Extra Large Nestibilites Retirement Card and Workshop

Well had a play today – needed to do a A4 retirement card for a friend for there work colleague

A hard brief as the lady was a classy lady with no real hobbies and was a fuzzy lady but liked blue and gold

So I set about how best to fill an A4 sheet and came up with this idea

Working on the shape and keeping it simple with the same backing paper – this is a stunning paper form the Cottage Garden cd – it`s hard to find but best way to say is look for the pattern in the carpet as there are some similar ones

I thought of the nestibility die but it was big enough and thought to myself if only I could make the book card bigger – then in a flash came up with rather than missing off one edge when you put the die through fold the backing paper in quarter and miss off side and bottom edge and you get large

I did this one 3 sheets to build the card and then added the shaker topper

Workshop instructions here if needed

So here`s the finished card with a few paper flowers to tone


1. fold your backing paper in half and half again – I have done this folding up to the border so I don`t get mixed patterns with the paper



2. Put the paper and die through your machine and make sure you leave the side and bottom edge without the paper on so it doesn`t get cut

Full embossing workshop click here if needed



3. When it comes out it might have only gone through 3 layers but it might just be me !!! – if this happens just use the line to trim the excess off



4. And there you have your large shaped paper – cut different sizes to mat up

I have edged each layer with gold pen touch



5. I have mounted onto a folded A3 card – as that`s what was required and with foam tape added the layers and a shaker – details were in the first section – the words are printed onto acetate



6. Just a close up



Just a useful idea that could be used for many a thing – maybe a star card for a large version


Please check out the Nestibilites page if you haven`t seen it  – click here


Sorry for all the click here`s but there are lots of new names viewing the blog and I just wanted to have the information easily viewed if it had been missed


If you are new to my  please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right  side near the top with 152  listed workshops – click here for my blog

Don`t forget also there now is a search box if you are looking for something – just type in what you are looking for and they will come up

Many thanks for stopping by –  Suzanne



9 thoughts on “Extra Large Nestibilites Retirement Card and Workshop

  1. Oh, you are brilliant Suzanne!!!
    Such a clever idea.
    I haven’t got that particular label die but am going to see what happens
    with the one I have got.
    This is such a magnificent card (as usual 🙂 ) the retiring lady will be delighted.


    • Thanks for the lovely comment Rita – some are using the folding technique to make the double the size – I have when playing fodered the paper in four and got a A4 size shape too !!!

      Have fun

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