How to See Your Stamp Image With Ezmount – Corner Stamp Workshop

I have been trying to add topical things to my blog like when the Nestibilities die shows was on and today on C&C I saw the first appearance of a lovely lady called Barbara and her Clarity Stamps – to which I have to add I got 2 clear corner stamps from her site ( mmm –  shut my eyes when I say £3 P&P )  – but want to play with the patterns that were made on the show

 I loved the show and the different techniques and patterns that Barbara made with the corner stamps

It got me thinking as a while back on the Forum someone asked about


                           I replied by marking the acrylic block like yesterdays lace    making technique – Click here if you missed it

I thought about it before today and came up with adding the stamped image to the ezmount – but today`s show just reminded me all about the question and how to make do this with a corner I have and love

One of my favourites is the corner stamp from Glenda`s themeplate and as I needed an umounted stamp to do this workshop it was perfect as all my Joanna stamps are mounted

I remember Glenda doing an article in her guild pack about different patterns and today I learnt so many new patterns too

So here`s how I got to play with the idea using ezmount


Cut the 2 straight edges of the stamp very close to the edge line – without cutting through the pattern


Then glue or I have used a little tape pen sticky to add the unmounted stamp to a acrylic block – line the 2 edges right up to the edge of the block


Peel back the ezmount  – not the sticky side and then stamp using black or dark stazon to your stamp


Do this by placing the 2 straight edges right up to the corner edges


Then you`ll be left with the image on the ezmount


With a close up of the corner and how close the image is to the edge


Now remove the sticky side and place the corners right up to the edge of the ezmount- withthe stamped image underneath


Then trim around the patterned end of the stamp – this is how the top side will look


And then apply it to your acrylic block – you`ll see the pattern from above and it will allow you to position the stamp where you want it


Inspired by the C&C programme and the patterns made I set about making a square – just keep repeating the corner stamps just starting with the 2 straight edges towards the middle


Then place the last stamped image in place and trim your card stock and you`ll have a lovely pattern


So I hope it has given you some ideas – i`ll have a play when my stamps arrive with some different patterns


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10 thoughts on “How to See Your Stamp Image With Ezmount – Corner Stamp Workshop

  1. Fabulous Suzanne – the possibilities are enormous. Can’t wait to see what you do with your clarity stamps. Shame on me but I have a whole A4 sheet of different corners bought from an American company that I loved but never got round to using. Perhaps now is the time to blow the dust off.

    Ann xxx

  2. What a briliant idea.
    Since at work when the show was on I really appreciate the workshop , unfortunately I already mounted all my corner stamps.

    Best regards Karin

  3. I watched Barbara yesterday and thought that there must be a way to do the same tecnique as she did with the corner stamps I already have (though I love the Clarity corners). You have solved my problem Suzanne, thank you
    Kate x

  4. I love the clarity stamps – but the price (and postage) are a bit steep, so using stamps I already have in this way is a brilliant idea. Thanks. Have already removed one from a wooden block and will do the same with that one. Sometimes the simplest idea are the best!! Janet

  5. You clever, clever woman! But why am I not surprised you have come up with this idea? Well done Suzanne, and thank you.

    Paula x

  6. What a fantasic idea, and so effective, I have not managed to see any of the clarity shows yet, but will keep an eye out for them


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