A Lesson In Watercolouring – by Linda

Wow just found this water colouring workshop Linda has done – with so many tips in there

Stunning work as always Linda – thank you for the inspiration


Think tinted water and layers with water colouring

step 1…… start with 3 brush fulls of water and tiny touch of paint so water is tinted mix well in mixing pallet, leave to dry

step 2…. add touch more colour to same mix and paint over the parts i want darker

step 3…… Add more paint to mix and go into places i think will nee to be darker still this is adding depth to your image any hard line can be smoothed out with clean brush and clean water touch the hard edge and merge together leave to dry.

step 4…. I then use Terry Harrison shadow colour its ready mixed in a tube ..Daler and Rowney this is very strong so use tiny amount to plenty of water and add this colour where i think there will be shadow…………… and it can be saved for next time you want to do a shadow .

Don`t be frightened of water colour paints they are great fun…………… if you think its to dark add more water! if its to pale add colour …..and you can lift out colour useing tissue, kitchen roll. or sponge

Hope these little steps help in getting dimension and depth into your stamping
love linda xxx


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