An Amazing Workshop By Linda Hill

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25. CarolPG said,

July 19, 2009 at 4:21 pm · Edit

I love Linda’s artwork and have started to collect the Messy stamps. I don’t do much stamping but Linda has injected the enthusiasm with her drawings and her help with colouring the images. Such a talented lady and the tutorials on your blog are so helpful.

C xx (CarolPG)


Congratulations to you Carol  – please get in contact with details so I can send the prize off

It`s so exciting seeing who`s won against generated numbers – well done – still lots more prizes to be won and the very nature of the draws I can`t help it if someone wins more than once – it`s all the luck of the draw


Linda Hill is the ARTIST

 behind Messy Rabbit and made

Joanna Sheen`s ideas and stories she once told come to life with

the design now stamps and paper pads and also cd`s too

Here is a piece about Linda from the section she kindly has on my blog 

Click for details of Linda`s techniques and about her

I feel very honoured to have this section on the blog and I have been inspired by many of the workshops Linda has done as my first colouring with Promarkers wasn`t to hot till I followed the workshops

I set about staring this year wanted to add something to my crafting and learning more about colouring was it – so i`m thrilled so far with the joy it has brought me and the thanks has to go to Linda for showing the way


Full Messy Rabbits products – click here

I adore this messy Rabbit and when Joanna & Linda were featured in the world of cross stitching with a pattern for this Messy Rabbit I just had to stitch it as cross stitching is how I got into crafting and card making

Click here of the Messy Rabbit finished piece


Linda as an artist comes up with these stunning backing papers and I love them to pieces – so much detail within them yet lovely and fresh

and I thought it apt to add this today as Joanna will be on C&C today with the launch of the Messy Rabbit Christmas Stamps & Paper pads


So Promakers- a joy to work with and full details of the whole range here


And another STUNNING product Linda uses for the colouring of Messy Rabbit and the paper pads – product details here


Linda has kindly done this workshop for my Birthday Week and i`m so excited about adding it – so here it is


A Messy Rabbit Nativity Scene -Workshop

Specially painted for this blog giveaway week and a chance to win it – now that`s fantastic !!! – thank you Linda

suzanne's picture

Thing`s you`ll need to create a picture.

Messy rabbit stamps nativity

water colour paper

Lyra water colour crayons + Terry Harrison shadow colour

Versafine ink pad (smokey grey)

mirror stamp

 pencil rubber

masking tape

  step 1

 Mask off the sides of water colour paper this gives a nice clean edge to your painting .


suzanne messy rabbit picture 1

Step 2

I decide where I want my images in picture then stamp ,

the Shepard’s I used a mirror stamp to reverse the image. if I miss stamp! I use pencil to fill in gaps. with using smokey grey ink pad the lead in pencil is a very good can hardly tell .


suzanne picture 2

step 3

 Using pencil I draw little lines to indicate where the sand will be and joins all images together back ground ,middle ground and finally for ground. picture is ready to paint.


suzanne picture 3

step 4

 Sky first! get all you sky colours mixed ready be-for you start.

Then wet all sky area with clean water then add you paint while its still wet this will help to blend them all together . you can take out paint with tissue or sponge to make clouds. leave to dry.

 sand…. start with very light shade of yellow and paint the part with palm trees gradually increasing the colour of paint to your sand mix to get different shades of same colour making the darkest at front in for ground. leave to dry or if you want to crack on give it a blast with hair dryer don’t worry if your paper buckles it will once completely dry it will go flat again.


suzanne picture 4

step 5

Paint in your figures in the colours of your choice… then go in to do shadows that’s the best part it brings everything to life. don’t be scared of this shadow colour it adds depth and dimension to your work……..

peel of the masking tape carefully away from the painting so it doesn’t tear your picture. there you have your final work of art……….

5suzanne's picture

hope you will have a go at this little work shop its great fun! do try and don’t be frightened its just a piece of paper and some paint…. happy stamping happy painting hugs love linda xxx

Thank you so much Linda for this I know I will be trying



So for the Chance to win this exclusive painting here are the

Blog Candy rules so eveyone`s clear

The Blog Giveaway is a this finishing painting by LINDA HILL

suzanne's picture

All you have to do is leave a comment on my this page only

and on Sunday the 25th of July

  midnight the giveaway will end

So please add your name to the comments here on this posting

and if you belong to the Joanna Sheen forum please add your forum name ( that way I know where to find you if you are a winner )

 sorry but this will be the only place the names will be

excepted for Linda`s prize


That way you`ll be in with a chance to win the giveaway –  you don`t have to have a blog to enter 


