 4

5 Fold first panel where marked and adhere to back of centre panel

5 Photo 5

6 Fold smaller flap backwards on centre panel

6Photo 6

7 Cut off surplus on panel three, fold flap forwards and adhere to back of centre panel

7Photo 7

8 Volia ! Basic card made, sit back and congratulate yourself ! The worst is over, you are SO clever.

8Photo 8

9 My latest technique for matting and layering. Give it a try or stick to your tried and trusted method.  Stick DST to back of picture. Release just a little bit from one corner. Lay on matting layer and adjust until you have an even border all round. Pull tape away. NOW this is going nowhere !!!

9Photo 9

10 Lift the picture and take the other pieces of backing tape away and smooth out  for your perfect piece. This method will now apply to the decorative panels we are going to make later for the card. Clever, heh ?

10Photo 10

11 Cut the following in the larger heart backing paper: 1 ( 19.2 cms x 19.2 cms) for centre panel, 4 ( 8.7 cms x 19.2 cms) for outer panels back and front of card.
From the SMALLER heart backing paper cut 2 ( 8.7 cms x 19.2 cms) and 2 ( 6.7 cms x 19.2 cms)
Layer all these on the pink pearl card panels as follows:
1 ( 20 x 20 cms) for middle panel, 6 ( 9.5 cms x 20 cms) and 2 ( 7.5 cms x 20 cms)
Adhere all the relevant finished panels to the  front of the card as per the photo above ! Cor ! You are doing well.

11Photo 11

12 Adhere panels and picture to back and perhaps your name ! The picture is the middle sized one on the sheet of toppers

12Photo 12

13 The fun bit !  Assemble your marker pens, brush and some water. A tile is handy to rub some of the colour on to before dipping your wet brush in to the colour

13Photo 13

14 Stamp our gorgeous little Bunny in Versafine on to water colour paper. I have made a pink version but this is YOUR card so feel free. Apply colour in a wash like way and build up the colours as you go.

14Photo 14

15 Cut out little Bunny. Oh ! Is he cute ?? Well I think so.

15Photo 15

16 Using the ever popular Nestabilities cut a circle in white and the scalloped one in pink pearl card.  Cut out your cot pictures and layer them on to pink pearl card. Assemble all your goodies such as pictures of the cot etc., The picture for the centre panel is the LARGEST on the topper sheet and the side panel on the front is the SMALLEST.

16Photo 16

17 Pop some sticky fixers on the back of all your pieces. REMEMBER only on HALF the scalloped shape or you might stick your card together where you do not want to !

17Photo 17

18 Well ! Here we have it ! THE FINISHED CARD. Congratulations ! Sit back and admire your FABULOUS handiwork !!!!

18Photo 18

 Hope you enjoy your finished result. Wishing you very best wishes,


Sonia how I can thank you enough for this STUNNING workshop and insight into one of your works of art – it`s much appriectaed


Now if that wasn`t fantastic enough  Sonia`s giving this card away as part of the  blog candy & and also the double Messy Rabbit cd as well – WOW lucky winner

So the Blog Candy

 This finished card below

Photo 18


A Messy Rabbit Double CD



 Sonia has kindly said if the winner has the Messy Cd then you

are welcome to have the New Messy Rabbit Christmas Cd 

when it comes out

– Great idea Sonia


Back to Messy Rabbit cd that`s out now

On the Messy Rabbit cd includes these images within the cd

messy 1

Here`s a piece about the Messy Cd

All the toppers have been hand painted especially for this CD by Linda Hill – and each comes with two co-ordinating backing papers and matching inserts. There are images suitable for cards for all occasions, for men and woman, young and old.

You will find step by step decoupage, gorgeous embellishments, notelets and envelopes, shaped cards and pop-up cards, bookmarks and lots more!

