150,000 hit Blog Candy Giveaway

I can`t believe I have reached 150,000 so soon after just doing the 100,000 blog candy giveaway – thought yesterday I have a bit of time but i`m at 150,700 already !!! – so a big thank you for all those that stop by

I`ll be honest i`m in the middle of samples and really need this week to finish them – so I can`t set up anything special for the giveaway

But I really don`t want to let this lovely occasion go past without a mention –

So I have come up with this 


The Blog Giveaway is a £20 Voucher within the poppy card

All you have to do is leave a comment on my this page 

and on Sunday the 17th of May midnight the giveaway will end

So please add your name to the comments here on this posting

and if you belong to the Joanna Sheen forum please add your forum name ( that way I know where to find you if you are a winner )

 sorry but this will be the only place the names will be excepted

  and then be in with a chance to win the giveaway –  you don`t have to have a blog to enter – just be sure to check back on the 18th of May for the winner as I will need you to send me your details if you have won – only one entry per person please

Any enteries after that time will not be counted ( I had one at 00.01 last time but I have to abide by the rules – sorry )

Thanks again for all the support – it`s so much appreciated – I have had so many lovely comments about what my workshops have meant to people with lots of different reasons and that has touched me so much and keeps me going



THIS IS NOW CLOSED and the winner is

Click here for the post



73 thoughts on “150,000 hit Blog Candy Giveaway

  1. Hi Suzanne … that is amazing … but it is not surprising as your cards and tutorials are fabulous. Keep up the good work.

    Jane xx (BJZoe on JS Forum)

  2. Many congratulations Suzanne for so many posts in such a short space of time. You know how much I admire your work and the wonderful tutorials yo show us on your blog……so keep it up and many thanks and here’s to the next 150,000!!!

    Love Sheila xx

    • Such a useful Tutorial.
      I received my first set of Nestabilities today. I am definately going to use this idea. Thank you for anticipating my needs for a second time.
      I am delighted you have had in excess of 150,00 hits. It shows how much your work is appreciated. Hugs Sandra

  3. Many congratulaions with getting 150,000 hits. Your cards are always so lovely and detailed that its not difficult to see why they are so popular and appreciated. Love to see your next card and would be trilled skinny to get one.

    Sheila (chocoholic on Joanna Sheen forum)

  4. Congratulations Suzanne! Always a pleasure to check all your inspiring posts and you’ve taught me so much already. Here’s to many more!

  5. Many Congratulations on 150,000 hits to your blog,,you came up trumps this morning when I was looking for K card instructions so cheers for that,,love sue09 js forum

  6. Congratulations on you 150,000. You always give such clear instructions on your blog and your tutorials. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks.


  7. No wonder you receive so many visitors Suzanne – your cards are stunning and the time that you take out to give inspiration and help to everyone else is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    C xx (JS Forum

  8. Congratulations on reaching 150,000 hits Suzanne, a well deserved milestone. Keep up the good work.
    Hugs Carol

  9. Congratulations Suzanne and I am looking forward to seeing your new samples too. What a lovely gesture on giving away the voucher as blog candy. Hugs Rita xxx

  10. Wow Suzanne, thats a lot of inspiration you’ve shared with a lot of people – we should be sending you a voucher lol.
    Love your tutorials, I don’t know where you get all your ideas
    Claire xx

  11. Congrats on 150,000 hits!!! As usual this card is an inspirational to all. How do you do it? So many wonderful ideas and the tutorials are fantastic.

    Jan xx

  12. Not surprising at all Suzanne that you’ve already reach 150 000 posts. Your cards are a true inspiration and the instructions are so easy to follow.

    Good luck in the future.


  13. Wow is it 150,000 already? I remember when you started this blog and it has become a daily must see for so many of us 🙂 Thank you for sharing your ideas and methods with us and also for this wonderful blog candy. The card you have made is brilliant too he he. Have fun doing the samples and I for one am going to look forward to even more informative, beautiful tutorials on here 🙂 Hugs and congrats on your hit count he he
    Jen xx

  14. A beautiful card, as usual. I love checking out your blog – your tutorials are fantastic


    Kate (kittikat)

  15. Another fantastic card. I do like your tutorials they are very easy to follow and all your cards have the wow factor.

