New Ink Pad Rack & Cover

Today I was going to make a pop out card using the Wizard die but after Kris put my new ink pad rack up I just couldn`t stop tidying – so pleased with the results and the extra space it has given me – it also meant I could move stuff around in the cupboards so i`m back to knowing where everything is

I felt very lucky when I thread was posted on the forum about the company that did these ink pad racks as I had been after one for years after seeing them on sites in the States but they didn`t send abroad – I found one made of acrylic and got that for a present but it never was 100% what I wanted – so when gave me £30 from the car boot taking last week I just had to order this

I craft in the kitchen and I like to have everything tucked away as crafting things can take over – so as I have curtains in this fabric at the conservatory window I thought why not make a removable cover to hide the inks when i`m not working

So this evening I made the cover – and just added sticky velcro dots to attach and remove the cover

Here`s the ink rack without cover – Erin helped ink all the stickers that came with the rack for the larger pads


With the cover – i`m also pleased as my now uncluttered shelf can have my other bits out now – and in our loft clear out the other week I found a photo of my Grandad in the silver frame , it was Nan`s and she had it by her bedside and loved the photo – I put it away as I couldn`t have it out but now for some reason feel I can and it`s nice to have the 2 photo`s side by side


The cover can quickly be removed – it was made with no sewing just iron on tape & Velcro


Just a close up of the velcro dot



So I feel a lucky girl what with the revolving caddy and now the ink pad stand – how much easier it will be to find things

Promise to do the pop out card tomorrow as I have to get this idea down


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Thanks for looking in & for taking the time to look & if you leave a comment , it`s  always much appreciated – Suzanne



6 thoughts on “New Ink Pad Rack & Cover

  1. The ink storage has given me an idea – I am also de-cluttering & last weekend came across a wooden CD stand, which has been put in the get rid of pile. I will now ask my handy BIL if he can adapt it into storage for my ink pads which are presently in about three different places.

  2. What a lucky lady you are Suzanne, not only with your Ink Rack but to have so many Ink Pads as well.
    Great idea
    Christine x

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