Sorry for lack of postings

Well all I can say is i`m mid way through samples for next weeks 2 shows and i`m trying hard to keep a normal tidy home & work and just deal with normal goings on in life , whilst trying to diet & reduce my blood pressure – so not much on !!!!

Still things are working well but it has meant a slow down on workshops but i`ll pick up soon , just as soon as I can

I wanted to share these a few pictures of our Erin who is growing fast and after another growth spurt she is already in size 6-7 year old clothes and 12.5 shoes – and she won`t be 5 till November

Still it made sense to get her uniform ready as she won`t but in 7-8 before September and they are so cheap at Tescos – £3.75 for 3 shirts !!!! – we are getting the shoes nearer the time which thankfully I didn`t know but Mum always gets the first pair – she has with my Brothers 4 so were next

It all stems from the days Nan bought our shoes when Mum & Dad couldn`t afford to – so i`ll just say thank you and be grateful

So her she is

eastern frame 065

She doesn`t normally like having her photo taken so this was a real joy

1. that she liked the uniform

2. it made her so happy

3. the bread she had she said can we play a trick on Daddy and she scooped and ate the inside of the end of french stick so when her cut it it was hollow – boy did she laugh

eastern frame 068

I`m so looking forward to the end of term next week and spending this important last full time with here before I get to miss her all day

I`m so used to what we do in a day i`ll seem lost without her here

Thanks for letting me matter and i`ll post as soon as

I have a special landmark coming up so will try and do something for that

Thanks for all the support which really does mean a lot and I read every comment – so thanks for that



13 thoughts on “Sorry for lack of postings

  1. How grown up she looks Suzanne – where does the time go? She looks very smart in her uniform.
    Enjoy the summer holidays.

    Pam x

  2. My goodness ,she has grown so much. What lovely happy pictures Suzanne, how proud you both must be. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Suzanne what a pretty and happy phot of Erin, she isn’t ceratinly growing up fast. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the holiday with her.


  4. Suzanne please excuse last message and spelling put it down to my op and anaesectic yesterday this is how it should have read.

    Suzanne what a pretty and happy photo of Erin, she is certainly growing up fast. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the holiday with her.

  5. she looks all grown up, be prepared for the tears (you not Erin), it is a big gap in ones life when your child starts school
    Big Hugs to you both

  6. Wonderful photos of Erin Suzanne looking all grown ….oh and that beautiful smilimng face cheered my day up no end! Thank you for sharing your them with us…..such a beautiful young lady.

    Love Sheila xx

  7. Wow!!! Suzanne she has grown. She looks lovely and oh so cheeky. Enjoy your summer with her before she goes out to the big wide world. xxxxx

  8. Erin looks so grown up Suzanne, they do grow up so quickly. I still remember my baby going to school full time – boy did I shed a few tears!! He is 25 now and I have no idea where the years have gone.
    Enjoy your summer together
    Kate x

  9. what a lovely little girl and looks so happy, I remember the time well when my son first put on his uniform, hugs Ann xxx

  10. Beautiful, pretty little lady, and what a stunning smile Erin has, yes you will miss her Suzanne when she starts full time school, but think of the lovely chats you’ll have at tea time when she is longing to tell you all about her day , I still remember that as my favourite time of day when my children were small , Kali x

  11. My Goodness she is a real sweetie!!
    We are having the same problem with our Grandson, not 5 till 1st September BUT oh! so tall. Everything 6/7, mind you thank goodness the trousers have elastic along the back as he is soooo! skinny.


  12. Oh my, Suzanne, Erin is so beautiful and that hair – such a gorgeous colour. She certainly looks like a pert young lady. She will enjoy school and have lots of tales to tell when she gets home. Enjoy the summer break with her- she will grow up so fast now.

    Hugs Alice

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