There are also many interactive features on this CD set including – interactive inserts, sentiment boxes and even interactive bookmarks for you to personalise your projects!

and click here for a video version of the cd that Richard has put together for most of the new cd`s – fantastic idea to get to see what`s on the cd itself 


so as usual – Blog Candy rules so eveyone`s clear

The Blog Giveaway is this STUNNING card by Sonia and a double messy rabbit cd so you can make the card up from the workshop using whatever image you wish – how very kind Sonia

All you have to do is leave a comment on my this page only

and on Monday 27th of July

  midnight the giveaway will end

So please add your name to the comments here on this posting

and if you belong to the Joanna Sheen forum please add your forum name ( that way I know where to find you if you are a winner )

 sorry but this will be the only place the names

will be excepted for Sonia`s prize


That way you`ll be in with a chance to win the giveaway –  you don`t have to have a blog to enter 


If you do have a blog and want to spread the word then please do as I would love as many people as I can to see Sonia`s work


 just be sure to check back on the 28th of July for the results of the winner as I will need you to send me your details if you have won 

 only one entry per person please – although you can join each daily prize giveaway

Any entries after that time will not be counted ( I had one at 00.01 last time but I have to abide by the rules – sorry )


So add your name to this post to be in with a chance of winning Sonia`s card and the Messy cd


Tomorrow see`s the another STUNNING prize i`m so excited about – till then happy looking around and thank you Sonia once again – your work is of true inspiration to me and many others too

Suzanne xx


86 thoughts on “Sonia Turner Workshop & Card Giveaway

  1. Every day gets better and better. Messy Rabbit CD is on my Wish List and I just love Sonia’s cards. I’m not a JS Forum member, yet, but I do follow it regularly and Sonia’s cards sometimes make me feel I should just give up! She has fantastic ideas and her cards look so professional. Thank you Suzanne and Sonia for your inspiration.

  2. Please don’t add me to this draw Suzanne as I already have the CD –

    edit by suzanne(i`m leaving in as Sonia has said she`ll give the new Christmas cd if someone already has this messy cd )

    (the card is beautiful but someone ought to win who would appreciate both). I just wanted to add a comment to say how much I enjoy looking at the samples Sonia does. Truly inspiring – the quality is just out of this world.

    A great workshop and what a fantastic week you’re making this Suzanne and all the other crafters who have joined in. Thank you all.

    Ann xxx

  3. I have to say that Sonia’s work is amongst my most favourite, her cards are just perfection and take card making to a level I could only dream of. The inspiration I can take from her work though is invaluable.

  4. Don’t add me to the draw as I already have the CD.
    Sonia is such a treasure, her card ideas are wonderful and inspirational.



  5. A lovely card with such detailed instructions that it can easily be adapted to use different themes.
    Many thanks


  6. Sonia’s cards just blow me away, you hear people talk about the WOW factor. Well for WOW factor you cannot beat Suzanne, Sonia, Linda and of course Joanna who brings us all these fabulous products to work and play with and not forgetting the wonderful forum.

    So a big thank you to them all and to Suzanne once again for this wonderful Birthday Celebration blog.


  7. What a lovely card, and a nice fold that can be used time and time again. I dont have either of the CDs, I mainly do rubber stamping but as an avid messy fan the messy rabbit CD is high on my list! Messy even had me doing cross stitch for the first time lol

    Amanda (JS Forum AmandaP)

  8. Along with you Suzanne, Sonia is an inspiration. You both seem to come up with so many different ideas for cards. Thank you so much for bring us such wonderful projects.

  9. Sonia is a lovely lady, I met her at the NEC when she was doing demo’s for Joanna and was most impressed not only by her talent, but her patience and understanding. She actually showed me how to wire a bow in the middle of her demo’s. Her cards are to die for. Thank you once again Suzanne for all your hard work in arranging all this.

    Lv Pam

  10. Wow, What great work, I just love Sonia’s cards too . She is an inspiration to us all and is so helpful. Hugs Rita xx

  11. Wonderful workshop Sonia, thank you. Your cards are always so beautiful and a joy to look at. I have the Messy CD and most of the stamps they are so cute. Looking forward to more o the /Christmas stamps and of course the Christmas Messy CD.