    Sandra (Sandra Carms on forum)

  16. 150,000 hits WOW! But no surprise, every card and every tutorial is inspirational.
    Keep them coming.
    Clair x (craftytiger on JS forum)

  17. Hi Suzanne
    I have not long discovered your site and am now hooked on coming back and seeing the lovely creations you have made! You’re pieces are very inspiring – keep up the good work!
    Best wishes

  18. that’s a lovely card.i love all the new backing papers on joanna’s cds.

    your cards are a great source of inspiration……


  19. thanks for all your hard work suzanne its always a pleasure to visit
    your totorials are truly stunning and a great help ….keep them comeing i love them all.
    love linda xxx

  20. It is not at all surprising that you have reached 150,000 hits Suzanne, I love to check in each day to see your lovely work and the workshops just make everything so simple, whenever my mojo leaves me I just need to check your workshops to find some inspiration.
    Poppies are one of my favourite flowers and this card is beautiful.
    Kate (maccasmum)X

  21. Beautiful as always, Suzanne.
    Look forward to seeing your new creations each day.
    Your workshops are a real treat.

  22. Suzanne, all your cards are an absolute inspiration to us all, and we are so very grateful for all your workshop instructions. Keep up the good work!

  23. Congratulations on over 150.700 hits. That’s great. It really isn’t that surprising though, your work is incredible, and we all love to come back again and again to see what you’ve made.
    Tamikko (just Tamikko is followers)

  24. Hi Suzanne, well 150.700 already, Congratulations. How you keep up this wonderful work with new ideas for us is amazing. I just get lost in all the insparation you share.

    Thankyou so much.

    Jean (nannybean) x

  25. I am not at all surprised you have reached 150,000 posts so quickly! You have a very dedicated following Suzanne, and very richly deserved too. Your ideas and projects are stunning, and I wish I had just a fraction of your talent and imagination.


    Paula x

  26. Congratulations Suzanne on so many hits. I love you blog and tutorials, you are so inspirational.
    Christine xx

    Christine Bettany JS Forum Name

  27. You are such a talented lady – i wish I had half your creative ability!
    Love this lace stamping too.

    (deesybee on forum)

  28. Just came upon your site Suzanne – wow! It is full of lovely cards and lots and lots of great information on card making. I have already put you on my ‘favourites’ list. Keep up your good work and thanks for all the effort you are putting into your site.

  29. Beautiful card as usual Suzanne, Many thanks for all the inspiration and information you have given us. Congratulations on 150,000 hits – amazing!!! Janet (janetannc)

  30. Congratulations Suzanne – I’m not surprised your blog is so popular you very kindly share your immense knowledge and skill so willingly. You’re a real star.

    Ann xxx (violafreckles on Sheenie forum)

  31. Suzanne, it isn’t a surprise to me. I love to see your creations and post comments as often as I can. I have to enter as I love poppies and would love to receive this card and I’d certainly put the voucher to good use for my cards for charity. Here’s to the next 150,000 posts!! Best wishes, Kym (aka Pintsizeholly on the Joanna Sheen Forum)

  32. Congratulations, Suzanne, on reaching 150,000 hits. I always enjoy reading your workshops and seeing your amazing samples and I would love it if I won the card and voucher, fingers crossed!

    Anne (Cardy Anne)

  33. Congratulations Suzanne. I really enjoy your workshops and have learnt such a lot from them
    Keep up the good work.

    Pam (Marigold)

  34. Congratulations Suzanne, I love all your workshops and have
    learnt so much from them.

    Keep up all the good work.

