Nearly There & A Jewel Workshop To Get Things Going

Well as you might know by now it`s soon blog birthday time  soon – the 18th is when the celebrations start and I thought i`d do this workshop as part of the run up to the event

The whole idea is to celebrate what the blog has brought to me on a personal level and also celebrate different things that have happened throughout the year and this piece is to share in the

Product Write Up`s 

I have done in the past – and i`m sure they`ll be more as and when  – so the thought behind this one was to pick something from

 Joanna Sheen`s Special Offer section

& being a crafter I went for the cheap item – well come on !!! so here it is


Product Write Up – Jewels


 Contains: 25 – 18mm Jewel type beads – for 75p was £1.75

Click here for the offer 

 although be careful as it`s an offer so might be gone

Quote : These have holes through the middle and I have used some fine wire or fishing thread with them – they make beautiful mobiles but also can make a focal point two or three dangling in the aperture of a card


So here are a few idea`s

I`m always losing where my ball tools are so finally did this to make them seen – plus it`s fun too 

So I have taken a wired bead & placed the jewel through it


That then goes through the hole in the ball tool and you can add what you wish to bling it up


Here`s just a couple of ideas – just had to do the 3 flowers I seen to like !!!!


Just a close up



This is another way on jumps rings added to some ribbon to jazz the card up

Click here  if you missed this post on how the cards done

it just adds some elegance to the edge and I have done a video on how to link up the jump rings as they can be tricky !!!!


It`s a first for me so bare with me !!!!   – if nothing else it`s a laugh !!!!

 Quick Jump Ring Demo 

 just testing how to do a video on You Tube !!!


Now for the main event – a tri fold card using the nestibilities – which I thought I had run out of ideas – but seems not!!!

Click hereif you haven`t seen the growing Nesti section


1 I wanted a long straight strip of card to join the 3  nesti  panels together but haven`t a long enough cutter for that so this is a good tip how to cut such a thing – don`t worry about wasting the card as you can do many of cards the same style with the excess

Place the nesti panel about 2 cm`s away from the side edge and then the nesti panel and mark where that point is – score at this point and the trim a 2 inch strip away – like at the bottom



2 Or just  lay your panel 2 cm`s in on a thin strip of card and carry on from there


3 Have your 2nd panel next to the score line and score the other side of the 2nd panel



4 Then place the 3rd panel and mark off at 2cm`s from the edge of the panel



5 Cut at this point



6 Then I have used double sided tape to secure the panels to the strip , then lined and strip with another set of panels I have cut in a backing paper to match , they have been edged in Gold pen touch



7 Then on the front I have cut different colours of card on different sizes , edged and mounted with foam tape

On the last layer I have added a jewel with has been threaded with ribbon and knotted then secured around the back of the card – just adds something to the card



8  A close up – this one with a jump ring

The card is then stood up and placed in a triangle and decorated – more photo`s soon !!!! ( after Sunday`s show ) – punch holes in the side tabs and secure with a ribbon



9 Now for a little bit on the jewels and fixing then to the ribbon – either straight on or by jump rings



10 This came about knowing I wanted to use the ribbon but couldn`t thread it with a needle size I had – so take the wide organza ribbon



11 Then cut down the edge of the ribbon about an inch leaving the rib part of the edge , so it looks like a needle



12 Then thread that part through the jewel



13 The small fine piece will just give you something to pull on and then the rest will follow



14 Just to finish it off I have knotted the ribbon then secured it to the top small nesti



 15 If not use a jump ring and place on the ribbon that way



Now this technique is used with the ribbon and the beads for this piece and just knotted the beads on the ribbon  

The crystal beads – click here for full card details and photo`s


So a few ideas on this product which was chosen for the cost and the fact it seemed fitting to have bling on the birthday


Please all join in on the following week

They`ll be a daily giveaway from people that inspire me , so you can add your name  to that post and 1 week after the post it will be drawn

 but also I have 2 more workshops – special ones

1 from Sonia & another from Linda – with special prizes too

but more on that soon

– So enjoy the week and thank you for the bottom of my heart for the constant support and encouragement you give- it means a lot

Suzanne xx


9 thoughts on “Nearly There & A Jewel Workshop To Get Things Going

  1. Didn’t realise those gems only had hole at top – so useful – rushed to shop and got my order in. Thanks Suzanne. Pat is going to be wondering why there is a sudden rush on them today.

    Ann xxx

    • Whoops hadn`t told Pat do you think i`ll be in trouble

      The hole is great in the top and bottom too – lovely gems , have fun when they come

  2. Well done Suzanne another winner, two great ways to use attachthose pretty gems. The Utube vidio was good clearly spoken and no ustling or background noise well done.

    Looking forward to your birthday week.


  3. Me again, that was meant to say Rustling noise, also loved the bling on the end of the embossing tools.


    • I knew what you meant

      It was only done on my normal camera – it has a 1 munte movie setting so that`s all they`ll ever be

      Just did it for a bit of fun and also because they are so fiddly to show in stills – PLUS I was seen on camera was the main reason , i`m happy with that !!!!

      As for the ball tool i`m loving mine now as I can fine it in my revolving holder now
      Thanks for the lovely comments

  4. A eat way to use the gems Suzanne, I didn’t realise that they had holes in them – how usefull is that!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you are doing next.
    Kate x

  5. How did I miss this one? A great video tutorial, Suzanne, and very clear. Just love this card, too- gems are lovely.

    Hugs Alice

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