A Beaded Anna Griffin Stamp Birthday Card

Well times running away with me today what with celebrations

Thank you all for the lovely messages either here on on Joanna`s forum and even facebook  

I thought as it`s a very quick post i`d add this card my Mum made for my Birthday

It uses starburst sprays for the background and then Mum stamped the bee`s onto the background – it`s a Anna Griffin stamp I gave her as a gift set for Mothers day a few years back

She then stitched and beaded the bodies – it`s a real wow factor card

Dad was a bit unset the time it took as Mum was going to do one bee – but the three look just right

I`m going to frame it and treasure it as the beads were my Granny`s so it makes it even more special 



Thanks for looking in today


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 your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


2 thoughts on “A Beaded Anna Griffin Stamp Birthday Card

  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary again, Suzanne. This is such a beautiful card and those bees are indeed a work of art- your Mum has put a lot of love into this card so I know why you’ll always treasure it!!

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