Getting Extra Frames From Your Mega Nestibilities Dies – Using Cute Companions Summer Stories

Well today`s posting isn`t what I had planned and only came about when putting Erin to bed – she was itching a lot so I laid on the bed to help her to sleep and as she lay quietly my brain went into craft mode and thinking of ideas as it often does 

The outcome after doing the acetate frame yesterday was

`How to save on paper and maximise your frames with your

Mega Nestibilities die

little effort as you`ll see `

1 So the idea is to get the most from your frames and you wouldn`t know that there are cut out frame underneath all of the layer – except the top one


1 & 9

2 First I made a book page – I think everyone has seen the link for that by now – if not it`s in the links at the bottom of this post – then I have placed the 2nd largest die onto the paper and cut it out


3 Leaving you with a thicker border to mat with and then the topper itself


4 Then I have used the largest die – 2 dies smaller than that and placed ready to cut out – normally you would use just the outer one but placing the inner die just gives you an extra topper 


5 I then did the same with the next size down dies and I was left with 3 frames and these 3 toppers


6 Which these topper mat and layered give a lovely base for your work and they come from the underneath part of the frames which you wouldn`t see


7 Here are the main frames you would use with the middle cut out


8 So here are all the pieces you cut out just by placing that extra inner die


9 Then to finish the piece I added another smaller topper to the stack – couldn`t resist the strawberry designs from the cute companions summer stories as I have a thing for strawberries in my kitchen

91 & 9

So just an idea to make you think and get that bit more out of your frames with only the hassle of laying the extra die on the plate

I hope you have enjoyed this workshop and it`s given you a few ideas – I have another idea to play with later today so will share soon


I will add this to my ever growing new section – of workshops for the

Nestibilities Mega Die Section – Click here for more 



And finally

150,000th Blog Giveaway – details


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2 thoughts on “Getting Extra Frames From Your Mega Nestibilities Dies – Using Cute Companions Summer Stories

  1. Your use of the nesties is amazing. I have yet to buy one but have had my eye on them for quite some time. How are you getting the metalic edges on your various layers?
    Love it.

  2. Hi there – I just run a Sakura gold pentouch – 2mm nib around the edge – I think there is a workshop if you enter matting & layering in the search part – I remeber explaining via photo`s in that workshop
    Please shout if you can`t find it and i`ll go looking
    Many thanks for the lovely comments

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