My New Room

Well a few weeks back we set about sorting our 3rd bedroom out which had turned into a dumping room for bits and pieces

We had 2 wardbrobes in there as we don`t like them in our room but we got rid of one and I now use the wooden cube thingy in the corner – which I get everything in and more – so with all the space and me directing !!!! I saw a chance to make it a room just to go and have some quiet time in if needed or as we have another chair Erin & I to read in

The room is made up of a bureau and chair that were my Gran & Grandad`s and in their home it was was what Gran sat on daily to sew and Grandad had a matching one to read his paper next to Gran

Also the curtains are ones I made years ago and Mum had them in her last house in Nan`s room so again special memories and I do feel so close to these memories when in the room


Their home was at the bottom of our School field so I would see them daily when we lived down in Dovercourt – Essex

I know I don`t often speak of my Gran & Grandad but they meant so much to me I thought it would be nice to add this to the blog

This photo shows the bureau open so I can put my cross stitch chart up and sew away late at night as we have put a day light bulb above and I have my daylight lamp too


Just a close up


A while back I wrote about never having any regrets then when I started cross stitching again it brought back one regret – selling my threads some of which we my Gran`s & Mum`s but we needed the money for a large car bill

I have won lots of threads at just 14p each from E-bay and thought a lot of searching got hold of 3 wallets like my old ones – so i`m thrilled as I can make them back up again – and Mum still has a few of Gran`s so that will help


This was Grandad`s mini stool for polishing his shoes and if lovely to have in the room


And finally bits and bobs from over the years I wanted to keep out – spot the magnify tool for the lamp – didn`t want Erin to reach it !!!!

The dolls are handmade from scratch but someone I know even the head hand fired and painted – I got them for £30 each years ago and will treasure them always along with my new room and the strong feelings behind it all


Thanks for letting me reminisce


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Many thanks for stopping by –  Suzanne


9 thoughts on “My New Room

  1. Thank you so much Suzanne for allowing us to reminisce with you- those are precious memories you have and it’s nice to have so many tangible items around you as well to invoke those memories. Your room looks lovely.

    Hugs Alice

  2. Such a lovely relaxing room to spend time in Suzanne…and with such special memories.

    Love Sheila xx

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    It was lovely to read about your room and memories of your lovely grandparents, i lost mine years ago and have nothing of theirs at all, so you are very lucky. I am a medium and so believe in the afterlife and i just wanted to say that whilst sat in that room you will feel so close to them because their things are around you and i also know that you will have a cosy warm feeling when sitting quietly in there, i just wanted you to know they are always with you, and looking after you.
    Hugs, Vicky xx

  4. What a lovely room Suzanne and I hope you are happy and at peace when you are sitting in it. Enjoy!!! Cathy xxx

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