Promarker Product Write Up

Well as I have started to build the section mainly for Linda to add the workshops I thought I would add 2 things – one now a Product Write up on the Promarkers and then later a workshop on the Air Brushing


Promarkers Down-loadable Colour Chart – very useful – click here

So what are Promarkers

ProMarkers offer great value and top-performance. Each pen is double-ended, with a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for more detailed work. ProMarkers contain alcohol based inks and come in a range of 92 colours.

apple pen

Here`s just one pen – I thought i`d add this favourite of the forum`s – Ann started the craze for the Apple pen !!!


Like the markers the ProMarker Blender is double-ended, with a broad chisel nib for and a fine bullet tip. The blender tends to remove colour rather than add or alter – it’s a very useful pen

five pack

The sets  from ProMarker value packs are a great way to buy ProMarkers. Each set of five markers has been specially selected to work well together.

Set 3 includes: Ivory, Satin, Blush, Dusky Pink, Cinnamon


marker deal

Then there`s the full monty

This is really the deal for any of you that just want it all and want to use all the shades available. So many of the shades when used together make such a difference to the depth and effect of your colouring in – so if you can’t wait to collect one or two at a time – here’s a special deal! – wow £139.99 – such a saving here

marker pad

This pad has been designed to give optimum performance with Pro Markers and other Alcohol ink markers.
The paper is smooth coated and stops bleeding – but as it is just paper, you can see evidence of the colour on the other side –


Memento dye ink is fast drying and fade resistant. Compactly sized, with both a round end and an elongated tip. The innovative pad delivers finer impressions and exceptionally even coverage.

Perfect for use with Promarkers or other alcohol ink pens


With a Promarker Wallet you can customise your own palette. It holds up to 24 ProMarkers in several pockets, so you can build up the range of colours that suits you. Ideal for keeping your favourite pens that day (or you could get a wallet for each colour range?) – pens not included in case price

spray gun

The LetraJet Air Marker kit attaches to your ProMarkers for easy mess-free airbrushing.

The trigger controls the flow of air over the nib forcing the colour off the nib onto the page.

  • Change colours quickly and easily with no mess by simply slotting in a different colour marker
  • Great for use with stencils and masks
  • Blend colours together, achieve subtle colour graduations or soften any hard edges
  • Requires a compressed air propellant – included *



Click here for Linda`s Promarker Workshop if you missed it – more to follow

santa 5

In time i`ll try and add some links of airbrushing and any useful information that I come across

This post is just to add all the details to Linda`s Promarker section

Many thanks Suzanne


6 thoughts on “Promarker Product Write Up

  1. A great write up Suzanne – only just spotted it! That was so funny when I caused a stampede for the apple green!!!

    Ann xxx

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