Impressabilities Embossing Die – Some different Effects And Splitting The Die

I have looked at these embossing dies for a while but wasn`t 100% as I felt they were limited in there use for me as I wouldn`t want the panel effect all the while

On watching them on a C&C with Sheena last week I found out you could split them and mix them if you wish which opened up so many different possibilities – which appealed to me

So I got 2 sets as I was shocked at how much they were – fab price and did a few different effects with the whole sheet before splitting one die

So take your Impressabilities Embossing Die

I have used some old decoupage snips that I use for anything other than paper and snip and release the small thin wire that holds the design in – there are a few dotted around


Then you`ll be left with smaller shapes you can add to your corners or where ever within your work

If using a magnetic mat you can really split the die down and use 1 flower head or add a butterfly – it`s up to you


Use the embossing die in the same sandwich as you would do the embossing part with the tan mat over the die then card then tan mat and place throught your wizard machines

These die would go through other embossing machines – although I haven`t tried it

Click here for workshop on step by step very detailed workshop on cutting and embossing on the wizard – you`ll need from step 10 for the embossing part

So first off is just a plain white card – I wanted to add although it hard for the camera to pick up


The same white card but spraying Cosmic Shimmer – Golden Fish

Shimmers are perfect for this as the shimmer gold mica part has fallen in the debossed part to give a different effect


This is white card with dry Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Pigment Powder wiped over with a dusting brush


This is a gold pearlescent paper I had lurking in my cupboard as the die said use on paper or lightweight card – although all the others were at least  250gsm card and worked fantastic


This shows old paper distress ink wiped over direct from the pad – one is embossed the other debossed so the pattern changes and you get more uses from the die


Just another photo of the same technique


This is just the corners placed on mirri card and gives a stunning effect


The full view


So I hope this has given you a few ideas and i`m sure there are many other ideas out there and i`ll look and adding some more some


Click here for another workshop on the sanding



and also click here for the Promarker version at could be done with inks as well


Thanks for looking in today at the Workshop


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 your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


4 thoughts on “Impressabilities Embossing Die – Some different Effects And Splitting The Die

  1. These look fab, Suzanne. i saw Sheena’s show, too. They do look very flimsy, though. They look as though they could buckle easily, if using the whole sheet.

  2. Haven’t bought any of these yet Suzanne and that’s such a clever idea to split them up …thank you so much for showing us different ways to use them.

    Love Sheila xx

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