A Flower Arrangement for something different

Today i`m going to my Slimming World class and they have a party planned as the club in a whole celebrates 40 years this year and there are lots of different promotions going on

Last week we were told we would have a party this week and a theme of red food & red clothes was chosen – all to do with the ruby theme of 40 years

I said I would like to help as I do the writing of the weights in the book to help out and was left to come up  with something

I chose 40 recipes which I laminated and are going on the wall and some in a folder

Then 40 Products , so laminated for the wall and 20 full packets of products all numbered and we are going to place numbers under the chairs and people will win them

I wanted to stick to a budget of £10 as costs can just go one – well I did it and also in the mix got a bunch of carnations for £2.00 and set about making an arrangement

I hadn`t done any flowers since my Nan died and it was nice to do this for a happy occasion

I didn`t want a small arrangement but with only one bunch of flowers thought oh no

I went into the garage and found this wicker basket horn and thought great I can do a modern arrangement as I had lots of big foliage so set about making this


I`m thrilled with the whole product as it`s something I haven`t done for a while and happy to have done it all in budget of £10 too

Right off I go to the event – take care


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Many thanks for stopping by –  Suzanne


7 thoughts on “A Flower Arrangement for something different

  1. Gosh, Suzanne,you are one generous girl, both in time and gifts. I’m sure all that laminating took a while to do…and… your flower arrangement is just gorgeous and there looks to be quite a few flowers in that one bunch from the way you have arranged them.

  2. How talented you are and what wonderful ideas you come up with- I never fail to be amazed Suzanne
    Thanks for sharing

  3. No you never cease to amaze me either Suzanne….your flower arrangement is beautiful! What wonderful and clever ideas youcome up with. Well done and thank you for all the work you do for us as well as being busy elsewhere and a Mum and wife too!

    Love Sheila xx

  4. That is a Stunning arrangement Suzanne. I bet whoever wins it will be delighted too. You are such a lovely kind person to do all this for them. Rita xxxx

  5. What a wonderful arrangement Suzanne, I’m hopeless with flowers, could never do anything as nice as that
    Kate x

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