Black Lace Stamped On Parchment Using The Elegant Fans CD

Sunday saw the launch of Joanna Sheens

Elegant Fans 

& the  new Lace Stamps designed by the talented Andy Carolan

I love all of these with a passion and when seeing the cd for the first time this image and backing just jumped out at me

All the stamped designs are done on parchment using patina gold as I wanted to soften the design as I know I would be using the black tapestry card too

All the parchment was strengthened – click here for workshop

It`s one of my favourite techniques as I then just use Pinflair glue behind and it doesn`t show up – on saying that there was a conversation over the weekend when it came to light that the Pinflair bookbinding glue dries clear behind vellum – I tried this out and it works wonderfully


The corners have been cut out leaving a slight white edge so I could add some Sakura Gold Pentouch – this allowed the full detail of the stamp and then the gold too

Click here and point no. 5 for a workshop on edging with gold


I enjoyed adding this design of the stamp  to the card – and used it over some velvet ribbon to show it off

I was going to use jump rings to add a decoupaged rose but thought I would like a straight piece of wire instead – so hunting through my craft bits for some wire I found this with the crystals on and thought that would look different and add a bit of sparklepicture-1653

The fan although it`s hard to see here has 3 layers to it to give depth – each one tilted higher at the back and then decoupaging on the roses


As I had one rose left and didn`t want to stop making this card I added one to the back of the card


And likewise thought i`d make a nice insert – and did this using parchment

I uses another strip of punched parchment all with gold edges to cover the double sided tape at the crease and then added the fan with another one behind so you couldn`t see the glue again


So I have enjoyed sharing this card in detail


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Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


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