Mega Nestibilities Waterfall Card Workshop – Using the Elegant Fans Cd

 This card was so much fun to make until I tried to print the backing paper I had made then that was when I found out my printer wouldn`t work – so a day later and a little more stressed it got completed

I picked these images after loving them in the Elegant Black Lace card I did

Picture 1651

Click here for the full posting of that card


I then picked the green for the waterfall part to tone with the image

The design from the Elegant Fans Cd has 2 backing papers both or wonderful but I wanted more green in the backing paper so I made my own using a plain word document and the snapshot tool and just kept pasting until the sheet was full – it then gave me a different look

I love this way and it only adds to the different amounts of papers you get with the cd


Click here  for a workshop on the backing paper idea – for a full sheet just hit return and add more rows till page is full

close up waterfall

Waterfall Nestibilities Workshop

1 Take a piece of A4 card and fold at the half way point as if you were making an A5 card – I then trimmed of the excess on the side first and place the fold on the top of the large Mega Nestibililties die – not the side

For this card I used the 2nd from largest die for the waterfall pulley and then the 2nd smallest die for the panels / frames

You can use different ones but found by looking at them you need 2 sizes smaller for the frames than the pulley

This is the same technique as with the book page – click here for that workshop – so now cut out this piece for the waterfall mechinism


2 You`ll be left with a long piece with a fold half way


3 I have then cut 4 panels out using the die – then I have scored the bottom of the waterfall panel 2cm`s in – then continue and score 3 more times at 2cm intervals till you have 4 score lines 


4 Fold over the card at the 4th score line


5 Now I have cut 4 more panels in a smaller die using the bold design


6 Make sure all the score lines are creased over and then starting from the bottom place each panel up to the score line – I have used double sided tape for the – I like to add it to the base rather than the topper – buts it`s your choose



7 So now you`ll have all 4 frames on the waterfall pulley withthe larger piece showing from behind


8 If you open the base out you`ll have a score line where you cut the first piece on the wizard to get the long piece – the next photo will show you how to help & strengthen this

I have edged aroundthe pulley with gold pentouch – and it`s optional to do around the frames fro the waterfall before you add them – I did this after taking the photo`s so you`ll see a switch


9 I have added using the same card a off cut of a frame and stuck it at the top of the last frame and over the score line – all this on the back – it will just make the pulley stronger because of the score line that was needed


10 Now like all waterfalls you need the strip across – so I have cut a matching piece


11 Just to match it up I have used the die as a stencil and made wavy lines to marry the design through


12 I have then finished the waterfall part of as you would with brads etc 

 full workshop on waterfalls – click here

 along with links to lots of other waterfall ideas I have done in the past

I have matted this onto the backing paper & card card and backing paper for a finished card


13 A close up of the waterfall – I have added the fan to bring the colours in

13close up waterfall

14 Just staring to open the waterfall


15 And another tip I found whilst doing this card was to use a foam pad under the straight piece you attach with a brad as this just allowed some more space for the fan to move – I have never done that before but found it useful

15foam pad

So another design in my Mega Nestibilities quest to find different uses

Please click to check out the new section for all the pieces so far


And many more


If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right handside near the top with 145  listed workshops – click here for my blog

Don`t forget also there now is a search box if you are looking for something – just type in what you are looking for and they will come up

Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


3 thoughts on “Mega Nestibilities Waterfall Card Workshop – Using the Elegant Fans Cd

  1. Another great workshop, Suzanne. I don’t know how you manage to think of all these wonderful innovative ways to use the nestabilities. I have many of them and don’t use them to their full potential but your blog is now the first place I look at and with your inspiration I do hope I will begion to use them much more. Keep up the good work and keep all those ideas coming for us lesser mortals to use 🙂

  2. Wonderful workshop Suzanne, I must admit that I had not thought to use nesties to make a waterfall, Just need to get a mega set now.
    Thank you for giving us so much inspiration.
    Kate x

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