Introduction of Linda & Promarkers Section

Today i`m so pleased to add this new idea – adding a guest workshopper to help expand the knowledge & reference on my blog

And the exciting news is that

Linda Hill the Artist behind Messy Rabbit

( brought to us all by Joanna Sheen) – Messy Rabbit details here

will be adding to this section on Promarkers as and when

And as I haven`t used PROMARKERS before who better than Linda Hill and very talented artist – Linda designs the Messy Rabbit images which we all love – so within this page i`ll keep adding workshops by Linda or in time Linda will add them


Linda has agreed to be a guest workshopper – if that`s what they are called

I asked Linda after seeing her STUNNING step by step photos on the

PROMARKERS –  which are creating a storm on the forum at the moment – these steps I know will help so many people and I thought it would be nice to have them on a blog where you could scroll down for ease whilst drawing , rather than opening each photo

So the idea was thought up and Linda has said yes 

 i`m on holiday next week but we will add more workshops as and when Linda can – I am remembering Linda is a very busy person so will be grateful to add anything as and when she can

Another reason for doing this is so we can keep them all in one section for ease of looking at so i`ll make Linda a section for Promarkers

 so watch this space


So I asked Linda to provide a background to how she got started and this is what Linda kindly wrote

How i got in to crafting
From being little  i always had crayons instead of sweets well most times lol .
had a bit bag that i used to make my dolls cloths  then as i got older at senior school i got a++ in needlework and art  so i had finally found something i was good at…. but didn’t do anything with it …….
I  just enjoy sketching and painting….wasn’t till about 4 years  ago i found card making and have been hooked ever since…
I`m very much a ask questions type of person you know!!!  – how is it made what does it do .
Well card crafts ticked every box i asked and got answers  result  started making cards…  stamps were the next stage i was fascinated on how you could turn a stamp  image into a mini work of art……and  that’s really how messy rabbit was born , me playing with paper and pencils   heat guns sticky tape and glitter……i have made some fabulous friends .i will always be  grateful and so proud to say Joanna thought messy rabbit was good enough to be made into stamps  and here we are today with a full range of messy rabbit as Joanna and i say messy rabbit world for all to enjoy.
love linda xxx
Thank you Linda for saying yes and anything you can add to this section would be valuable information and well received – looking forward to more of your clever work – Suzanne x

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