Eastern Treasures Versamark Dazzle Triple Embossed Card

I have added this card as i`m so pleased with it I wanted to share how I did it

Often when doing a sample I try and think of something new if only something small – and this happened here as I wanted to triple emboss this image from the new Eastern Treasures cd but wanted a twist

So reaching for my versamark I thought why not try my versamark champagne dazzle pad

 I hadn`t really used for anything else than stamping

I was surprised at the results and it gave a suttle but wonderful sparkle to the image – the photo doesn`t really show it but I was pleased on the show and camera it did

When I triple emboss I can never master the 2nd coat whilst the embossing powder is still hot even with it over the powder so how I get over this is make sure it`s cool and re apply the versamark and powder and heat set again and repeat for the 3rd time

With the dazzle that just builds on the sparkle so would suggest you do it that way if you have a go

Here`s a link for a workshop on Triple Embossing – click here  

& Triple embossed Baby Love card – click here

& Triple embossed frame – click here

& finally this fan has been triple embossed – click here – the dazzle effect would look lovely on this

So finally the card

Picture 2106

Just the close up – which you can see the sparkle

Picture 2107

Thanks for looking

I have added this to today`s post as I posted it late yesterday and it saves lots of links on the forum

Click here for the workshop on making an A5 envelope using your scoring boards or Illusion board



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Many thanks for stopping by –  Suzanne




9 thoughts on “Eastern Treasures Versamark Dazzle Triple Embossed Card

  1. Another beautiful card. Do you just rub the champagne dazzle pad over the card. Triple embossing is not one of my skills, but will have a look at your workshop and give it another go. Hugs Dorothy.By the way thanks so much for all your workshops they are a great help to me. Hugs Dorothy

  2. Hi yes you use the dazzle instead of a normal versamark and then use the UTEE and then I repeat 3 times using the dazzle each layer – just make sure the embossing powder is dry before using the dazzle again

  3. This is stunning, Suzanne and I’m so glad to see it because I’m doing a special project at the minute and I have just put out my Frost Dazzle in preparation for using on an image I’ve printed off a CD. May I ask if you use mount board to stick your image to or just ordinary cardstock? I rarely do triple embossing but always use mountboard. However, I think mountboard will be too heavy for this particular project.

  4. Oops, sorry, Suzanne – should have looked at one of your links for the answer to my question – forgive the Senior Moment 🙂

    Alice xx

  5. I usually add some glamour dust to the triple embossing to get this effect, but this looks easier and not as messy. The card is gorgeous.
    Julie (jjuli2 Trimcraft) x

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