If you do have a blog and want to spread the word then please do as I would love as many people as I can to see Linda`s work


 just be sure to check back on the 26th of July for the results of the winner as I will need you to send me your details if you have won 

 only one entry per person please – although you can join each daily prize giveaway – so today can be this one and the Sharon one today

Any entries after that time will not be counted ( I had one at 00.01 last time but I have to abide by the rules – sorry )


So add your name to this post to be in with a chance of winning this Unique piece


I wanted to share a few designs that I felt I could do after the lessons form Linda

Picture 2102

Full details of the Rowdy Rat shaker card – click here


Picture 2112

This was a favourite of mine the frame card – click here for details


So come join in and a BIG THANK YOU Linda for all your hard work you do designing and sharing ideas and this unique giveaway – it`s much appreciated

Suzanne xx


59 thoughts on “An Amazing Workshop By Linda Hill

  1. Amazing, just goes to show what you can do with stamps!
    Lovely scene and fab cards too
    Claire xx

  2. What an amazing scene, very inspirational. I am always afraid of doing scenes with stamps, maybe I should give it a go! The cookie shaker card and beautiful frame card are also fabulous, Denisex

  3. Oh to have just a fraction of Linda’s talent, I would be one very happy bunny! Good luck to everyone taking part. Fran

  4. yeah what a star and a fantastic painting. Brilliant tutorial – we have all learnt so much from Linda this year. Thank you both for all you do.

    Ann xxx

    PS- is it 2 o’clock yet?

  5. Linda has a great talent – only wish I had an ounce of it and I would be happy.
    Thanks for the chance to win an original painting.
    Sarah (sarah on JS forum)

  6. Hello Suzanne,

    I haven’t done any stamping for a while but these Messy Rabbit are really tempting me!
    I have the CD but the Christmas stamps are gorgeous!

    Jackie (Jacy)

  7. Hi Suzanne

    What a great picture – I have not got into colouring yet, like you I was just dabbling but seeing this and your workshops too has really helped

    best wishes, sagittarius

  8. Thank you Suzanne and Linda what a great workshop, I have just started collecting Promarkers and am finding Linda’s tutorials so helpful. Love the Messy Rabbits and have my seat reserved ready for today’s show.

    Joanna’s girls were so lucky to have such wonderful stories made up for them at bedtime.

    Hoping that the weather is being kind to Emily and friends doing their DOE awards.


  9. Suzanne what great prizes you have for your Birthday Blog. Linda is such an inspiration to most of us and her time and devotion that she gives to us all is so much appreciated. Hugs Rita xxx

  10. great stamps and backing pads the scenery is beautiful look forward to the show and more of Lindas workshops.

    Kathleen x(maylizzie)

  11. Hi Suzanne,

    Love Messy Rabbit. Think that was one of the first stamps I bought. Lindas tutorials on the Promarkers is fab as I love colouring in the images but am rubbish on the shading.

    Looking forward to the show later on.

    Karen xx (kazdrew)

  12. Looking forward to watching the show this afternoon, and seeing all the new stamps and designs. I think Linda has done a wonderful job of bringing Messy and his friends to life. Just wish I could have a small amount of her talent to draw.

  13. Linda, you make it so easy to understand, looking at the picture I just knew I would never be able to paint a picture. But reading the way you do it, maybe I could have a go!After all, I don’t have to show it to anyone if I end up with a mess!
    Paula x

  14. Messy is my favourite cute character and since I looked at Linda’s tutorials I have started to use Lyra crayons. They are wonderful I wish I had found them earlier. My colouring is so much better now.


  15. What a great picture! It reminds me of when I was a nursery nurse in schools and all the nativities we had to produce! Thanks so much for sharing your workshop
    Sue x

  16. Wow what a fab painting. I’m not into stamping but have the messy rabbit cd and hoping there will be another out soon

  17. I was always afraid of watercolouring until I heard Joanna say how easy it was, but it wasn’t until Linda started answering questions on the forum that I bit the bullet and got some Lyras. I’ve not looked back, if I get stuck I know that I will find Linda’s workshops on your Blog Suzanne.

    Kate x

  18. I love Linda’s artwork and have started to collect the Messy stamps. I don’t do much stamping but Linda has injected the enthusiasm with her drawings and her help with colouring the images. Such a talented lady and the tutorials on your blog are so helpful.