    Pam x

  35. Congratulations Suzanne, love all your step by step tutorials, dont know how you find the time but Thank you anyway….Ann xx

  36. Congratulations on 150,000 Suzanne, love to visit your blog and have picked up many tips from doing so, heres to the next 150,000, kind regards, Kali xx

  37. Suzanne I am not surprised you have so many hits on your blog, I always come and see what you have been up to and always go away with inspiration by the bucketload. This card is just another beatiful offering from you and although I haven’t got this cd yet the more I see what you are doing with it the more you are the one selling it to me.

    You are one very talented lady and so very generous to share this with us.

    Jenny x

  38. Well done on reach 150,000 hits Suzanne. You can always be relied upon to give us inspiration and new ideas. Whenever my mojo goes missing, I come to your blog for ideas. Thank you for sharing them and the workshops with us.


  39. Many congratulations on a fabulous blog with so much inspiration. You are a very clever lady! To craft and create a stylish blog continuously is amazing.
    aka Roja on JS forum

  40. Hi Suzanne.

    Just looking at your word book for inspiration and saw your 150,000 giveaway. You are very generous as I also saw the 100,000th one (too late!). Anyway all the best and keep spreading the craft word.

    From Ali x

  41. Hiya Suzanne,

    As you know i love your samples you do for Joanna, i can’t believe you have so many hits already, well done girl and i look forward to seeing your next lot of samples, real soon

    love Vicky


  42. What a beautiful card, as always, I love poppies. Your work is such an inspiration to me and I love to browse your blog. I love looking at beautiful things. Thank you.

    Liz ( teapot JS forum )

  43. Well done Suzanne – you provide lots of help and inspiration to everyone.
    from Sarah (sarah on JS forum)

  44. Hi. First off all I would like to thank you for sharing with us your beautiful cards and tutorials which are so easy to follow. These tutorials have enabled me, a beginner, to make lovely cards which are very much appreciated by my family and friends to whom \i make cards. You are very talented and I thank you for sharing your cardmaking ideas. I am new to this blog ( or any other blogs) but will definately be viewing daily. again Thank You very much. Lilian

  45. Hello Suzanne, I’m just back from a wonderful cruise holiday and it appears just in time to suscribe to your very generous candy – and such a beautiful card. Congratulations on your amazing hits although I’m not surprised. I have been browsing your blog to see what I’ve missed during my absence and I’m overwhelmed by your recent projects – they are truly wonderful and so inspiring. I think I shall be trying out a few of your new ideas and spending in Joanna’s store for the new goodies you’ve been using.

  46. Congratulations on all the hits to your blog. You have inspired me to try out some different styles for my card making.

  47. Hello Suzanne Well done on reaching such a great total although with all the lovely samples and tips I’m not surprised!!! Thanks for all your hard work. Aybee

  48. Suzanne, congrats on your over 150,000 hits! That is awesome!
    And nice candy your are giving away! Thanks for the chance to win it!
    I put a link of your candy on my blog!
    Vivi Casale

  49. Congratulations on getting over 150,000 hits…..
    Love all your work Suzanne ,your talent has certainly helped me with inspiration and ideas in my cardmaking.
    keep up the great work..

    Gill x

  50. Wow, another stunning card Suzanne.
    Thanks so much for your inspirational blog, I love seeing your latest designs.
    Take care, Diana xx
    (DianaDreads on the forum)

  51. Love the card . I only found your blog today. You have some great fans, from the previous comments.
    I am looking forward to checking out your work shops.

  52. Hi Suzanne,

    This card is beautiful! I printed this backing paper out then couldn’t decide how best to use it! You have really inspired me with this to make a special card for my best friends birthday!! Thank you!
    And thank you for all the great cards you show us how to make.

    Mary x
    MaryNichol60 on JS forum.

  53. By sheer luck discovered your blog and so your extrodinary craftwork which has given me renewed inspiration. I can’t wait to get started!

  54. Hi I like to keep up to date by looking on your blog, it keeps me going for inspiration and new techniques etc. I’m not surprised with all the projects that the hits are mounting up so quickly so keep up the good work! Look forward to all your new work and projects.

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