More Techniques Using The Impressibilities Embossing Die & Sanding

I wasn`t going to post today but following the interest of the impressibilities embossing die workshop yesterday

Click here if you missed it

I thought i`d add this piece I was playing around with this morning

I have taken a scrap of mirri card – embossed it with the gold side facing up so you get more embossing on the flower heads

Then I have taken a kitchen scawring pad as I couldn`t find my sand paper block – but have to say the pad worked well

And swiped it across the raised embossed parts to reveal the white part of the card


This just shows the pad – but use the green side


Then using some cut and dry foam I swiped some green ink across the design


Then polished it up using a tissue


It made for a piece that had a verdigris feel and I was very placed with my play


You might have different ideas – would love to hear any – but I hope this has given you a few ideas too


Thanks for looking in today at the Workshop


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 your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


5 thoughts on “More Techniques Using The Impressibilities Embossing Die & Sanding

  1. This effect looks great Suzanne, I use sandpaper on my script folder and it looks super too. Need to try this one now. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Hello Suzanne

    Thought the effect was brilliant. Often wondered what sanding blocks were for haven’t got one but plenty of scrubbers. Will have a go. Thanks so much for all your hard work and help. Hugs Dorothy

  3. That’s one more great workshop Suzanne. You help me such a lot. Often wondered what a sanding block did, haven’t got one but plenty of scrubbers. Will certainl have a go. Hugs Dorothy

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