Double ATC Cover

Today I thought i`d share this workshop & ATC

It uses the new ATC Assistant CD – by Joanna Sheen

I had only ever made a few ATC`s before this cd and I had so much fun – this design came about by mistake as I wanted to make a cover just as a 2 panel fold and when I put the image into my plain word document it made it wider

So I played around and did a tab and made a single tab inside – but me being me wanted to play more so I did one with 2 tabs so you could add more to the ATC

So below are the photo`s of the front cover

and also deep envelope which is a template on the cd

Then I have the pages as they go through the booklet – all pieces are from the ATC cd except the Geranium paper which is from the Cottage Garden Cd





So to achieve this I got up this image on the cd – then copied it using the snapshot tool

Click here for full details on a past posting about how I do this

I then pasted it into a plain document – in landscape and did this again till I had 3 ATC shapes – I made sure using the ruler as I guide that the first one was 2.5 inches wide – if it wasn`t move it to that size and then copy it with a larger image and paste – delete the larger one then you have 2 the same size

So once you have 3 ATC`s – make the middle one more squashed as this will be for the tabs

Print this out –  you could print on the reverse first so it gives a nice effect


Now fold the piece in half and then fold at the edge of the ATC page – front and back

Then fold between those 2 points in half again – see fold below


Then take your front cover edge and hold up and crease at the edge


The next piece has the fold in a v shape then do this again so you have another v


You`ll be left with this in the spine


From the inside this is how it will look

I have added 3mm red tape to the outside pink part of the tabs so they are secure together – do this on both tabs

Then decorate your ATC as you wish placing a piece of card front and back of the tab so it covers the tab and looks like it`s lose in the ATC cover when indeed it`s all nice and secure – again doe this on the 2nd tab

I know it all sounds like a bit to much for one ATC – but it`s easier than all the explaining – and just a fun way to present your ATC


Maybe try this on a large piece of card for a tab effect card – it just allows you to add different pages


Thanks for looking in today at the Workshop


If you are new to my blogplease have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right  side near the top with 147  listed workshops – click here for my blog

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 your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


3 thoughts on “Double ATC Cover

  1. A fantastic innovative idea, Suzanne. I sent for my ATC CD today and can’t wait for it to arrive to try some of your projects. I would dearly love to see this as a card.

  2. Thanks Alice – your wish is my command – i`m going to have a play with a new die I have so will work it around a large version of this – i`m always up for a challenge – will post the results within the week

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