    C xx (CarolPG)

  19. Fantastic picture…everything Linda does just makes me want to paint, stamp..just CREATE..Happy crafting to all..Genny

  20. Great picture Linda, Messy certainly has taken off in a big way. It’s such a good idea to have the various backgrounds to put them on to. I really like the winterland backing papers you’ve designed, but then it’s all so good. Well done.

  21. Linda has inspired so many of us, especially with her use of promarkers. It was seeing the stunning results of Lindas colouring with these pens that made me decide they were a must have for me, and thanks to the detailed tuition from Linda, I have been able to use my own pens with growing confidence and I am thrilled to say my own colouring in is coming along nicely now, so a big thankyou to Linda, and to you too Suzanne for creating this very informative blog, Kali xx

  22. What a beautiful painting, Linda and a great tutorial. I am determined to try my hand at stamping and colouring this year so I have already treated myself to a big set of Lyra Aquacolors although I have only been dabbling up to the moment. Saw Joanna’s show today and enjoyed every minute of it.

    Hugs Alice

  23. You always inspire me Suzanne and i love having a peek every other day at what youve done next and really loved the workshops where Linda did some Promarkers work as i havent taken the step to buy these kinds of mediums yet (alcohol markers) as i am more of a oil painting artist and when card making i use watercolours but watching what she does in her workshops inspires me and many others, so thankoyu Suzanne for getting Linda to show how these markers can be used in our stamping of messy rabbit and others


  24. I find myself in awe of such creative talent as Linda…oh to be able to get those images in your head down on paper, they are so cute and so much fun….. and oh the joy of being able to use them in my own creativity…. I have the CD and some backing papers, haven’t ventured into stamping yet….
    So big thanks to Linda, Joanna and everyone involved in allowing us to be part of Messy’s world !

    Terrie x

  25. Thanks Suzanne for a wonderful blog and to Linda for the most amazing designs and workshops.

    I wish you all the best for the future.


    Cardcrow for Sheenies

  26. The Messy Rabbit characters and the wonderful samples made using him have inspired so many of us to try colouring and shading. Keep up the good work.

  27. Amazing what you can do with stamps!
    Messy encompasses all ages – I just love making cards with these images.


  28. What did we do before Messy came along.

    Fantastic Linda, love working with all the bits and bobs when making the samples.

    Tracey x

  29. Wow, stunning, why can’t I do anything like that. Linda you are brilliant. My dad was a fantastic artist. But sadly I am not as talented.

    Jean (nannybean) xx

  30. Lovely painting Linda , you are very talented , and your tips on colouring were a great help to me when i had a go at some stamping ,Thankyou


  31. What a stunning prize!! An original Messy picture is such a brilliant prize. I love the artwork so will have fingers crossed. hugs Janet (janetannc)

  32. What fabulous Xmas Messy Rabbit stamps. My order is in, and hopefully, they will be here tomorrow. Way hey!!!! You are so talented Linda, I wish I could draw just something that is recognisable, but why worry, with stamps like yours we don’t need to be able to draw ourselves.
    Thanks again.


  33. Linda – such a talented lady! Your style is my style – just love everything you create. And Suzanne, thank you so much for your inspirational blog. Long may it continue.
    Perhaps your first publication could be on the cards? Tricia -x-

  34. Wow, another amazing candy and what a great pictures. I have been saving up for the messy rabbit nativity stamps – part of a long wish list!!!

    Ali x

  35. Love these Messy rabbit and friend, this a now wet my apetite for water colouring , like the look of these Aqua pencils. Many thanks to you Linda for your wonderful tut, and Suzanne for all her link to this thread.


  36. Seeing Messy Rabbit on C&C is what first introduced me to Joanna Sheen and her forum. Since joining and realising Linda is also on the forum I’ve relished every bit of Messiness that I have been introduced too.
    Thanks Suzane for such an inspirational blog, the hints and tips are exceptional.

  37. Messy Rabbit was a lovely creation from Linda and I have had so much fun in creating cards with him. She is a very talented artist. Your cards Suzanne are so lovely. Cathy (Koolkat) xxxx

  38. What a talented lady Linda is and a great insiration to us all – messy is so versatile and what a lovely picture designed and painted personally by Linda – what a treasure for the lucy winner of this blog candy.

    Hugs Trisha
    (trishauk – Joanna Sheen Forum)

  39. Hi Suzanne, what a lovely picture! I’ve been following all Linda’s demos that you have been putting on your blog,

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