Making an Envelope For An A5 Card Using A Score Board & 2 A4 Sheets of Card

I was watching C&C the other week and saw a new to me lovely lady with some envelope templates and wanted to share and similar idea I had but thought it wasn`t fair to so left it

Then yesterday saw the Glitter Girls on with a new board along with some older ones and they did an envelope using the illusion board – a customer had written and told them how it was done and I have added the link for this

Click here for the Glitter Girls own instructions for a thinner taller envelope 

I thought i`d have a play this morning and was going to do something with punching the edges for a different effect but when I played I found you could make an A5 envelope and thought it would be of interest to a few – so here goes , it started out trying to use up older papers or card and I found this I got at the C&C Hilton weekend last year – I have a friends Birthday coming up and they don`t like to fussy so thought it would be miss


This can be done with ordinary score boards by placing your A5 card in the centre and working around – but this workshop shows how quickly you can do it with the Illusion board by the Glitter Girls

I have to say I got this when released and have only ever used it for the scroll once – so now will use a lot for quick envelopes

1 Place the A4 card into the grooves and score down & across on the standard line for the box – I have used pen to highlight the groove



2 Then score the other score lines for the A5 box – using the outer line – I have marked all with pen – sorry for wobbly lines I did this just in the groove rather than with a ruler !!!

You`ll be left with one edge that will be needed to be cut off – it`s the edge near the scissors




3. Then make your inside of the envelope – do this by placing the A4 card on the next score line in – as both my fingers show – score on the A5 markings and and cut at these edges



4.Now trim the corners as below – do this on all 4 sides of the envelope


5. Now at this point you can tape this piece to the envelope with flaps or carry on and do as I have and have the flaps on the under side



6. To do that I would say you need a cut out piece so you can get your card out easily – I have done this by cutting away the lines I have done in pen

So mirror the score line from the flap – then again one the single inner sheet of card and follow the line across so they meet up



7. Apply tape down the edge and then flip up the corner onto the tape – do this on both side pieces – then apply more tape across the bottom and apply your panel matching the top shape up with below



8. Then I have added silver pen touch as will matches the design and covers the pen I used so I could show you all easily

8. 10

9. So now to decorate the envelope – and card – I have done a very simple one using this STUNNING paper if you can call it that – it feels like felt embossed with glitter edges

I have left the back of the envelope plain and then matted the paper onto some mirri  then attached a ribbon and floers  , then applied with foam tape to the card 



11. Then I have matched the front of the envelope with the matching paper – this isn`t one for the post be lovely delivered by hand – or if posted in a jiffy bag



Tomorrow I hope to show you a twist to this idea using the Martha Stewart punches – so will keep you posted

Thanks for looking

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Many thanks for stopping by –  Suzanne


11 thoughts on “Making an Envelope For An A5 Card Using A Score Board & 2 A4 Sheets of Card

  1. Suzanne, thank you so much for this tutorial. I too have this GG board and have never used it but I certainle will now.

    Alice x

  2. Hi Suzanne – I am so pleased to see this tutorial as I was ‘the lady’ who told the Glitter Girls about using the Illusion Board for envelopes and demonstrated it to them at the NEC in March – I devised it because I make ‘cards for the troops’ and although I had loads of card I found envelopes very expensive to buy. It’s great to know that other crafters find this useful – thank you.
    Pat x

  3. I have just bought the eazy box maker board as part of my fist order from JS – is it possible to make these envelopes using this board
    Many thanks Tricia

    • You can make a envelope with just score lines – I haven`t got this board so not sure but any score line normally works – the bonus on the illusion bord the measurements are there with the markings
      Hope that helps a little
      Suzanne x

  4. Many thanks for you very prompt reply – i havae been playing around this afternoon and i think i have managed to figure it out

    Tricia x

    • The Glitter Girls would have it on their site – maybe if you google it and see what comes up – I have just checked out Joanna Sheens site and it is no longer there
      I hope you get sorted and thanks for kind words
      Suzanne x

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