  12. Wow, wow, wow! Yet another fantastic prize, love the baby bunny workshop Sonia,the resulting card is sensational, don’t have messy cd but will certainly have a go at that style of card adapting with what I do have, thanks for all the inspiration Sonia, Kali x

  13. I love all Sonia’s work and view it with envy!!!. This lovely card is quite apt for me as we have a new baby Grand-daughter born today, 21st July, thank u Sonia or all your inspiration, love Tinsel xx

  14. I love all of the samples that you show made by Sonia. I keep thinking I must try one of those and then never have the time to get round to it. I MUST MAKE TIME. Hazel

  15. Have always loved Sonia’s cards, just beautiful. I have the Messy CD already (couldn’t resist) but it would be great to win the Christmas one. Thanks again for all the givaways.

    Carol C xx

  16. What a wonderful treat to have a workshop from Sonia, I have always loved her samples on C&C, this card is lovely.
    Kate x

  17. Sonia is such an inspiration! I haven’t done any stamping for ages but I really am tempted by the messy rabbits. The CD is actually one of my most used CDs.

    Thankyou so much Suzanne for doing this,

    Jackie x(Jacy)

  18. Sonia’s work is always of such amazingly high standards, If I ever get half as good I will be delighted!!


  19. I was thrilled when Messy Rabbit came out in a CD. I love the images, so full of character… and as I dont stamp I am now able to work with them to my hearts content. The card is stupendous….what clever ladies Sonia , and of course Linda are !!
    A very amazed Terrie (cardlady46 JS Forum)
    And wooo-hoo. for the news that there’s a Christmas CD due …

  20. Sonia we love your cards they are inspirational and the details can be adapted for other projects,love the details and the vintage pictures you come up with. They are always different to anybody elses

  21. Wow love the card- will the workshop be staying here or do I have to rush to make this now? Have seen Sonia posting on the forum but had not realised what a talented lady she is. Thanks for the workshop. Sonia


    Answer :Helen all thew posts featured will be kept on here and they are added on the workshop step by step forum on Joanna Sheens site – hope that helps – Suzanne

  22. Another beautiful card Sonia, you are so talented and it was great to have a tutorial by you too 🙂 I am so enjoying this week Suzanne, thank you for organising it all 🙂 hugs
    Jen xx

  23. It’s just amazing what you have organized for us this week Suzanne. Thankyou for the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

    Jean (nannybean) xx

  24. Sonia, along with yourself,is one of my favourite cardmakers as i have told her in the past and the workshop and card are truly beautiful and clearly explained.Thanks so much
    Sue x

  25. I agree Sonia is such a talented crafter. I have heard her mentioned on innumerable occasions on Joanna’s shows and I have always admired her so unusual card shapes and NOW we have one of our own – so thank you, Sonia, for a great tutorial. I intend to try this one before very long.

    hugs Alice

  26. Suzanne I appreciate the work you put into organising this forum. As a novice I think the recipent of one of Sonis’s cards would keep it on her desk just to admire and then try to copy. Sonia your talent is God given and some of us were behind the door when it was given out. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring us with such fabulous cards. It just amkes me want every stamp and CD particularly the Messy Rabbit.
    Thank you for your motivation.


  27. Sonia….. A really beautiful stunning card. You always come up with the goods and never fail to disappoint. You are an inspiration to novices like myself and having had the priviledge of attending your classes, have enjoyed discovering the world of card making. Thank you so much for giving me another dimension to my life. I will certainly print off the instructions and hope I might be the lucky winner . Best wishes Thelma

  28. Wow. what fantastic samples and excellent workshop.

    Suzanne you are spoiling us this week!

    Karen (kazdrew) xx

  29. Well you really do have some beautiful cards in your gallery Sonia. I succumbed to the Messy Cd, know you really like it, and I even have a few stamps now to.
    Will have a try at the workshop, thank you for that, stunning card.
    Well done again Suzanne, your blog candy is really yummy.
    Carol (carolcatz)

  30. Another fab prize, and excellent ‘tut’, Suzanne.
    I don’t have a Messy CD so this would have a good home with me 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win this


  31. Fantastic fantastic cards…what wonderful work. Love Messy and can’t wait for the Christmas one….good luck to all….Happy crafting….Genny

  32. Certainly a big WOW factor, but when following such clear instructions quite simple. Thank you Sonia for letting us all in to your secrets!


  33. stunning samples Sonia , brilliant workshop, love the finished card.
    Thankyou for the chance of winning this fantastic prize.


