Saving Paper & Ink when Mat and Layering

Well this idea can from a mistake – as you can see in the picture below the design has caught the edge of the paper below in the printer – well that got me thinking  


If you take some paper and cut it to the size you need – maybe smaller than A5 so it can sit on that size as a base card

Then cut another piece that is smaller – I have done at least an inch smaller all round – now attach that piece with some tape that you know will come off

I have just done a 2cm size line in the middle as I know a topper will cover it


Then you`ll have your 2 pieces ready to put through the printer – I have to say I did the first time on a normal inkjet printer and the middle moved a little – so I set it back up again and put through my top loaded and it worked perfect

I didn`t want to waste my pearl paper – but even that helped as you`ll see in the bottom photo you can see the reverse though and it makes for a lovely effect



So once it has been through the printer


Separate the 2 and you`ll be left with a border effect on one and another sheet for using or for more matting with the card – this way you have just saved covering over all the design with matting and also given a lovely soft look

I love what mistakes bring – hope it has you thinking


Some might aready do this – but I thought it worth sharing encase not

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