ATC Assistant Cd – Making A Large Card

Well Sunday 2pm – 4pm on Create & Craft see`s the launch of

Joanna Sheen`s NEW  – ATC Assistant CD

I just adored this cd when working on it doing some samples – so much more than I thought as I haven`t done many ATC`s  if i`m honest but I loved this cd as there is so much on it 

Then after doing the small ATC`s I set about making some large cards to just to see what I could get out of the cd  

Now this is me just playing around but I will tell you want I loved about the cd was making large cards 

Some images are meant to be smaller and enlarging

 them might pixilate them

 So bear this in mind this is just me playing around with a normal plain word document 

 The topper is from the decoupage section and I have layered it up

The backing paper at the back is printed from the A4 selection on cd 2 but all others just done by right clicking when in that print section through snapshot toolPicture 1871

Here is the bottom of the card using the lovely lace stamp on parchment

Click here for the Making parchment lace workshop

And click here for the whole selection of Elegant Lace cards

Picture 1870


Here`s how I did it

The card below is an A4 card – So how I enlarged it was

To get the topper or ATC up

Click on the Snaphot tool – the little camera image on the tool bar

Left click and then with finger still on the mouse drag that over the ATC I wanted – released when I had everything in

Then clicked the prompt of ok – which then in turn copied the image

Right clicked print and up comes your printer section where you chose what paper or best etc from – it comes up on mine as print

I clicked printing preferences and printing shortcuts comes up on mine

Then clicked more and up comes more selections and I chose 

Resizing Option and did 10″ x 8″ for the large background frame

When you have done this it is quick and easy – it justs take time to explain but I thought it would be nice to have it written in stages

I just find it enlarges easily with keeping the image crisp – it might not happen with every image but it worked with what I used

I just enjoy trying different ways and I haven`t any fancy graphics packages which frighten me – so i`m happy to be able to use the cd if a different way than I first thought I could

You may have your own ways but I find this works for me and i`m hoping it might help a few people that might be unsure


And finally only BLOG CANDY ends MID NIGHT

17 /5/ 09

150,000th Blog Giveaway – details


This card was made for the 150,000th blogcandy giveaway and I will be giving a £20 Joanna Sheen voucher with this card

All you have to do is leave a comment on the

 150,000thhit  Candy Giveaway  posting with is pinned to the top of my blog – or click here

Comments left on this post about the card will not count so please if you want to enter make sure it is on the giveaway post – just ask if you are unsure i`m always happy to help

Thanks for stopping by –  If you are new to my Blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 142 listed workshops – click here for my blog



4 thoughts on “ATC Assistant Cd – Making A Large Card

    • Hi Suzanne

      Another very useful workshop. Is there no end to your wonderful ideas?

      I will be using your tips well before I manage to buy the new CD which looks absolutely brilliant. Many thanks for sharing. Sandra

  1. Hello Suzanne – a great workshop, as usual. i use a graphics programme but am going to try your idea of resizing using my printer- have never done that before. I haven’t yet got Joanna’s newest Cd but I will consider using your layout for other toppers, with your permission, of course- it is so very elegant.

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