Making a Glittered Flower Using A Cricut Machine – Glittered Paper In Flora Doodle Range

Well today I have added this glitter sheet after holding back from getting it the first day I saw it – then next order it just jumped into my basket and on it`s arrival the next day I was thrilled but it

The pack has a lovely feel / quality about it and after seeing a question on the forum can it be used in the cricut I just had to try

The answer is a YES – although it was fine in mine I don`t want to be held responable for all the machines that people try it on – i`m just saying it worked perfectly when I did it


Glittered Sheets – in the Flora Doodle Range

Click Here – for full details

Now the product has many uses but I just wanted to share the cutting on the cricut today

1 First set you machine up ready


2 Place the glittered sheet face down on the carrier sheet


3 Set the machine to what you want cut and place the sheet into the machine as per normal


4 Then once cut remove the shapes for the carrier sheet – I have to say often when I have cut thick card I might have to ease some of the card with decoupage snips – on this occasion it just cut straight through so very pleased with the results

What was also good was the dots in the centre of the flowers – you can use those like gems


5 As the carrier sheets are very sticky this is to show only a fraction of glitter was left on the sheet – I thought it would be covered so again pleased


6 Here is the all three layers stacked – sorry for being tight but I have just used the one colour but this would look good having alternate colours in your stack


7 One of the great things about this product is you can curve the sheets and here I have curved up 2 of the flowers and under on the other one



All in all i`m thrilled with being able to use glitter paper in my machine and will try lots of different shapes and letters – you can also use punches too & do different things with it

Looking forward to seeing results on the forum


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Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


5 thoughts on “Making a Glittered Flower Using A Cricut Machine – Glittered Paper In Flora Doodle Range

    • Sorry you are dissapointed – – depending on the machine you have you could flip the letter or number or use the glitter page facing up – but that would be up to each individual as I would hate for anyone to mess there machine up – saying that cricut do promote cutting different surfaces

      Thanks for the comment
      Suzanne x

  1. Suzanne, I appreciated this tutorial – a lot. I wanted to find out if anyone braver than me had tried it with success. I made a gift set of cupcake cards & cut the frosting from glitter paper. (I’m posting them today, as soon as I finish the box they go in.) I did realize that I needed to flip my design, as you would whenever you are flipping your paper. I do this with other papers, too – some just seem to cut better from the wrong side.
    I cut several pieces – large-scale designs, with little detail, and most of them cut without a hitch. One caveat – the glitter paper does not stick well to the mat, so I use copious amounts of blue painter’s tape (I use this almost all the time – unless the cuts are very finely detailed, at which time I use a VERY sticky mat) to hold my paper in place, and cut each design from it’s own individual piece of paper, even if all the designs are being cut from the same paper. My mat is a glittery mess, but – is that a bad thing? I say you can never have too much glitter! Baby wipes clean them off nicely, anyway; then you can reglue with Zig 2-way glue.

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