Cosmic Shimmer – Mixing The Colours

Yesterday I had a fun time crafting with Erin with an item I had forgot I had

The little misters , but they can in very helpful for this project – I bought the letters to do Erin something for her room so as she had come and asked can I work too !!!! I thought it would be a good time to do this project

1 I wanted to use the Lava Red Cosmic Shimmer but also wanted different shades too – so using the misters I took a Glimmer Mist I had in the cupboard – the pearl one , it`s the one I had used least and wanted to find a good use for it so thought as I wanted pink why not mix the two

I add one mister with 2/3rds pearl and the rest in the red – then did a 2nd with half and half so I 2 different shades as well as the main Cosmic Shimmer bottle and this was all done with mixing the mica up first before pouring the shimmer out


2 I then sprayed the different colours onto the chipboard pieces and allowed to dry

If they had been smaller letter a good technique is to lay the letter over some card so you use them as a screen and once you have finished you end up with the letters underneath on the card with a lovely shimmered effect around the edges – great for scrapbooking


3 Just the misters – one empty and the other 2 with the shimmer in



4 The other great thing was in my tidy up I found my heat mat which also can be use for wiping clean the inks – it was only £3 odd from a supermarket – a friend got it for me as I don`t shop in that store – it`s one used for putting in the oven

So here are the pieces dry – with the different shades



5 And then just all laid out



6 I then took the little rose stamp cut from a  favourite of mine from the teapot stamps in the afternoon tea collection

I used with Brilliance ink – pearlescent orchid – which went more white when added with these colours – I did this light colour on the darker patches and then on the light patches used Brown Stazon

The letters were then just edged using a permanent brown pen on the uncoloured edges – the side bits


7 Just a close up


So we had a fun time making this together and now can add this to Erin`s room

Here`s a fun photo of Erin`s playing on a blank sheet afterward – which helped use up what was left in the mister ready to wash ready for another colour – I hope it has given you some ideas of having one light colour can expand all the 12 colours into different shades too without having to buy lots of different inks and this way you get perfect tones on your work



If you missed the colour swatches for the whole 12 colours – click here

This posting also has many other projects &  ideas of using mica sprays including workshops too


If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 131 listed workshops – click here for my blog

Don`t forget also there now is a search box if you are looking for something – just type in what you are looking for and they will come up

Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


4 thoughts on “Cosmic Shimmer – Mixing The Colours

  1. Looks like you and Erin had great fun Suzanne. I have just received another 3 cosmic shimmers today including the silver one, I think I may try mixing the silver with the lava red and see what I come up with.
    Must admit I haven’t played with the cosmic shimmers very much but your post has made me want to get out the gloves and play.
    Kate x

  2. This is a wonderful project.

    Is there a difference between cosmic shimmers and glimmer mists or is it the same product different brand name? I have all the cosmic colours, but that pearl looks very tempting.

    (ps love the colour of erins hair, if only we could bottle that lol….so pretty!)

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