Sometimes People Just Surprise You With Their Kindness !!!!

Now I said I wasn`t going to post much but had to add this as it`s so special

Well since joining the Joanna Sheen forum I have felt a real sense of fulfilment , what with crafting and friendship and it`s just more than I could have imagined as i`m sure many a Sheenie will say

But last night Kris was removing work stuff from his car and then came across a parcel that had been left – this was 9pm , so he brought them in and one was this STUNNING gift that Vada had so kindly sent

She had written saying would I like some cross stitch threads etc after seeing my new room posting and thought she just meant a few well here`s a photo – just a few !!!


I was amazed and very thankful as this will add to my dream of  again owning the whole DMC standard range after once having it but selling them when we needed to years ago


This was the whole parcel and again stunned at it – thank you so much Vada


Now this last bit made me cry as most people know how much I loved my late Nan

Well this Lilliput house was given to my Nan by my Uncle that sadly died 6 months after my Grandad and it left a big hole in my Nan`s life and ours – but she coped so well with it all

They were all so close when Mum & Dad first met and it was a shock to us all when he died – he lost his Dad & Wife in the same week then died 6 months later to Cancer

I don`t normally talk about this but when Nan died I asked for the Lilliput figure my Uncle gave Nan and it was the post office as it holds precious memories – now as you can see the cross stitch kit is of the same thing – how amazing is that to be the same picture


So once finished i`ll add to my memory room – click here if you missed that – as you can see in the room picture the post office sits on the cupboard

but what with this and my treasured lily cross stitch it as wonderful feeling to have all these things around me – I do feel one lucky girl

Thank you so much for sending this and moving me more than you`ll ever know – it`s the second very kind thing to happen this week and all I can say is SHEENIE`s rock




6 thoughts on “Sometimes People Just Surprise You With Their Kindness !!!!

  1. How lovely for you Suzanne, yes there is some lovely people about and alot of them are Sheenies. Enjoy your parcel!!!! Cathy xxxx

  2. What a lovely thing to do, but remember you are another very Special Sheenie as well Suzanne. I too have the whole range of DMC threads ,but my card-making has taken over slightly, as the map I’m doing has taken ages, compared to a few years ago. Sheenie Friendship is a wonderful thing. Enjoy. Hugs Rita xxx

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