Special Wedding Memories Of A Wedding On A Budget

Well once in a while I go all sentimental and I have to say I hadn`t looked at our wedding photo`s in at least 8 years , mainly as we have lost many relatives and I have found it to difficult

But the other day Mum & Dad came round and we got them out and it was fun showing Erin as she had never seen them – then today I read an article in a Sunday magazine about the cost of weddings and they did a range of different priced ones and it got me thinking about ours and how little we spent – but then how special it made it all

So which photo to start with – sorry I haven`t a scanner so these have just been photographed – but they are fairly clear

This photo fills me with so much pride as it has my Grandad, Nanna & Granny & her Brother on ( sadly my Grandad died 4 years  before our wedding but he was a very special man too )

Also my Mum & Dad and my Brother & SIL , plus us !!!

My Grandparents and Mum & Dad are such a big reason for who I am today,  with there ways that have lead me through life so far and my memories of loved ones will always be very strong

My Grandad`s love for my Nan especially is something that shines through on this photo for me 


 So the reason for showing this was because Mum & Dad gave us £1,000 for our wedding and we paid £500 but we had the most special day saving where we could but spending on the car £120 and £500 on the photos – doesn`t sound much but 18 years ago it was

Mum made all the bridesmaids dresses from a pattern and in a very short time , Bridget my best friend was also stationed in Germany with her husband in forces which made it difficult for sizing as she dropped a lot of weight as he was in the Gulf and she was so worried – but Mum coped

As a hairdresser I did my hair and my friend from the shop at the time did the bridemaids and Mum`s – I also did Nan`s which i`m proud of the day before , so more savings there 


 And she also the cake – and we did all the flower baskets for the tables and decorated the church

The only thing that was done for us was the bouquets as Kris`s parents paid for those as it was tradition !!! – I loved the flowers except I wanted tight pink roses and as you can see these weren`t but that`s me just saying what I would have preferred

Mum also took up my dress and the sleeves too – I got it secondhand for £100 – but we had look forever for these style and the fact it was worn once didn`t bother me – as we changed it around it didn`t feel like someone elses


Now this photo of my Mum & Dad just makes me feel I hope we look at each other like take after 25 years of marriage as it was then – now it`s 43 years and they are still the same


And a special one that I love as it makes me remember how proud my Dad was that day , plus i`m pleased we went with the gold Rolls Royce


 So a special day with some many things we did for ourselves with a lovely meal which was a 3 course meal served so Mum didn`t have to do a thing ( and not long afterwards the caterers did Andrew Lloyd Webbers wedding too , so I have always felt we chose well as it was only £12 a head !!!)

But Mum made this so special and I will always treasure the memories


Now this post wouldn`t be complete without our special Erin , this was taken Friday when she had just done her fun run , at least a mile and she was the first of her nursery class and sporting her medal & a hot face !!! ) , not sure about Kris`s face !!!!!


So thanks for letting me witter – but it`s nice to add the other important things to me as well as the important craft things too



10 thoughts on “Special Wedding Memories Of A Wedding On A Budget

  1. Oh Suzanne, thank you so much for permitting us to see some of your lovely photos, and they are beautiful, you look beautiful. I think it is great when one is blessed with a loving family. I too have a wonderful family although both sets of parents are no longer alive- my husband and I celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary in March this year. Keeping such photos and names of who they are,I feel, is so important so that in years to come Erin, and perhaps even her children, will be able to look at them and know just who their ancestors were. Thank you for the privilege of sharing your thoughts.

    Alice x

  2. Lovely photo’s Suzanne, and everything looks a million dollars just shows what can be done. We did nearly everything for our wedding 33 years ago now. My sister made my dress, friends helped with cooking for the buffet, daffodils from out garden were on all the tables placed in cut down green Perrier water bottles ( which looked rather good) and we played all our own tapes for dancing there was a piano in the hall and the oldies were able to have a sing song. The only things we paid for were the hall, my bouquet and buttonholes etc, and a photographer

    I envy you having had your grandparents around mine all died before I was born. So I feel I missed out a lot but I was lucky to have a wonderful Mum and Dad sadly both gone now as well. But I do still have my lovely sister Alice and we are very close.

  3. WOW Suzanne you’d never believe you did it on a budget…..every thing looks so wonderful…..th photos are so beautiful and so is the bride. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos and your cherished memories with us. Your Mum sounds like a real star.
    Love the photo of Erin and Chris too….she did so well to do her fun run…..mmmm I don’t think I could do 1/2 a mile let alone 1 mile! Welldone Erin.

    Love Sheila xx

  4. Suzanne, Thank you for sharing those lovely photos with us. They are amazing. It is so wonderful to look back on a wonderous occasion like that and let the memories flow.


  5. Lovely to share such special memories with you Suzanne, your photograghs are beautiful,I too am blessed with a wonderful, close, loving family, more precious than gold, thankyou for sharing your special day with us, Kali x

  6. Suzanne – this has put the biggest smile on my face – I loved sharing in your memories (I think you must have got married around the same time as me, as I was married in 1992. My Wedding was also done on a budget and so much of what you say here rings true. Simon and I paid for our own wedding (my parents are divorced), and Simon’s parents paid for the buffet reception (as they had already paid for three daughters to be married and did not expect to get me (with a non-conventional family for DIL)…….. If you dont mind I would like to take your lead and blog my wedding photo’s too, would that be Ok with you?

    Leann x

    PS you looked absolutely stunnin

  7. Thanks everyone and Leanne – you carry and blog yours – they are wonderful for having them come alive
    It was 1991 – the day after my 21st – so a very happy weekend
    Thanks againg
    Suzanne x

  8. Thank you for sharing not only your wedding photos but also the memories they invoke. How much more do we appriciate what we have if we have had to work to a small budget? We were married in 1971 on a very tight budget, I made my dress and 3 bridesmid dresses, all the buttonholes and posies to sit on the Bibles we carried, my MiL baked the 3 tier wedding cake but we had it iced proffesionally for the princely sum of £12!! My MiL decorated the Church with flowers from her garden and my later FiL, who was a Minister, married us. Our wedding meal in a local hotel cost us £4 a head (3 course meal) and the organist played the piano for traditional Scottish Dancing after the meal.
    When we arrived back from our honeymoon we moved into a caravan near the airfield (Alec was in RAF at the time) where we lived until allocated our first married quarter.

    It certainly makes you appreciate what you have now!

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