  34. I’ve saved this page as I love the card -and indeed, all of Sonia’s work. Thanks for a very generous prize! Janet (janetannc)

  35. Sonia makes wonderful cards and her instructons are so easy to follow. Just made a 40th and an 85th birthday from ides by Sonia. The recipicients loved them. Off to try this new project now

  36. Love, love, love that card, but there I love all your cards. I think you are brilliant and so generous to share your samples with us. I have the CD but would love to win the card. Thank you for your inspiration Sonia

    Love Carol x x x

  37. wow wow wow what a stunning card and you have given us a tutorial to boot hope mine turns out half as good.Suzanne you must have put a lot of hard work into the Birthday blog bash and i would just like to say a big Thank You.

    Hugs Jean xx

  38. What a fabulous card Sonia and the “how to” is great – thank you. Love Sonia’s cards – wich I had one ounce of her talent.

    C xx (CarolPG)

  39. What a truly gorgeous card, that would have been just right when I became a Granmum on 29th April 09. I’ve not tried stamping yet but Messy, bless his little heart, is twisting my arm. So who knows …
    x Lorrainne

  40. What a fantastic workshop. Great candy again. I too have the messy rabbit CD but how generous to offer the Christmas one as an alternative. Thankyou

    Ali x

  41. Wow, what stunning cards and that baby card is beautiful, thank you so much for putting in so much work for this blog giveaway. Not only do we appreciate you sharing your ideas and samples but the time it must take to do the workshops and all of this, thank you very much. I love messy rabbit I only have a few stamps at the moment and am waiting patiently for the new christmas ones coming out and the new cd. thanks again Nicola x

  42. wow, what a fab giveaway, i luv the cards and the workshop. it is so nice to be able to see so many ideas and inspiration. i am new to joannas site and have found that everyone is so helpful and the links are so inspiring. keep up the good work all.
    peta xxx

  43. Another great inspiration for a great forum – we are just so lucky, I love seeing all of Sonia’s samples and it is so nice to “know” who has done them

    well done and keep up the great work, dont know where we’d be without you


  44. Absolutely beautiful cards as usual from Sonia and a wonderful workshop with easy to follow instructions. Have saved it to have a go. Thanks Sonia for taking the time and thank you Suzanne for putting it on your blog. Oooh this is exciting!

    Luv Pauline xxx

  45. Sooooooooooooooo stunning Sonia!!….but then all your card always are! You’re such a wonderful designer and like Suzannne’s I admire your artistic and such creative talent. Thank you and Suzanne for all the great inspiration you give us!

    Love Sheila xx

  46. I am sooooooo excited, when I first logged into Joanna’s forum the very first avatar I clicked on to view their gallery was Sonia’s. I was so impressed by what I found I had to pop over to my Mum’s to log her on to the forum to show her what I’d found. I love all Sonia’s card samples for Joanna’s shows, her artisitc talent is so recognisable on the C&C shows.
    Thank you Suzanne and Sonia for linking up with such a fantastic giveaway.

  47. I love Sonia’s cards and was able to meet her at the NEC where her samples were even more impressive – it would be great to win one of her cards. Here’s hoping!!!
    Pat (Nan of 3) xxx

  48. I love Sonia’s cards they are so lovely and she is a very talented lady. I have the Messy Rabbit CD already but would love the Christmas one when it comes out. Cathy (Koolkat) xxxx

  49. I almost missed this one – love Sonia’s cards – she is a very talented lady.
    Jean (dragonfly47)

  50. What a different way to fold a card and decorate it – such talent and imagination to create such a stunning card just with a different way of folding the card and decorating it (especially with the messy cd) I was lucky enough to be a runner up in the latest Joanna Sheen messy cd competition and found the cd to be full of inspiration. What you have done with your cards using the cd are fantastic and a great help to us all.

    Hugs Trisha
    (trishauk – Joanna Sheen Forum)

  51. The first of Sonia’s cards displayed here is an absolute stunner! Just my cup of tea I have that bird/branch die as well so now must go off use her sample for some more inspiration!

    I am Pinkcoke on the Trimcraft forum – which is where I heard about your fabulous blog candy!


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