Sunflower Messy Rabbit Card

This was the card in this posting that I did first and then in turn led me to the bookmark waterfall workshop as in the photo of the butterflies

Click here if you missed the workshop as it will give you the information on how to make this card if needed  


The image has been decoupaged and the edges torn on the parchment and folded to give a different feel to your card


Just a close up


On the Organza ribbon I placed the ladybirds to tie in the theme


The inside of the card – the matted centre piece is the insert from the image – again torn , but I just love the inserts on this cd and how they bring an extra something to the designs

The reverse of the front image has be mirror imaged on the computer – just clickingmiror image on in my printer settings so the image fits perfectly on the reverse


If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 129 listed workshops – click here for my blog

Don`t forget also there now is a search box if you are looking for something – just type in what you are looking for and they will come up

Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


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