Messy Rabbit Double Pop Up Football Pitch Card

This Messy Rabbit card came from the same idea I had for the stamps as it was perfect for the goal stamps – but unlike the original that was made up of strange measurements and a lot of messing around

So for this card I thought about it and used what crafters could easily made the card from as I think it`s an ideal card for a footy fan

Click here for the First Stamped Messy Rabbit card


So how I did the card using the Messy Rabbit cd


1 Firstly I took four 7 x 5″ pre scored cards – they were from a value pack of 25 I got from a large craft superstore and just had in my craft cupboard

You need the to mark a long long but only 1cm deep – I make sure it`s the width of the goal post

Full instructions for next bit follow here , sorry thought  I had taken a photo of the next stage but it`s all covered in the workshop



2 I placed double sided tape around the edges of the pop up piece you have just made – ready to be placed inside another scored card



3 I find it best to make the tabs on the tape – you can just see them and then close the card flat ensuring the card is level all round



4 Then pull the tabs to secure the pop up part is secure in the card



5 Do this on the second set of card as you will need 2 pop up cards



6 I have then taken 2 sheets of grey pearl card and stuck them together to make a strong card base




7 Now take both of your prepared pop up cards and secure them onto the base card – I have done this with the double sided tape tab way to ensure you have the pieces in the correct place – you need the middle to be exact so they join at the centre

In the photo below I have turned one set of the pop up card over so you can see the tape front and back – once you have done one set just turn the other over and stick that



8 Now cut out the football pitch from the backing paper and place that in the centre of the card – I didn`t have to resize it just fitted with the 7 x 5″ cards



9 Then add the goal posts to each end and decorate the card as you wish with the favourite team colours

On the front I have made a panel to go over the centre and mat and layered it with matching card – also only attached the piece with double sided tape on the left hand side so it will open



10 Inside I made a whistle and added some cord to add dimension



11 Here is the inside complete with goals and a messy topper too



The whole reason I started my blog was to enter a competition running by Glenda – and in this link it shows the card and the Basic pop up technique

So click here for more photo`s of the inside and the peacock fan


And finally

150,000th Blog Giveaway – details


This card was made for the 150,000th blogcandygiveaway and I will be giving a £20 Joanna Sheen voucher with this card

All you have to do is leave a comment on the

 150,000thhit BlogCandyGiveaway posting with is pinned to the top of my blog – or click here

Comments left on this post about the card will not count so please if you want to enter make sure it is on the giveaway post – just ask if you are unsure i`m always happy to help

Thanks for stopping by –  If you are new to my blogpleasehavea look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 139 listed workshops – click here for my blog



3 thoughts on “Messy Rabbit Double Pop Up Football Pitch Card

  1. What a great card Suzanne. I know lots of people that would just love this. You are such an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs Rita xxxx

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